tvN Sat-Sun Drama Little Women Premieres to Rave Reviews and Steadily Increasing Ratings

The Little Women K-drama that is inspired by the famous book of the same name but then has not much to do with the plot of that book is off to the races this weekend to better reception than fanfare. The 12-episode drama starring Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Ji Hoo, and Wi Ha Joon is not one of those trendy or buzzy pieces but everyone agrees the assemblage of capable good actors is a sign that the project is clearly intriguing enough to bring them in. The drama premiered to 6.395% ratings, very good for tvN and the second episode went up to 7.747%, which is very very good territory. Even better is the audience reviews which are filled with superlative compliments for a tightly weaved interesting story and of course as expected good acting all around. What a great start for the not-so-little ladies of this female-centric drama.


tvN Sat-Sun Drama Little Women Premieres to Rave Reviews and Steadily Increasing Ratings — 12 Comments

  1. It was really 2 great episodes! I love Kim Go-Eun and Nam Ji-Hyun and the story is very interesting. The PD knows how to choose her projects and she’s good. The story of Vincenzo was really weird on paper but at the end, it was really fun. The Crown Clown was beautiful.

  2. It is a good drama and if they keep this up acting and story wise. It might one of drama we will never forget. Like the classics that came before it. So I wish the cast all the best. But seriously KGe is eating that script for breakfast. Such a brilliant actress and the girls you can really tell they seemed to have good acting camaraderie.

  3. Great start and the ” blue orchid’s mystery” is more interesting than the Big Mouse’s one . It would be interesting if the one above all that was the aunt . She is a mysterious women . We know that she is into trading , she lived in US as a nurse .Her conversations with her niece are not anodin . my imagination is going wild again . Too much of David Suchet as Poirot!!!

  4. I think it’s an interesting watch and I think people just want a different genre. Kim Go Eun is soo awesome! She can play the authoritative and overprotective sister and be the lost, powerless and vulnerable woman on the next scene. You can’t help but root for her because of her humble beginnings and her sacrifices for her family.
    I am really intrigued about the colleague’s mysterious death and how it’s all connected with the orchid clue.

  5. I find it good and interesting looking forward to the rest of the episodes for more revelation. First 2 episodes are intriguing from the mother whobstole her chikdrens monet, aunt who asked for everyday breakfast as payment fo the borrowed money and the co-worker who took her life and leave huge amount of stolen money…wondering how far this drama will go…so much to look forward… AOS and LW is two different dramas, there’s nothing to compare, they are both good and entertaining

  6. Every good thing I wanted to say about it has already been expressed by thousands of comments I’ve read in all social media platforms.
    My comment now is for the few bashers who refuse to like it just because they like another actress and different show. Well.. Eat your hearts out bashers. No matter what you say, it’s clear that kge is a winner and you are the losers. Period.

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