Yu Shu Xin and Her Love Between Devil and Fairy Second Male Lead Zhang Ling He to Partner Up for 2023 Xianxia C-drama Half of Us

The costar swapping is strong on this most recent casting carousal. Bai Lu and Zhang Ling He filmed the period C-drama Story of Kunning Palace which is yet to air and both moved on to their next dramas with the leads from Love Between Devil and Fairy in Dylan Wang and Yu Shu Xin. Bai Lu and Dylan are filming modern romance drama Only For Love and now it’s basically confirmed that Yu Shu Xin will be paired up with Zhang Ling He for the xianxia C-drama Half of Us. It will be a reunion for those two as Zhang Ling He was the second male lead in Fairy. The drama is scheduled to start filming later this month in December is also being watched as it’s the first drama from writer-director Guo Jing Ming of the Tiny Times hit movie series.


Yu Shu Xin and Her Love Between Devil and Fairy Second Male Lead Zhang Ling He to Partner Up for 2023 Xianxia C-drama Half of Us — 20 Comments

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  2. I would try it under normal circumstances but then she opens her mouth and my brain starts leaking out of my ears. Pity.

    • Lol. I don’t care for her nasal fake baby voice of hers either. I’ve given up so many of her dramas because of that cringing voice. It really gets annoying and old

      • The worst is that she has a perfectly normal, lovely natural voice. This is a choice she is making. Considering that even Chinese are fed up with it, I just don’t get it. But until she starts speaking normally, I am choosing to preserve my poor brain.

  3. The 95ers are taking turns pairing up with each other lately. It’s still way too early to decide on this drama, hope GJM can make this good.

  4. Guo Jing Ming produces pretty pictures for costume drama where ML are “required” to bare their naked torso….hahaha. He exhausted all of the blower available on set too. This guy is problematic but his artistic sense is unique in some ways.

    Love ZLH, that boy is smoking. Not sure about Esther though, she isn’t a bad actress but not versatile enough to pulls off most roles.

  5. GJM produced pretty pictures and frames in his works. He also “required” the MLs to bare their torso…hahaha. ZLH got nice bods based upon his Weibo. GJM is problematic but his artistic senses are unique and unusual in many ways.

    ZLH is very easy on the eyes with decent acting skills. While YSX remains to be seen since she isn’t the versatile type. Her range is limited.

  6. YSX is on a roll! She’s a hard worker so I’m glad to see her growth and demand constantly growing! Excited for both her upcoming dramas! Love both male leads! Also YSX and BL are BFFs which makes this whole cycles even more funny!

  7. Esther has lots of shows lined up. I don’t have anything against her except her fake baby voice. Her normal voice is fine. The baby voice is so cringing and grating to the ears. I avoid the shows she’s in because of that cringing voice. Hopefully some day she decides to shelve that fake baby voice of hers and I can finally enjoy her acting.

  8. Esther is cute but I find her acting range rather limited. Most of her roles are rather similar. I feel that she was just lucky to have landed dramas that got popular. I hope that she will not use that voice going on forward; that really gets old fast.

    • I agree with this. She’s stuck with the same roles.
      Really hope to see her in other serious genre… thriller, crime, mystery or melodrama probably.

      • With that baby voice? She is going to have to drop that if she is to be taken seriously.

      • Proof is in the pudding! She is scoring work on top of work.. Looks like most are not bothered by her voice! If you do not like her.. Don’t watch her work. Simple solution to a personal dilemma. Shame on YOU! Uplift people, don’t judge it’s outdated! Wether it is her natural tone or fabricated it’s hers not yours why should she adjust her style to your taste? Little selfish and entitled thing to say in a public forum. #VERYKAREN#ESTHERWORKSHARD

      • @Ami

        You sound unhinged. You should probably talk to someone about that.

  9. It seems like actresses/actors in China do not rest. They literally go from one drama to next with no break inbetween. I suppose it’s a good thing they are all still young so they are still able to keep going at that momentum.

    • It’s very true. They go from project to project to maintain the momentum. I don’t think it’s good for a lot of them because most end up stagnating in acting development because so much of the focus is on quantity rather than quality.

  10. Do Chinese men fall for a woman faking baby talk to be her actual voice?
    She looks like a geek gone old. Stop trying to make fetch happen. She shouldn’t be main female role guys fall for in an instance. It’s silly!

  11. I really like Esther yu in whatever drama or movie she play in! She’s kind loving and she’s care about everyone!!’ I so hope Esther yu play the main lead in everything 🙏 she’s unique naturally beautiful and charming. The man can resist her unique talented, charming ways. Just don’t forget about our Dylan Wang Aka# DiDi😊🤍🖤🤎💜💙💯

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