Jang Wook Battles Attempted Soul Swapping and the Crown Prince to Level Up Again in Episode 8 of Alchemy of Souls

As expected, the see-saw Saturday to Sunday ratings pattern remains steady and this Sunday’s episode 8 of Alchemy of Souls went back up past 6%, in the same vein as Jang Wook takes one step back but really two steps forward. The attempted soul swapping was thwarted by the OG soul of Mu Duk, who somehow found Wook in the in-between and kept him focused and safe. That the drama never once introduced her seems intentional, from the outset she was just this blind girl that Naksu grabbed as an option for soul swapping and then shoved aside and the next thing we know is Naksu is in Mu Duk’s body. So we never know OG Mu Duk as herself only as Naksu’s personality and the two have merged together so meaningfully now. Wook and Mu Duk’s relationship continues to grow as each danger only makes Wook stronger and now he’s ready to level up to training with the rest of the sorcerer warriors and I can’t wait. He’s also basically goner for Mu Duk and she’s as close to loving him as she loves anything in her life and knowing the truth about her father’s death will hopefully release her from vengeance to doing more with her own life.


Jang Wook Battles Attempted Soul Swapping and the Crown Prince to Level Up Again in Episode 8 of Alchemy of Souls — 7 Comments

  1. The Korean ratings seems not that high, but I see on internet, quite a lot that discussing this drama. And it’s already reaching top 10 Netflix in Asia and globally.
    Right now I’m really hooked to AoS. Altough I’m 100% shipping Mudeok and Wook, but I’m totally smitten by Crown Prince lol. And there’s still so much questions. Who’s Mudeok? Where’s Jin’s eldest daughter? Who’s the blind priestess? What’s with the queen and Choi family?
    And I read from wiki that there will be 2 seasons? Can’t imagine the wait for season 2 *if* season one ends with cliffhanger.
    Anyway can’t wait for ep 9, from the preview it seems Yul and Dang Gu and CP help Mudeok cheat the test? Lol 🤣

  2. I found Mu-Deok-Wook’s futur love story kinda forced for now. She’s his master.

    There are more questions than answers for now. I’m surprised we already know who is the big villain. It was clear after the dining scene so the reveal wasn’t so great.

    The show is really became a F4 with Mu-Deok as Makino :p

  3. I liked episode 8 a lot and there are so many mysteries to be solved here!! Can`t wait till next Saturday to see what happens next!! 😀

  4. At least Mu-deok looked presentable in Jang Uk’s duel. Congrats on finally having a good hair day!!! Girl looked like she hadn’t had a decent bath until this moment.
    The Crown prince is growing on me too❤

  5. I am so excited after watching episode 8. Kept coming to Koalasplayground to checking for this post and discussion.
    If Mu-duk was the first daughter of the Jin family,
    She was the one that had the marriage arrangement with Jang Wook, not her younger sister.
    I especially like the part when Wook win the fight and offered options to choose, he came to Mu-duk to ask for her choice. He is a gentleman that is.

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