Gong Jun Aims for the Fashion Stratosphere at Vogue Event in Thoroughly Entertaining Suit that’s a Painted Garden

I love that C-stars seem to be having the most fun when it comes to fashion, the aiming higher and either it totally works or it doesn’t but less the comfortable safe zone. C-actor Gong Jun earlier this month was at a Vogue China event and he wore a recent runway Louis Vuitton custom suit that’s totally to die for awesome. It’s a painted garden in gradual colors of dark green on top transitioning into lighter green soil dotted with colorful flecks of flowers. He even wore complementary green and white sneakers to complete the most fabulous look. It helps that he’s really tall so the suit being a classic cut jacket on top and wide legged trousers on bottom doesn’t overwhelm his frame. This may be my current favorite star fashion menswear look this year, second to that gradient color wash suit at the Golden Bell Awards last week.


Gong Jun Aims for the Fashion Stratosphere at Vogue Event in Thoroughly Entertaining Suit that’s a Painted Garden — 6 Comments

  1. Gong Jun totally nails loud fashion items that most men can’t pulled off. He wore white suits with pink and blue LV logos spray-painted in last year event. That face and body are to die for. I think luxury brands tend to favor C celebrities compared to their K counterpart. C fandoms are insane when it come to supporting their idols. Well, China is the biggest market in the world practically for every single thing under the sky.

    • I wonder if this is related at all (to your point about C celebrities being favoured over K celebrities by luxury brands cause C fandoms support in huge numbers), but members of kpop groups blackpink and exo have probably the longest list of luxury brand endorsements (among kpop groups anyways) and both groups have significant fanbases in China.

      • Probably,but some luxury brands have different endorsers in China and SK. For example Dior, in SK by Jisoo in China by AngelaBaby. Or maybe the stars I mentioned are ambassador for different division?? Like one is for beauty/makeup another is for fashion?? I’m not so clear about how it works..hehe

  2. He can’t act but he sure has great style. Lots of his choices are fun and modern, and he can wear them. Of course the face sure helps.

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