First Preview and Many Pretty Stills for Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi’s Upcoming Court Intrigue Drama Forbidden Love

I’ve written off Thousand Years for You as quickly as I got excited about it so let’s take the next batch of C-dramas that interest me a bit slower. One is Forbidden Love (浮图缘 Fu Tu Yuan) a court intrigue romance adapted from the same name novel by writer You Si Jie. She has a lot of novels under her belt but this appears to be the first to get a drama adaptation. Starring Dylan Wang (Wang He Di) and Chen Yu Qi, the drama has him pretending to be a eunuch in the court to get revenge and she’s a concubine/court lady so obvious this will take a lot to end well. Second leads Peter Ho and Zheng Li (Shao Shang’s Ah Mu in Love Like the Galaxy) join in the fun and play against type, he’s bumbling and she’s conniving. Dylan is coming off as career high this summer with Love Between Fairy and Devil which got him rave reviews (first time ever) and a hit drama so it has definitely increased excitement for this drama.

Preview for Forbidden Love (English subs):


First Preview and Many Pretty Stills for Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi’s Upcoming Court Intrigue Drama Forbidden Love — 16 Comments

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  2. All I have to hear is Yukee Chen and all excitement is gone. I have yet to watch one thing with this actress that was not bad. She is literally a killer of chemistry. Abandon all hope those who act with her. She is a void. An acting and chemistry void. Either the scripts she picks are the world’s worst or she is the world’s top ten worst actresses. I am not going to be first in line to find out if she improved here. If she surprises the world in this drama I will hear it from

    • Totally agree, the moment I found out in MDL that she is the FL my enthusiasm is distinguished like a wet blanket over flames. Most likely I will just watch the cuts in TikTok/DouYin or YT.

  3. I have always wanted a spin off of Dongfang Bubai from Swordsman 2013. The trailer totally reminds of the character. So, waiting for the drama.

    Dylan looks so striking that it feels unreal. I can’t decide whether I like his onscreen manly persona or offscreen boyish persona more.

  4. I think 2 of the worst actresses in their age range are Yukee Chen and Bambi Zhu…and Dylan Wang was unfortunate enough to star with both. And funny enough, both girls were leads in the most recent adaptation of Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre.

    Neither girls have onscreen presence or any chemistry with their costars. They were passable as supporting characters but being upgraded to female leads was detrimental to both. They both have such empty expressions that it makes it hard to feel anything for them.

    • Is Bambi Zhu the lead on Miss the Dragon? Ugh, if it was her. I liked Pan Mei Ye (Bird Elf) in that show better. She also had good chemistry with Dylan or maybe their character dynamics was just better written. That show had many issues, but having an FL with zero presence also didn’t help.

      I wanted to like Hu Yitian’s “See You Again”, but I feel detached to Yukee’s character. HYT isn’t really good in romance shows either (he has better chemistry with male co-stars), so both of them in a romance show was meh.

      • Yes, Bambi was the female lead in Miss the Dragon. I’ve watched her in a couple dramas and she really doesn’t have chemistry with anyone. Plus, she always has this blank stare in her face, even when she cries.

    • In the meanwhile, Xuan Lu, an actress with the whole package and far better skilled than a Yukee and a Bambi, keeps on getting wasted in supporting roles only because she does not have the typical boring cute look that has been overpromoted lately. China entertainment industry can sure be close-minded

  5. I’ve watched See You Again bcoz of Yitian but then can’t finished it.. like they don’t have chemistry at all and the FL seems lacking. I think your right when you say that she may be good as second lead but hardly as the FL.

  6. Dylan is handsome, I’m halfway through LBFAD because there’s no other dramas that interest me currently and I like his drama character so far. But I think he’s quite limited in terms of the type of roles he can act. He’s only good at acting those domineering rich and strong guys roles like Dao Mingsi 道明寺 and Dongfang Qingcang 东方青苍.

    Chen Yuqi is a borefest, that’s all I have to say.

    I kinda want to give this drama one or two episodes chance though, because I like palace dramas.

    • I try few eps of Dylan’s cougar romance drama The Rational Life. He had a total different role and I have to say he was doing quite well as a cute puppy boy toy. Dylan isn’t a versatile actor, yet. He is only 23 without a background in acting school. If he is willing to works hard and ventures outside his comfort zone, he has a great potential especially with that looks of his.

  7. I have not heard of neither of the two actresses. But i will watch because i love how Dylan Wang acts. He is an amazing actor and have watch all his dramas just cause of him exception of Meteor Garden perfect cast.

  8. I became a big fan of Dylan Wang because of LBFAD. But before that I was disappointed with his styling and non-existent chemistry with Bambi Zhu in Miss the Dragon. With the clips I’ve seen about Forbidden Love, Didi’s character looks epic but I’m not sure about his chemistry with Yukee. They’re both pretty but they’re looks just doesn’t click for me. I think Yukee will be great if paired with more manly, mature actors like Zhang Binbin, Vengo Gao, or Chen Xiao.

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