C-actor Xu Kai Cheng’s Currently Filming and Recently Completed Dramas in Jeopardy After Cheating Scandal

As far as scandals in C-ent goes this is on the tamer side but still violates of the Chinese broadcasting tenets of entertainers having moral character. C-actor Xu Kai Cheng was outed by his recently turned ex-girlfriend actress Zhang Tian Ai as having admitted to cheating on her. She released an audio recording where he explained that he would go to guy friends’ places to drink and ended up getting sloppy drunk and sleeping with other women. Zhang Tian Ai may be released it after confronting Xu Kai Cheng about the C-ent rumors that he cheated on her with his recent drama costar Gulinazha after he was spotted visiting her condo and they were spotted at the hotel at the same time. After the audio released, Gulinazha went public denying she was a mistress/xiao san and also flaying Xu Kai Cheng without naming names by saying now she knows what kind of person he is.

This week C-ent insiders are saying that Xu Kai Cheng’s currently filming 10-episode short drama, he’s no longer seen on set and the female lead lead appears to be re-filming scenes with the implication that he’s being replaced and double work done to salvage. The bigger problem is Xu Kai Cheng and Gulinzasha’s recently completed filming big budget C-drama, the same insider is saying that the financing company and production agency is discussing penalties against Xu Kai Cheng with the assumption that drama will not be allowed to air as is, and may be shelved or require AI face swap or a new male lead to re-film. Sigh, seems like much ado about a cheating scandal between adults but in C-ent if you want to earn their moolah you play by their rules about personal conduct.

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Zhang Tian Ai Releases Audio Recording of Boyfriend Xu Kai Cheng Admitting to Cheating on Her After Paparazzi Catches Him Cheating on Her with Recent Costar Gulinezha

The “stay away from douchebags” refrain is one I wish all girls hear from other girls but sometimes the douchebag conceals his douche-baggery well. Which makes this public reveal all the more satisfying. C-actress Zhang Tian Ai (best known for … Continue reading