K-drama Useless Lies Confirms Main Cast Trio of Kim So Hyun, Minhyun, and Seo Ji Hoon

Okay, this drama just got wayyyy interesting, though the execution could be wasted. The drama Useless Lies has confirmed the main three leads of Kim So Hyun, Minhyun, and also Seo Ji Hoon, the perpetual second male lead. I like him actually, he is solid onscreen but doesn’t sizzle in the way male leads need to be to get the upgrade. Kim So Hyun plays a woman who can see when people lie and finds her ability a curse. She gets involved with a man played by Minhyun accused of murder but claims he’s innocent. The interesting new detail involves Seo Ji Hoon who plays a cop and also Kim So Hyun’s ex-boyfriend. He was about to propose when he got diagnosed with cancer, so he leaves her with no explanation and returns three years later all cured but she’s got another man by his side. I’m guessing the man is the accused murderer, and him being a cop man this is one tense love triangle. Love this cast and super excited for this drama especially for Kim So Hyun, she rarely picks wrong.

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Netflix Drops Pictorial with Four Leads of Hit tvN Fantasy Sageuk Alchemy of Souls with Lee Jae Wook, Jung So Min, Minhyun, and Shin Seung Ho

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Jung So Min Gets More Curious About Minhyun with Their Childhood Connection as Background in New Stills for Episode 3 of Alchemy of Souls

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Alchemy of Souls Releases New Cast Drama Photos and After Two Episodes Reminds of a Fantasy Period Drama Version of the F4 Dynamic

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Alchemy of Souls Episode 2 Turns on the Crack Factor as Character and Emotional Beats Combine Beautifully to Propel the Narrative

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tvN Drama Alchemy of Souls Premieres to 5.205% First Episode Ratings with an Intriguing and Steady-handed Narrative Start

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