Yu Shu Xin and Her Love Between Devil and Fairy Second Male Lead Zhang Ling He to Partner Up for 2023 Xianxia C-drama Half of Us

The costar swapping is strong on this most recent casting carousal. Bai Lu and Zhang Ling He filmed the period C-drama Story of Kunning Palace which is yet to air and both moved on to their next dramas with the leads from Love Between Devil and Fairy in Dylan Wang and Yu Shu Xin. Bai Lu and Dylan are filming modern romance drama Only For Love and now it’s basically confirmed that Yu Shu Xin will be paired up with Zhang Ling He for the xianxia C-drama Half of Us. It will be a reunion for those two as Zhang Ling He was the second male lead in Fairy. The drama is scheduled to start filming later this month in December is also being watched as it’s the first drama from writer-director Guo Jing Ming of the Tiny Times hit movie series.

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Zhao Lu Si Sweeps the Top Three of the Most Recent Baidu Poll on Favorite 95-Flower Roles with Yu Shu Xin Making the List Not for Her Most Recent Hit Drama

This summer of 2022 was really a two-horse race of Love Between Fairy and Devil and Love Like the Galaxy, and it wasn’t for television ratings are both are web dramas but for buzz and cache. My two cents says … Continue reading

Wu Lei and Yu Shu Xin Reportedly Cast for the Third Drama in the Fox Spirit Matchmaker Series the Wang Quan Chapter

The just finished filming and highly anticipated Fox Spirit Matchmaker (涂山小红娘) with Yang Mi and Gong Jun is actually the first of three Fox Spirit Matchmaker dramas. That chapter is called the Yue Hong chapter (月红篇), and was supposed to … Continue reading

Dylan Wang and Yu Shu Xin’s Respective Fandoms Get into Fight Over Reported Love Between Fairy and Devil CF Shipping Fans Attempting to Smear Him

So this is wildly complicated and just mostly stupid. This week the hot C-drama of summer 2022 CF fandom of Love Between Fairy and Devil nearly caused a war between the respective fandoms of leads Dylan Wang and Yu Shu … Continue reading

Xu Kai Shares First Filming Snaps From Set of Chinese Paladin 6 Drama Sword and Fairy and BTS Pictures Show Female Lead Yu Shu Xin’s Character Visuals

C-actor Xu Kai’s got so many period C-dramas under his belt I swear seeing these first stills it felt like something I’ve seen before. He’s the male lead in the upcoming xianxia drama Sword and Fairy, which is the highly … Continue reading

iQiyi Suddenly Schedules the August 7th Premiere of Fantasy Romance C-drama Love Between Fairy and Devil with Dylan Wang and Esther Yu

Okay, can Chinese streaming sites stop sudden scheduling dramas like Beyonce drops new albums, it’s unnecessary and weird. This Thursday August 4th is Qixi Festival, the 7th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar, and is also known … Continue reading

Popular C-actor Xu Kai and Rising Actress Yu Shu Xin Cast in the Highly Anticipated C-drama Adaptation of Chinese Paladin 6 Titled Sword and Fairy

I’ve only recently gotten the appeal of some of the rising and popular young actors from the past 5 years, since after 2015 I really stopped watching C-dramas and without watching it’s hard to like or dislike anyone. So it’s … Continue reading