Xiao Zhan and Bai Bai He Cast as Leads in C-drama Remake of 2017 TW-drama My Dear Boy with Ruby Lin and Derek Chang

A new C-drama is planning to start filming soon but the official casting confirmation is still not out. The unofficially has been circulating for weeks now and it’s the pairing of Bai Bai He with Xiao Zhan. The age difference, she’s 38 in real life and he’s 30, is tied to the drama which is called 驕陽伴我 (Chinese Title Sunshine with Me) but is a remake of the 2017 TW-drama My Dear Boy with Ruby Lin and Derek Chang. The C-version of My Dear Boy will be the same story set in the advertising world with an older television commercial executive and her romance with the much younger man. Reportedly this drama was first offered to Shu Qi and she passed before landing with Bai Bai He, and we’ll have to see the end product to judge. As for first impressions, Xiao Zhan fans are NOT happy with his casting opposite Bai Bai He, for age and past scandal related reasons.


Xiao Zhan and Bai Bai He Cast as Leads in C-drama Remake of 2017 TW-drama My Dear Boy with Ruby Lin and Derek Chang — 27 Comments

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  2. Koala, you’re reading an anti comment if you say Xiao Zhan’s fans are NOT happy with this casting. His fans are fiercely loyal and believe in his decisions when it comes to his works. I follow his fans on tw and wb. You will never ever see or read anyone of them going against his works. He has the strongest fandom in all c ent, all fiercely loyal. And when I say fans, I mean only those who focus on him, his solo fans.

      • bai bai he actually has a bad reputation in china. There’s the risk of not airing if bai bai he will turn out to be like xu kai cheng

      • To Apple:

        Amid the outcries against the casting choices, Bai Baihe’s fans quickly came to her defense and said she is far more experienced than Xiao Zhan. “If we’re comparing
        acting abilities, anyone with eyes can see that Xiao Zhan doesn’t even come close to Bai Baihe.”

    • @Mindy Agreed. Xiao Zhan’s solo fandom XFX is known for always supporting Xiao Zhan’s decisions. If you see otherwise, then that’s probably not a fan, or it’s either BJYX/CP fans of Xiao Zhan with other actresses.

      Koala, you might want to confirm from first-hand sources on Weibo itself. There are a lot of misleading news regarding C-ent out there.

  3. ms.koala, as one of his LOYAL and REAL fans, I speak for the whole shrimp fd, (c and i), when I say that we are happy with this pairing, and that we trust xz in his decisions work wise. in short what you’re posting here is far from the truth.

  4. Their visuals are quite matching. From what I’ve heard, Xiao Zhan was confirmed as the male lead first, so he’s pretty much confirmed for this drama. This drama garnered a lot of attention from everyone, including Xiao Zhan’s antis 😂 The most recent attention was on who is the 2nd female lead role of this drama, apparently quite a few actresses are vying for it.

  5. @Koala,
    Sorry, the article is from anti/those needing clicks. If you follow him, you’ll find out that his career choices are all well-thought of, his decisions all made towards a career where he can thrive and sustain. Xiao Fei Xia, his official fandom, support his choices wholeheartedly, and in fact are all eagerly waiting for the official confirmation of this drama. The people who are opposed to this or to any of his works are those meant to harm him. The article is far from the truth.

  6. I’m not a solo fan, that’s why I don’t care for this paring and storyline for him. So, please don’t take this project as I’m sure there are many other more appealing LOL.

  7. Xiao Zhan fans are fine with him working with Bai Bai He – not only is she a great actress but she looks gorgeous too, with only an age gap of 8 years. Any discords that you read is sowed by the media and his antis – which, unfortunately he has many, since his breakout hit in 2019. Please check out weibo and don’t just rely on this Taiwanese media outlet that is trying to paint his fandom in a negative light. This is a big and rich cake with Xinli and his fans are eagerly waiting for him to start shooting in mid-Sept. Xiao Zhan has always chosen his project well and we can’t wait to see what he will bring us this time.

  8. Came here just to read the replies & sure enough XZ fans like to pretend that negative comments about co-stars are always from his previous co-stars or shippers. His fandom is notorious for complaining & cursing on his co-stars.

    • Once bitten, twice shy. The notorious and cursing label was part of the propaganda to cancel him. Since his fandom is strong and loyal to him only, antis thought it would be best to attack them also. Truth matters to those who matter. He is as strong as ever because all of the propaganda were proven false. Notorious, though, belongs to the leech, paid antis and the fandom who actually is known as notorious for fighting and cursing at every fandom in c-ent. If you follow c-ent, you know whose fandom it belongs to. But does it matter? No. They don’t matter.

    • Lol how many times does his competitors (both male and female) fandoms always try to instigate fanwars with his fans very time their drama airs and they need heat? How many times does his dramas get down voted and they play victim cursing his fans for downvoting when his fans are just minding their own business and focusing on Xiao Zhan? We’re too busy to care about others.

    • You forgot to mention that it was the co-stars’ fandoms cursing on Xiao Zhan in the first place. And this is why Xiao Zhan’s fans like this pairing with Bai Baihe, because she doesn’t have rabid fandoms like some of his previous co-stars.

  9. I’m not here to complain about the pairing, I’m here to complain about remaking something that just aired not even that long ago? 2017? Was it that big of a hit to warrant a remake already?

  10. My respect to those with different opinions and thoughts of this project. Afterall, people other than his fans do have interest in him, and as his fan, I’m thankful for the interest. Let’s hope that his delivery of the role will provide a positive alternative view to those who are hesitant to this project. Antis excluded of course, coz no matter what he does, they’ll slander him.

  11. As an xfx I can say with all honestly that the entire fandom is so sick and tired of this anti narrative. Every time a new drama of his is rumored here y’all come saying that fans are against it. Every time. I’m Mexican American so I’m in two different xfx group chats. And I can say with all honestly that everyone is excited and cannot wait for this drama and his collaboration with Bai BaiHe. So please leave us alone.

  12. Personally I think it sounds great and all the other Xiao zhan fans I know are really excited (if true). Both good looking and can act well, interesting story, a new challenge. What’s not to like?
    However I have heard a lot of grumblings from cp fans (shippers who ship xz with real life actors aka those who need to get a life). These shippers are vehemently against xz in any type of drama featuring any romance in it, unless it’s with their ship. I suspect these are “fans” the author is referring to.
    Such a shame the author doesn’t do any proper research because if she did she’d realize that it’s only these shippers and antis who are complaining.

  13. Furthermore the drama hasn’t even been announced yet, that’s why xz fans haven’t said much about it. And going by the poster it’s an iqiyi original production so not a remake.

  14. Whoa,whoa,whoa! This pairing is good for me. I love Xiao Zhan and I like Bai Bai He so I will definitely watch it when it is aired.

    • @Mimimi

      Actress Bai Baihe divorced long before alleged ‘affair’
      By Zhang Rui
      0 Comment(s)Print E-mailChina.org.cn, April 16, 2017

      On April 12, a Chinese tabloid reporter had claimed the “Monster Hunt” actress was guilty of “secretly dating” and “flirting” with a young male model in Thailand, based on photos and a video that showed Bai and the man acted intimately. The so-called “extra-marital affair” soon dominated the entertainment headlines with tens of thousands of internet users pointing an accusatory finger at Bai.

      However, Chen, now officially an “ex-husband”, said they had actually divorced in 2015, but had been keeping it secret to protect their son whom they had agreed to continue jointly raising.

      Bai and Chen married in 2008.

      “The exposure has caused great harm to my family and child, and also hurt Bai Baihe deeply,” Chen said. “So, now, I have to come forward to tell the truth and hope you can give us more space, understanding and tolerance.”

      He also stated that he would quit showbiz forever in order to be there for his family and be able to fully take care of their child.

      Chen’s attitude in the video statement was in sharp contrast to what went before. “Those who have destroyed my family, I will destroy you,” he angrily wrote on his Wechat account on April 15.

      Bai Baihe and her team have not responded to the controversy since the “scandal” erupted. However, well-informed sources said she had cried hardly when she heard the news, and had dropped out of a popular TV singing show last Saturday.

  15. Will respect Xiao Zhan decisions on his drama choices 👍I shall wait patiently for the official confirmation of tis drama n d female lead:) Jia You XZ!

  16. Siempre apoyaré a Zhan, como familia que somos xfx nunca maldecimos a sus compañeros siempre nos centramos en nuestro precioso Zhan, respetamos a los que nos respetan, nosotros sólo nos centramos en nuestro Zhan, no como otros que le encanta tirar y calumniar porque su disque artista no puede llevar al nivel de Zhan, bendiciones Zhan eres el mejor duela a quien le duela 😍😍😍😍😍

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