Legend of Anle with Dilraba Dilmurat and Gong Jung Hits 2 Million Reservations on Youku with Murmurings of March 2023 Airing

I’m going to chalk this up to the power of Dilraba Dilmurat‘s popularity moreso than her male lead Gong Jun but C-ent fandom experts can chime in otherwise. Period C-drama The Legend of Anle (An Le Zhuan) recently hit 2 million viewer reservations on Youku and the production celebrated with new stills from the drama of the two leads. Usually 1 million reservations is a big deal so 2 million is legit an achievement, though of course if a drama languishes too long on the to-air status then it could keep racking up reservations from interested viewers. This drama was filming in the second half of 2021 and reportedly was all done with post production by early 2022 so it’s taking awhile to air for sure. I’m still iffy on the pairing of these two, from the stills and the official trailer it just feels like each is acting in their own separate dramas and stitched together.

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