2022 Asia Star Awards Held at BIFF Manages to Take the Uninspiring Korean Awards Dressing to New Heights of Ugh

Soooooo many memes work with this running joke about how poorly (selected) the South Korean stars look at red carpet events ranging from awards to festivals. It’s like they go out of their way to be beyond boring or intentionally fugly. The 2022 Asia Star Awards held at the Busan International Film Festival was like an episode of Project Runway where all the female stars had to wear the dresses created by the contestants each of whom was hamstrung by material color, texture, quantity, et. al. so it was like making the best out of very little. In PR world its a win with whatever the designer comes up with, here it’s just bizarrely incomprehensible that a stylist would put an actress in it. Anyhoo, the only winner is actor Jung Hae In who had one job and did it – put on the tux he was measured for and look dapper in something that fit him to the tee.


2022 Asia Star Awards Held at BIFF Manages to Take the Uninspiring Korean Awards Dressing to New Heights of Ugh — 13 Comments

  1. LOL You’ve got to be kidding me 😭
    Sure, there’s one girl who didn’t wear a neutral-colored dress (girl in bright pink), but her dress is hardly awards ceremony-worthy 😭
    I agree, JHI is the only well-dressed man.
    I know it’s been repeated aud nauseum here, but they really should take a page from chinese red carpet’s fashion book 😬

  2. um, what? what’s happening to korean awards shows fashion lmao i’ve been a kdrama fan since late 00s and i don’t remember it being this bad before. sure, koreans have never been in the same level as chinese actresses, awards fashion-wise, but i remember actually looking forward to what my faves would wear come awards season. now though? uhh…
    also, what’s with sooyoung’s weirdly pale makeup? why would you do a pretty girl dirty like that?

  3. Oh dear. Even the colored ones look so questionable. I was gonna say the one below the pink one at least accentuate her lines…then I saw that two thing at her chest level…😂

  4. This is the worst fashion have seen so far in Korea award show, this is just like so so bad lol, it not even funny anymore. The surprising thing chinese ent r really good when it comes to their fashion choices even with all their restrictions compared to the Korean. They just don’t put in any effort which is sad 😔 to see

  5. Oh dear!!! Did they dress for award show or going out to dinner? Please tell me. At least the men dressed better. Dresses #5 to #9 are terrible. Especially dress #9. I’m sure they can afford to dress much more fancier than that. The Chinese award shows are very fashionable to watch!!

    • People do care because it seems like these artists were not trying to look their best for the award show. They worked hard to show their art, but don’t put in the effort to look these best.

  6. Kim Yoo Jung is so beautiful and elegant.She grows up to be a fine and classy lady.She trended in Twitter with more or less 8k tweets during BIFF/Star Awards night.

    Don’t hate me: I love Han Ji Min but she ain’t a classy lady. She has always a not so good appearance every award’s night. Ohh, sorry , Jimin ssi.

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