Kim Ji Won in Talks for Kim Soo Hyun’s Leading Lady in Upcoming 2023 K-drama The Queen of Tears

A big casting news this week and I have a strong sense this casting will be the final one. Kim Ji Won is in talks to be the leading lady of the high profile K-drama The Queen of Tears, the next work from writer Park Ji Eun of Crash Landing on You. If she accepts she will join male lead Kim Soo Hyun who is doing his 3rd reunion with Park Ji Eun after doing You From Another Star and Producer written by her. The drama will have the two leads play a married couple so this isn’t a falling in love story like her previous drama OTPs. I think this is a great pairing, both age-appropriate and high profile leads coming off more serious dramas with Kim Ji Won in My Liberation Notes and Kim Soo Hyun with One Ordinary Day.


Kim Ji Won in Talks for Kim Soo Hyun’s Leading Lady in Upcoming 2023 K-drama The Queen of Tears — 33 Comments

  1. I don’t know why but they don’t seem like a couple at all. Just look at them they don’t have that vibe. Even there apperance also not compatible. I wish they had some colleague kind of roll that suits them. I think drama is going to be very good Kim ji won’s choice is always unique.

  2. Yes,this would be phenomenal! They would make a lovely pair, equal in everything, looks, talent and fame. Yes, yes, yes. Th8s will be a great project for her.

  3. I really thought PEB was doing this because of the news and also because she said she wanted to do a rom com next. But as much as I love her, I think KSH and KJW would be fireee on screen together.

    They’re both very strong actors and KJW is coming off of a great performance in a very well received drama. It’ll be good if she can keep up the momentum because honestly, Lovestruck almost made me dislike her… anyway, I’m really excited for this. Looking forward to the rest of the cast as well. Hopefully it doesn’t take a year before it’s released, but either way, it sounds epic already based on the writer, PD and leads.

    • What news? K ent never reported anything about PEB being courted for this project. It wasn’t even rumoured, just a bunch of people blabbering on Twitter because she came off a hit project.

      • Errr… it was definitely rumoured. An article was released by KoreaStarDaily. Rumours can be made by anyone so while it was likely untrue, there definitely was a rumor. It’s ridiculous to claim “it wasn’t even rumoured”. The twitter folks are talking about it because it was released by a source – whether that source is legitimate or not, that’s a different topic. You sound like the one blabbering because you don’t know how it originated 🤦🏻‍♀️

      • What I mean by not rumoured is it was never reported by Korean media such as the unconfirmed casting of KSH back in April. After IU declined, no other actress was reportedly in talks until now.

        In case you didn’t know, KoreaStarDaily is a Chinese site. If you’re getting your sources from Twitter and Chinese sites, well anything goes.

      • Don’t go around changing your own words just to justify the fact that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Your exact words were “It wasn’t even rumoured, just a bunch of people blabbering on Twitter” – and now you’re saying you meant “it was never reported by Korean Media”?! 😂

        That’s the new definition of “wasn’t even rumoured”? Yea sure, oookay. Whatever. Clearly you were clueless on where ppl got the info from and are now defensive about well… being clueless. I’m outta here, not wasting time arguing with someone who’s both clueless and embarrassed yet won’t admit it 🤡

        Ciao 👋

      • You got news from a CHINESE site and said an article was released, LMAO. I bet you can’t even tell the difference between Chinese and Korean characters.

        I said what I said, PEB was never rumoured to be female lead and Korean media never associated her with this project. What is written elsewhere has negligible credibility and doesn’t constitute as a rumoured casting.

      • UME – Chinese media reporting *is* what rumours mean, or like blind items, theqoo, etc. As in, they have random sources and unconfirmed info. K media reports are what’s official unless denied by the actor’s agency. So IU, Soohyun (both times) and KJW’s offers were all official, Park Eunbin’s is a rumour. Even her fans banked on it since in her last fan meet, she said she’d like to try a rom com next year and with this writer it’s likely that genre.

        BUTTERFLY – I like Eunbin a lot but personally found her chemistry/general vibe with him in the few seconds they were together in Secretly Greatly as unmemorable. Pretty sure they were in a sit-com a while back too and didn’t see much sparks either. Maybe it’s the character they player or smth but yeah. Jiwon he hasn’t paired up with before but I like how fresh it sounds and they both have amazing chemistry w/ costars. LITC was a mistake for everyone involved (poor JCW and his even poorer choices) so it never existed haha. So yeah hoping for the best and kind of glad Eunbin is sitting this one out.

  4. KJW in the right character can really shine. Visually, this combo is really fiery. I like them. May it push through. Heard some twitter chatter about other productions having issues too. I wonder if there’s wider trouble brewing in the K-drama & K-film industry.

  5. I wonder if theres a problem with the script scenario since IU and Park Eun Bin both passed on it after serious considerations it seems. Good luck to any actress paired with Kim Soo Hyun. He has such a small head and face that its threatening to actresses. Guess we are going to hear about his salary next… am 50/50 on watching it. When the more indepth synopsis drops. Will decide then.

    • PEB was just a rumor tho… it wasn’t ever official and her agency never commented on it. Could’ve been true but also complete nonsense.

      IU declining was due to schedule which was actually very true considering she dropped out of Money Game after already signing on.


      KSH having a small head and face is threatening to actresses?! 😂😂 yea sure ok….

      KJW is gonna be awesome. Loved her in Liberal Notes as well as her chemistry with her costar.

    • Park Eun Bin was never offered or even in talks for the role. Only IU was offered and declined the role probably because she was already committed to another project, which she eventually dropped out as well. There’s also the possibility that her close relationship with Kim Soo Hyun IRL makes it awkward for them to act as a married couple. But who knows.

      • Officially, yea PEB was never offered the role. It was just a rumor by some tabloid who likely didn’t know what they’re talking about.

        Anyway highly doubt there’s anything wrong with the script. The truth is that almost all dramas go through a casting roundabout but isn’t reported as widely. If anything, this drama is being scrutinized a lot and already a bit overhyped which is likely due to the writer and CLOY.

    • Lol, Park Eunbin passed after serious consideration? She would have to receive the script first in order to do that. There isn’t a shred of news she was ever shortlisted as FL. Maybe she got bigger and better offers, but it wasn’t this one.

  6. Finally!! I was hoping KJW can do a high profile drama. She was part of the best thing in DOTS but she hasn’t been in a main stream drama since. So excited she’s doing this. Visually, her and KSH would make such an amazing couple. So. Excited.

  7. Lol okay she’s not Song Hye Kyo level of fame, but she’s A-list already, that’s what I meant. It’s not that easy to be more or as famous as Kim Soo Hyun, but she’s famous enough to hold her own name.

  8. Wow.. that’ll be great! they’re both good actors and have good vibes..i like them both.. they’re both my favourites.. can’t wait to see it❤️

  9. So happy for KJW! She’s so beautiful and talented, and it’s about time she gets a high-profile project with a talented male lead again! She might not be the first actress that most people would think of when you say charisma, but her cameo in Mr. Sunshine really proved she can definitely play strong characters and shine on screen.
    And this article just reminded me I need to watch My Liberation Notes next lol
    Excited for these two to fire up my screen 😍

    • I think her strongest character in terms of personality and performance both was Descendants. Ngl, to me she was way better than the lead (I’ll prob get killed for this haha). Since then, she hasn’t picked great dramas. AC was just terrible, LITC didn’t exist and Fight my way was good, but not great. MLN is probably her best choice since and hopefully she can keep up the momentum.

      • Yeah, her character in DOTS was great, plus she looked amazing with the styling for that drama.
        And don’t worry, pretty sure people on this site don’t like the female lead either lol you’re safe. Plus anyone with braincells know KJW is the better actress objectively (tho I have a soft spot for the female lead too)

  10. omg please come true. Kim Jiwon is one of my fav k-atresses and Kim Soohyun is a plus too and it’d been a while i watch any kdrama. Really look forwards to it! ^^

  11. Yes please! They could make a really amazing pair onscreen, both are good looking, talented and have great chemistry with their costars (literally never seen a drama where either of them lacked that). I just hope the script is good, they’ll be well matched if it is.

    • Apparently there’s rumours the writer frequently plagiarises which is such a shame,seems like it’s already gaining traction aswell and will overshadow everything else. I just hope Kim Kim pairing work together on another script.

  12. There’s no report on their being a historical is there? Because I dunno why, when I heard married couple and the title, that kind of was my first assumption. Either way don’t care. With this casting and this production team, I literally cannot wait. *drums fingers on table*

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