Choi Ji Woo Remains J-viewers Top Korean Actress in Her 40’s in New Poll, Followed by Ha Ji Won and Song Hye Kyo

The best annuity is having one mega hit that basically pays dividends for the rest of life, and only few stars can enjoy lucking into that. The Hallyu era hit drama Winter Sonata is that drama for leads Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo, and over two decades later he’s still always on the list of favorite Korean actors when polled by J-viewers and same with her. The latest J-magazine poll asked viewers their favorite 40’s Korean actresses and to no surprise number 1 is Choi Ji Woo, who hasn’t had a hit honestly in years and hasn’t even acted recently thanks to getting married and having a baby. Still she’s comfortable at top and in this poll second spot went to Ha Ji Won followed by Song Hye Kyo in third. After that that fourth place is Son Ye Jin, followed by Kim Tae Hee, with the former still churning out hits in recent years while the latter acts infrequently after marrying Rain and having two kids. Jang Nara is sixth, then Kim Sarang in seventh, with Lee Min Jung in the eight spot. And the last two are Lee Bo Young and Lee Yo Won so it’s really a parade of top actresses in the aughts and early ’10s mostly all still acting which is great to see.


Choi Ji Woo Remains J-viewers Top Korean Actress in Her 40’s in New Poll, Followed by Ha Ji Won and Song Hye Kyo — 7 Comments

  1. Great list. So happy to see Lee Yo Won in there, she’s the first korean actress I’ve stanned lol now I’m feeling so nostalgic

  2. All these top – notch actresses had great impressions in my early watching of K-drama as early as 2004, using pirated CDs and later turned to DVDs and blu-rays. But amongst these, Lee Yo Won role as Queen Seon Deok will never be forgotten. I am not really into melodramas then but those drama series of seasons (endless love) like Winter Sonata, Autumn in my Heart, Summer Scent were all shown in our national tv networks , so I could really watch them. So, all these actresses and some that have not included are always special in my heart.

    • @Guest, we began at the same time but not with the same dramas . Some aren’t included as Kim Sun Ah, Chae Rim( Dating now, Eve, Four sisters,…)i still have a old pirated cd of Dal ja’s spring and 9end 2 outs with Soo Ae , Kim Hee Sun,… such great memories . Lee Yo Won stills one of my favs ( low key, beautiful, versatil roles…) I used to know all the names of the casts but theses days there are so much productions that i only memorize some names . I will never forget the late Jung Da Bin too .

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