K-netizens Furious with Ending of Big Mouth and Ranks it with Twenty Five, Twenty One as the K-dramas with the Best Start and Worst End in 2022

Man this sucks to hear. This weekend was the conclusion of MBC Fri-Sat drama Big Mouth with Lee Jong Seok and Yoona which ended up being both better than expected when it started and now worse than hoped for in how it ended. I’m so far from being caught up I may table this based on the howls of anger and incredulousness from the K-netizens with today’s final episode. They are calling this drama the second Twenty Five, Twenty One which is saying a lot indeed since that drama was so beloved until the ending rendered it not even talked about mere months later. I think Big Mouth will probably overcome the ending since the story is not romance centered and the great acting from both leads and a compelling conspiracy yarn may still lure viewers in.


K-netizens Furious with Ending of Big Mouth and Ranks it with Twenty Five, Twenty One as the K-dramas with the Best Start and Worst End in 2022 — 50 Comments

  1. That’s why I have elected NOT TO LIVE WATCH certain k-dramas. My poor heart can’t take it anymore after Hong Sisters messed up AOS season 1 mid way and ending. Thank goodness I waited for Big Mouth to finish airing before I decide whether I want to watch it. I still get trauma from how AOS started and ended.

    On an unrelated note, A WARNING to JSM FANS, her movie PWH which just premiered in Toronto Film Festival this weekend has MANY SPOILERS leaked in the Q & A TIFF Youtube video. DO NOT WATCH THE Q & A TIFF IF YOU HAVEN”T WATCHED PWH.

  2. I regretted watching it. I told myself I shouldn’t when I saw the link to Vagabond but then did anyway. What a mistake. I lost count of plot holes, forgotten bits and unanswered questions.

  3. Even though its a good drama, I cried so much to the ending. I thought Yoona’s drama The King is Inlove is heartbreaking, but Big Mouse is more heartbreaking. I need a new drama of Yoona and Lee Jong Suk together in which they will have a happy ending.

    • I hate the girl in “king’s Love “ because of the ending. That was a shattered heart for me. I watched it last or two years ago, and I still can’t get over it.

  4. This is the reason I stopped watching any Asian show live until they finish airing. I still watch US shows live since they have a million seasons and I can’t wait that long but with short-run shows, I can wait a few weeks/months to make sure I have an ending I like. This will be the first LJS show I will be skipping. I’ve rewatched all his other shows about a million times.

    • But in my opinion, it is a good series. Personally, i like the ending, eventho it’s not a happy lovey dovey one. But this is not a rom com series, so yeah kinda understand how it ends. I still recommend this series to LJS fans. His acting in here is reallly reallly goood. He always a top tier in acting but this one is superb. I mean he can switch his face emotion in split second. Try watching it and when you do, keep in mind that this is not a rom com series. That way, you won’t be too dissapointing with the ending.

  5. Maybe I’m in the minority but I liked the drama all the way and also didn’t have much problem with the ending. Sure I would have preferred a happy one, but that doesn’t mean that the controversial ending didn’t fit with the story thematically. It’s just it has a western dark knigt kinda flavor to it, so I can see why it caused an uproar. The writer clearly had this ending planned from the beginning and I read complaints about how a certain scene was played out, but I think that was more a directional mishap because we all know that LJS are great at acting out emotional scenes. As koala wrote in the post, this drama is not focused on romance so that’s why it still works and doesn’t ruin the drama as a whole. Tbh I think the ending to Twenty Five, Twenty One is so much worse… I’m still upset about that ending and feel like I was taken for a ride and wasted hours for nothing. I feel the same disappointment regarding Alchemy of Souls, so in comparison with those two dramas I think all the complaints about Big Mouth are quite uncalled for. I’d recommend this drama anytime.

    • Agree. I have not watched the last episode, but this is life. Not everyone’s life ends beautifully. We just got to be realistic. Otherwise is another fairy tale.

    • Agree. I have not watched the last episode, but this is life. Not everyone’s life ends beautifully. We just got to be realistic. Otherwise is another fairy tale.

    • Yes, this drama is noir, not romcom. It’s meant to be dark and the actors even warned from the beginning that this wasn’t a romance with a lot of scenes between them. If your sole purpose in watching a Kdrama is to see abs and kissing scenes, well…just be aware that there are other kinds of stories, too. While there were threads left open-ended, I think you can infer that they were eventually solved, as Big Mouse (however you define that) got what he intended to get in the end. The big main plot problem was indeed solved. (Even if Chang Ho lost what he loved most.)

      Agree that 2521 was much worse. Big Mouth was always pointing to a bittersweet ending. 2521 created one story in 14 episodes, then completely undermined it by replacing the insides of the leads’ heads with completely different people, and called it done. There was zero logic there.

      Will withhold judgment on Alchemy, as the story isn’t over yet. (Though the change in casting is a hurdle yet to overcome. I sure hope S2 is satisfying because otherwise I LOVED that drama.)

    • Heartbroken but understandable. Somehow when I see it with bigger thoughts it had to end this way. And yes ofcourse this wasn’t a rom-com. But all the actors played their parts perfectly. Although deep down I also wanted to see the happy ending too but practicality says it is how things go.

  6. I haven’t watched the ending but if anyone wishing a happy ending with this kind of genre, well. They are in a wrong genre. We are anot always get a happy ending with this kind of genre. And not every thing has to be resolved and unfold too. Though it will be nice if it’s.

  7. Well good for me, I’d rather watch drama that has good start with bad end rather than bad start with good end, because you can’t even finished it. Lmao 😂

  8. Agree. I have not watched the last episode, but this is life. Not everyone’s life ends beautifully. We just got to be realistic. Otherwise is another fairy tale.

  9. Ugh, hello, life is not always happy, and sometimes sad ending gives us much more impression than happy ending, other wise, we would have : Romeo and who?

  10. I really loved the drama until the ending. I watched the last two eps together and cried throughout, the ending was rushed and absurd not satisfactory at all! I still love the drama until the last 20mins of the 16th esp. It should have a second season or at least 2 more eps to fill up the loopholes.


  12. I don’t know why people don’t understand that all the stories dont have happy ending . I still dont get it why people are considering twenty five twenty one as a show with worst ending. I love the way it ended atleast the ending was realistic not like other drama which tells us that
    all the stories have good ending . Some stories remains incomplete forever.

    • Completely agree with you
      I liked the ending of Twenty-five Twenty-One. Cause not every story have good endings and that’s how it make us learn something about life

    • They don’t have to have a happy ending, it’s so pretentious to think everyone is stupid, except you, and they just need to understand this or that.

      The story ending sucked because of how rushed it was, dropped plots and plot holes. Even the ML acted badly at the end.

    • You are so right. It was a very realistic end. Just because we are too much into lovey dovey romcoms we forget not everything is as cheesy and has happy endings in real life. 2521 was realistic to the core. I myself have seen friends being so much in love in college and drifting apart as they grew in life and their careers. Distance and differences came in and life happened. I would have loved if it were a happy ending but what we got I pretty much expected as it was a very realistic drama all in all. Will never let my love for it wane.

    • It’s not about if its a sad ending or not it should at least be satisfactory idrc that miho died they ended it so abruptly and left more questions than answers so yes its a bad ending there were tm plot holes and the ending isnt even satisfying they could have done this alot more smoothly but they didnt so yes this is a bad ending regardless miho dying or not

  13. Incomplete Drama, I am very upset. what happened to the promise to catch the real big mouse daughter murderer and where is the hell KangS son who is real Psychopath killer. To many unanswered questions. Maybe there would be second session of bigmouth 2.

  14. Peep watch movies to escape reality. If a movie ends up tragically as in real life, why d heck would i watch it. Its not just the ending, it everything in the latter episodes. They say they would make them pay, cry tears of blood. Wtf. I see the villain kept on winning even until the end. And finally,they just have beat them by the illegal method. Which they should have used it from the beginning, like the real big mouth, manipulating here and there, frustrating the enemies, like vincenzo, that is real vengeance. But i only see batman here beimg bullied again n again until d end. Very annoying. And to see bad guys died an easy death like that, after making many people suffering, like the chairman, man is f**ing frustrating. Thisovie sucks. Haha…

    • Agree. Guess I’ll skip this show and wait to see IF there will be a 2nd season. I watch kdrama to get away from reality. My life sucks enough as it is. If I want to watch a “reality” show, there is enough of them going around. On tv and and in life.

  15. I may be the only one who fuond d this drama wasn’t noir,thrilling,…but a big joke . An amount of non logical plots .
    1- a third rate lawyer is chosen by an organization to become their lead ” Big Mouse”
    2- the lawyer with a “flower boy face” and not a particular bright mind becomes a few days after entering prison, a great strategist , feared by all prisoners ???
    3- a lot of another things that i will not mention( his friend was part of the organization since the start!)
    4- His wife alone discovered who was the real identity of the mayor, the case of the toxic waters, the hidden lab,…
    Honestly the only thing that the ” big mouse gang ” does was doing circles
    The show should have be named ” The Big Nurse” . I was only sorry for the poor guy that took the fall for the psychopath son to save his mother and both died

    • Me too. I just wish people would stop rating dramas on personal preferences. It wasn’t good to begin with but got unwatchable towards the end. I am not a fan of vagabond either but this was worse. What’s the reason it got that much hype? Because of yoona and LJS only. How stupid and dumb!

  16. I liked the ending of Twenty Five Twenty One, even if it was bittersweet since it was realistic. Big Mouse did not make logical sense anymore, as long they got to win against the bad guy. The second half of Big Mouse wasn’t as engaging as the first. I felt like everything was going in circles and wanted to seem so mysterious.

  17. Why people are upset because they did not get the ending they want. The plot was actually brilliant. The actors were amazing. You cannot hope for an ending that you want if you are watching or reading other peoples work. If you want a happy shallow ending write it yourself. Get over it people.

  18. I’m still bitter about 2521 what could have been. It could have been the talked about drama of first love for a long long time, the drama that brings about fond nostalgic memories when people talk about it. Alas, the ending just turn all to naught. And there are people who are trying their best to make logical/reasonable explanations about how real the ending is. Welp, for me had they not been building Yujin and Heedo relationship that slowly and beautifully over the course of the WHOLE drama, make the relationship to appear so strong and genuine only to do a neck-breaking turn in the final 2 episodes with ‘we live in a different world and wants’ was just absurd beyond comprehensible. Drama team trying to back up themselves saying that’s what happens in real life, not all are spring and sunshine. I know, and that’s also exactly the reason why the drama don’t have a long-tail effect after it finish broadcasting. No one talk about it. Not even the good part of it. Because the ending just ruined the whole experience of watching.

    • You elegantly stated what I feel the problem is with 2521. The way the relationship starts and develops was setting it up long term. I only got to the end of episode 14 and had to quit, since I knew the inevitable end. For me, the series ends at episode 13 and they stay committed for their lives. They deserved better.

  19. I’ve been watching Big Mouse (that oversized rodent in the opening titles must mean something) & I wouldn’t exactly use the term “great acting” by the leads. It’s a third-rate drama by any standard. Haven’t seen the finale. Maybe I shouldn’t.

  20. I liked the show way too much and still does. From the beginning on it was a very dark theme, so, no wonder why we cannot see a happy ending. We saw the trailer, we saw cruel scenes. So I expected a dark ending. We needed her death as a motivation for him to continue as big mouse. We do not need a happy ending coz there are so many k-dramas with happy endings. I mean – I still ship both of them and wished them a happy ending. But I am still left with unanswered questions; what happens to her father? We never saw a funeral ; the ending for me was too fast. One more episode and it could have been the perfect drama in 2022. But please do not give this project a second season, leave it as it is.

  21. Rather than miho death I love whole drama I watched only for ljs but I m fan of yoona and lot of other characters but miho shouldn’t have died😭😭😭😭

  22. I chose not to watch the ending. It’s fine for me that way so that I can live with my own expectation and be happy, lol. At least LJS show his above average acting skill as always. I’m not sure about Yoona, she had many drama and movie projects but nothing caught my attention. I think her character this time doesn’t show great chemistry as husband and wife. I was hoping to see more skinship and man-to-wife deeper relationship, but they both are just ‘an okay’ couple. Meh

  23. This seems to be a very bad trend in kdramas I mean how hard is it to let people leave with a smile at the end of watching a show. Our world is depressing enough without have our one escape make things worse some of these writers either need to get with the program or go away

  24. For me, a well-developed narrative flow takes precedence with an allowance of a decent ending, minus the limitations in production and distribution by terrestrial broadcasters which explain the need to rush the ending by episode 16. It is both a hard-boiled (with toughened up yet still flawed but risk-taking characters) and noir (dark and grim) drama anyway. So if you’re not up for a dark setting and tragic ending, switch to another story. Not all dramas can be your fantastical escapades either. There has been a noticeable trend in law-themed productions (not noir genre) centering around empowering the underprivileged that you can consider.

  25. Thanks. I will not be watching this then although I was waiting for it. Have not even recovered from 2521 and AOS. I told myself if this is the trend, I am just gonna stop watching kdramas 😂 for a while. I mean, sure, go ahead and have an ok or sad ending but it doesn’t have to be so cruel or make-no-send. Don’t get me started on Vagabond. With was that?!

    Le sigh…

  26. The majority of people that watched Big Mouth and any other series just know nothing about storytelling.
    If their favorite character dies, the drama is bad, if the main characters break up, the drama is bad, if the director uses a montage (because the audience have already experienced that types of scenes), the ending is rushed and the drama is bad.

    Go learn more about storytelling and filmmaking if you wanna express correct statements online…

  27. I think the ending is satisfying but at the same time, I felt that they could’ve done something about the romance’ part… The show definitely DO NOT revolve in the lead’s romance but, for me I think it could’ve been a major plus to this already amazing show. I would rate it 9.5/10 not just because even though it doesn’t have an entirely happy ending, the show from beginning to end was amazing.. would’ve been a 10 though if Yoona was alive.

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