Netflix Action Patriotic Period Drama Song of the Bandits with Kim Nam Gil Releases Rollicking First Teaser and Poster

September 22nd baby, mark your calendars for some Kim Nam Gil level ass kicking to come! Not to the viewers but to the evil baddies in the upcoming Netflix period action drama Song of the Bandits, that makes for a more rip roaring version of Mr. Sunshine. While the poster above harkens back to the now classic Joseon Gunman, the teaser trailer below is all patriotic undertones crossed with swashbuckling derring do as Kim Nam Gil leads a band of merry thieves to wreak havoc on the occupying Japanese forces and maybe make a little money on the side. With this airing on Netflix it will also provide a broader audience view of the complexities of the early 1900’s in East Asia with Japan, then Republic of Korea, and also China all trying to co-exist and one up each other.

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Junho, Kim Tae Ri, Squid Game, and D.P. are the Big Television Side Winners at the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards

The annual Baeksang Arts Awards was held this Friday night in Seoul and the 2022 edition totally dropped some surprises and some expected wins. In a first, the winner of the Popularity Awards Junho and Kim Tae Ri also won … Continue reading

Netflix K-movie Love and Leashes Releases New Super Romantic Stills Showing Strong Chemistry Between Leads Lee Jun Young and Seohyun

Man, if this K-movie was released a decade ago when K-pop fans still held strong to their stans not dating it would cause a riot because the onscreen chemistry from the stills alone of upcoming Netflix movie Love and Leashes … Continue reading

Lee Jun Young and Seohyun Tease Spicy Tastes with Sweet Chemistry in First Posters and Teaser for Netflix K-movie Moral Sense

I feel like the normalization of the fringes of tastes and desires starts when the average person knows someone who likes it, or someone who knows someone. It’s not necessarily a moral decision but more a comfort level, and the … Continue reading

Netflix Releases First Still of Seohyun and Lee Jun Young in K-drama Adaptation of SM Webtoon Moral Sense and Gives It the Most Cringe New English Title

Getting new or occasional viewers to check out K-dramas necessitates a story that is universal in connection but it must overcome subtitles and the general cheesiness factor that most still associate with it. A good title helps and the upcoming … Continue reading

SNSD Member Seohyun Cast as Female Lead Opposite Na In Woo in The Jinx’s Lover and Tiffany Takes Supporting Role in Song Joong Ki Drama The Youngest Son of Sunyang

This has been a good year for SNSD member who have branched out into acting. Yuri is majorly impressing in sageuk Bossam: Stealing Fate and Sooyoung did her best in So I Married an Anti-fan, and Yoona has been cast … Continue reading