First Trailer for Court Intrigue Romance Drama Legend of Anle with Gong Jun and Dilraba Dilmurat

It’s new drama preview time and this one just dropped from the sky to great excitement for fans. Legend of Anle with Dilraba Dilmurat and Gong Jun released the first trailer today and it’s definitely one of the high profile dramas to come. I loved the trailer TBH and have no reservations about these two working together, this continues Gong Jun breaking out of his flirty on the outside internally broken persona from Word of Honor and Dilraba works for me in the right role opposite the right male lead like in The Blue Whispers. C-netizens are split on the trailer, not liking that it’s not real voice and also telling the production to lay off the excessive camera filter. Hilariously the camera filter complaints was texted to the production official SNS account which responded with “Noted!” so it will be fun to see if the final product incorporates this feedback.

Legend of Anle:


First Trailer for Court Intrigue Romance Drama Legend of Anle with Gong Jun and Dilraba Dilmurat — 12 Comments

  1. I am in the don’t like it camp. this trailer does nothing to peak my interest. Neither of these actors are strong at acting, so I am reserving judgment. this maybe an unpopular opinion, but that is my observation (Gun Jun has no chemistry with women) so I am not confident that Chemistry is going to sell this drama either.

    But i am glad some Chinese people are taking a stand against this excessive white/smoothing filter disease that is so pervasive in Chinese dramas.

  2. Nay, I’m striking off this drama from my list. Gong Jun is too effeminate for me, he’s not my type. I want to see Dilraba in modern dramas, I think her Prosecution Elites is coming up soon.

  3. Too early to decide whether or not to strike off a drama … from the trailer I don’t see the chemistry between the leads. Idk if it’s just me but I feel that dilireba looks better with liu yuning hahah

  4. I had some problems with the rythm and filter of the trailer but i watched many fan edited versions on bilibili and wowww youku should have hired them lol Regardless, gotta say ALZ has some very beautiful cinematography, the action and battle scenes look dynamic too, like Anle sword dancing scene. Anle and Hanye story is heartbreaking and they don’t have a lot of happy moments in the novel, hopefully they’ll have more in the series. I like both leads and find their chemistry quiet palpable, really like the forehead kiss. Story wise the plot sounds old but if done right it’ll still deliver and attract viewers. All in all i’m really looking forwards to this drama.

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