Namgoong Min as the One Dollar Lawyer Delivers the Biggest Primetime Hit for SBS in 2022

SBS Fri-Sat drama One Dollar Lawyer (Thousand Won Lawyer) already broke 10% ratings in episode 3 when it hit 12.9% but this most recent episode 5 one upped itself with 14.9% ratings. That shows after the week break more viewers got onboard and started watching, a very good sign for SBS. This is now the biggest ratings hit for the network ion 2022 topping Again My Life. Congrats to Namgoong Min who is getting the lion’s share of praise as the reason for this drama’s success, and of course he just got married so let’s call it two good tidings for the price of one.


Namgoong Min as the One Dollar Lawyer Delivers the Biggest Primetime Hit for SBS in 2022 — 13 Comments

  1. Namgoong Min is such an amazing success story – he came out of nowhere to become a leading actor.

    I’m really really looking forward to his romance sageuk with Ahn Eun Jin!

    • He didn’t come from nowhere . He is in the field since years . Playing second leads . Back in the days , i saw him in “One fine day” with Gong Yoo, Sung Yu Ri and Lee Yeon Hee (2006) . He got PS since then . His performance in Remember ( 2015) and the success of Chief Kim ( great drama) gave him the step needed for lead roles . Since then he gives us good and interesting performances . I didn’t finish all of his dramas but Stove league is a drama that i highly recommand . In One dollar lawyer , he is the only reason to watch the show . He is doing great .

  2. I still remember NGM playing such a boring second lead in Secret Hotel. To now be an actor that has such an amazing track record, it really is quite impressive.

    Good for him, he really deserves it. Definitely looking at another Daesang for him unless KNG steals it.

  3. If you like him here, you guys would like him in Chief Kim, aka Good Manager. In that drama he also plays an eccentric manager at a company, that solves problems in non conventional ways.

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