Na In Woo and Seohyun’s New KBS Wed-Thurs Rom-com Drama Jinxed at First Premieres to 3.9% Ratings Doubling that of Predecessor Love All Play

The Wed-Thurs time slot has been rather muted for some time in terms of big hit dramas and in fact some recent dramas went as low as in the 1% range. That was the case for KBS drama Love All Play which I heard good things about but probably due to the lack of popularity with the two leads Park Joo Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop it premiered at 1.9% and then actually went down from there. The next drama in that time slot is here with Jinxed at First starring Seohyun and Na In Woo with the first episode bringing in 3.9%. That’s still quite lot but doubling Love All Play is a good starting spot and the first impression reviews are positive with viewers liking the dramas cute, whimsy and strong rom-com tone.


Na In Woo and Seohyun’s New KBS Wed-Thurs Rom-com Drama Jinxed at First Premieres to 3.9% Ratings Doubling that of Predecessor Love All Play — 8 Comments

  1. I actually like Love all play even though the plot become mess in the end. Both ĺeads, Park ju hyun and Chae Jeong hyeop have strong chemistry. None of them acted awkwardly and both of them are talented. But they are rookies, it means the drama generated no buzz. Hopefully, next time their new dramas will achieve more than that cauz they aren’t just pretty faces. They have actual talent

  2. My guess is right that this drama might do well based on interesting fun plot, watching their impressive chemistry, good acting, yay, waiting to watch 2n ep tonight.

    Insider, plot gets moving, i was rooting for u.

  3. I love the first episode!!! It’s whimsy and cute alright in the best way possible just like the way ms.koala described it. Some elements of it like the female lead having visions reminded me of Kiss Sixth Sense which I also adore. Finally found a drama with the right amount of adorableness cos too many revenge type dramas available nowadays which is too heavy and draggy to watch.

  4. For Love All Play, the main actors were good and had a lot of chemistry. Sadly, the writer messed up a lot the second half. But the second couple was great!

    I don’t know yet if I want to try Jinx, I wasn’t really interested after the trailer.

  5. Deym, thanks for the update koala, i never realized this aired like today. Such a promising episode and amazing performance from the cast. Love this! Btw, i am seriously loving Na inwoo’s performance here. He has the knack for romcom.

  6. I liked the first episode. My guess is the ratings will stay in the 3% range but all of the current Wed-Thurs dramas are stuck there. I’d hate to have my drama scheduled there.

  7. Na In Woo is actually very good here! Love his comedic timing. His chemistry with Seohyun is quite good. Hope this drama doesn’t disappoint.

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