Zhang Tian Ai Releases Audio Recording of Boyfriend Xu Kai Cheng Admitting to Cheating on Her After Paparazzi Catches Him Cheating on Her with Recent Costar Gulinezha

The “stay away from douchebags” refrain is one I wish all girls hear from other girls but sometimes the douchebag conceals his douche-baggery well. Which makes this public reveal all the more satisfying. C-actress Zhang Tian Ai (best known for Go Princess Go) dropped a 3 plus minute audio this week where her longtime boyfriend actor Xu Kai Cheng (who did A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College opposite Zhao Lu Si) pleaded and fake cried when he admitted to cheating on her with random women when he would hang out with his guy friends and blamed it on him being drunk. They met three years ago on a drama filming and has been pretty openly dating, and this all came out as earlier in the week Chinese paparazzi revealed pictures of Xu Kai Cheng cheating on Zhang Tian Ai specifically with his current drama costar Gulinazha. They were caught spending time at her residence and he even brought a present over on Chinese Valentine’s Day.

After the recording dropped, Xu Kai Cheng admitted to cheating but claimed it was during the periods he was broken up with Zhang Tian Ai as they would break up and get back together. Gulinazha then went full scorned woman and replied to Zhang Tian Ai’s post on the recording saying “Not a Xiao San (little three which means the third party in a cheating situation), not then, not now, and not ever in the future! Faced with full online Xiao San commentary, I couldn’t believe that you were a liar! But with this recording I can clearly see what kind of thing (i.e. a derogatory way to refer to a shitty person) you are!” Go girls, maybe they can meet up and burn Xu Kai Cheng’s presents together in a bonfire. On another note, this will make it supremely awkward to air the drama Nazha and Xu Kai Cheng just filmed together Got a Crush on You (恋恋红尘).


Zhang Tian Ai Releases Audio Recording of Boyfriend Xu Kai Cheng Admitting to Cheating on Her After Paparazzi Catches Him Cheating on Her with Recent Costar Gulinezha — 20 Comments

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  2. I don’t condone cheating but why the hell is this supposed to be public info? I never understand why the need to share this with the public other than to get pity, rally support and getting others to do personal attack on your behalf. There are many cheating men and women out there and some are unfortunate to get involved with cheaters but please, deal with this privately. Some celebrities are weird, when too much public involvement, they will cry asking for privacy but at the same time, making their personal matters public.

    • It’s the paparazzi who exposed the cheating first. Many people knew ZTA and XKC were dating even though the couple never officially confirmed it. And then paparazzi suddenly revealed pictures of XKC and GLNZ together, netizens speculated that XKC and ZTA broke up because GLNZ cut into their relationship. All 3 parties had stayed silent for a couple of days and I think it’s because ZTA and GLNZ required the time to confirm with each other on the details of what happened.

      Seeing as GLNZ posted so quickly after ZTA released the recording, it seems to me that they came to the agreement that the guy lied to them and was two-timing. GLNZ is understandably very anxious about this because she had a similar scandal previously and was said to be the third party between Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang. C-netz were calling her a Guan San 惯三 aka someone who enjoys stealing people’s boyfriends/husbands and have done it many times.

      • Sounds like a Ross/Rachel thing ngl. Zhang and Xu seem to be in an on & off relationship and he hooked up with Nazha during one of those off periods.

    • Totally agree with you, instead of helping him to go through therapy or something exposing and shaming Xu Kai Cheng like that only shows what kind of woman she is as well. She is dragging herself down to scandal as well. It only goes to show she does not love Xu Kain Cheng that much.

  3. Sorry, I do not get it. Is Gulizanha admitting that they had a thing but claiming not to know the a-hole was still in a relationship?

      • I think non-public dating in C-ent makes this even more possible. A guy/girl can tell you they are are single (recent-ish break up) and you wouldn’t necessarily know you were being lied to… because the prior relationship was hidden to begin with.

        I think he’s a weasel to try the “we were on a break” excuse, when they were apart for like 5 days and in the call he himself admitted to cheating.

  4. So in C-ent. If you’re two-timing it’s okay to continue broadcasting their dramas but if you didn’t pay your taxes, you’re taken off radar. I guess they still live in Ching dynasty where men can have a few concubines.

    • These are 2 very different topics. Two timing is when you’re dealing with your OWN personal issues, and the aftermath of having to deal with loss and scorn of fans, and popularity. Taxes deals with cheating the government; when everyone else pays for their taxes, why aren’t you paying your portion?…

      • Nope, a cheater is a cheater whether it be money related or in a relationship. The only difference is when it comes to money the government puts down a law to say it’s illegal but in a relationship, the woman herself ends up defending herself. The worse is when other women starts defending the cheater & say it’s actually a personal issue. Double standards.

    • Hahaha ABC…. They should just replace Xu Kai Cheng in the storyline, film next half by pairing Gulinazha with the second male lead.

      • Who will want to see the new show now?
        Will the viewers drop the show or would more viewers want to see the show?
        At the end of the day, viewers are very important to the rating.
        They will see the outcome and reaction of viewers before they decide to air it or change the lead…. Anyway it might be still in the editing stage so they need to make a decision soon

    • Is ABC a “moral police”? lol. Never mix personal lives with work, especially they are not even married. Do you know how much money a company will lose if a drama is taken off platform? What about all the other actors & actresses in the drama, do they got penalized just because someone is a cheater? Everyone’s hard work will be wasted because of someone’s infidelity…

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