Seo In Guk in Talks for First Sageuk Drama Since 2015’s The King’s Face

A new K-drama casting came out this week and its a fresh sounding one. Seo In Guk has been offered the male lead in sageuk drama Handwritten, and if he accepts it will be his first sageuk since 2015’s The King’s Face. It’s about a man who loses his memory and makes his way back to figure out what happens. His last two dramas Doom at Your Service and the most recent Cafe Minamdang have both been ratings duds despite a solid casting and interesting plots on paper so hopefully he’ll break out of this low streak with this sageuk.


Seo In Guk in Talks for First Sageuk Drama Since 2015’s The King’s Face — 5 Comments

  1. I like SIG a lot and think he’s a solid actor but he doesn’t pick the best scripts in general. I genuinely don’t think he’s had a ratings hit as a lead after his breakout in Reply97… but yea the past few dramas of him were super low quality on top of not faring well. Hopefully this is a good sageuk tho! Looking forward to it depending on who they cast as the female lead.

  2. Love him and his acting. But his last drama Cafe Minamdang was the first drama of his, that I didn’t finish. Even Doom I enjoyed to some degree but the last one was a complete dud and the first time where I thought he had no chemistry with the female lead.

    The King’s Face is also his only drama that I didn’t watch, because I am not man in to sageuks. So, I will have to wait and see.

  3. Best wishes to In Guk. I too like him and his acting. Hopefully this will be solid in script, quality production and acting. Mr drama addict and I went to watch Project Wolf Hunting last night. It was quite intense. Both of us were blown away by In Guk’s acting. We don’t see Seo In Guk in his character, only Jongdoo. I think he likes exploring different characters & genres as he shared in various interviews. Very willing to take risks even if some of his dramas or movies did turn out to be duds in terms of ratings or box office. I sincerely think he cares more about playing diverse roles. Partly, it’s also based on being pragmatic to make a living as an actor since he’s not A-list or super popular or an in-demand actor. Branching out as a music producer and director by forming his own music label and grooming artistes under his music company is also part of his strategic plans of diversifying his career by not putting all his eggs into one acting basket.

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