Yu Shu Xin’s Team Researched Top Korean Idol Jang Won Young’s Makeup and Outfits and Will be Using it on Her Next Image Transition

So this week C-actress Yu Shu Xin shared a new photoshoot and debuted a very spring vibe. Her outfitting team is apparently going for a very specific look, that of top Korean idol Jang Won Young and her distinct makeup and dressing vibe. I don’t follow K-pop but everyone has heard of how popular Jang Won Young is and seen her pictures. She kinda always looks the same to be, very doll like with porcelain makeup and colorful eye/cheeks and lips. Reportedly Yu Shu Xin’s team has researched Jang Won Young’s “look” and will be using the same on her in this next iteration. Once you know it’s hard to unsee how much Yu Shu Xin has been turned into a Jang Won Young-lite in these pics. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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C-drama Adaptation of The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus with Yu Shu Xin and Ding Yu Xi Releases Visually Pleasing Stills Showcasing Sprawling Cast

The just ended xianxia drama Sword and Fairy based on the Chinese Paladin 6 game was a flop but female lead Yu Shu Xin already has her next xianxia on deck. She’s filmed the C-drama adaptation of The Guide to … Continue reading

Both Sword and Fairy C-dramas Adapted From Chinese Paladin Games are Industry Flops But Consensus is CP6 is Less Bad than CP4

It was just a production scheduling screw up that Chinese Paladin 4 adaptation Sword and Fairy 4 and Chinese Paladin 6 adaptation Sword and Fairy (just that, no 6 in the title) aired at the exact same time. Okay, one … Continue reading

Xu Kai and Yu Shu Xin Go on Memory Loss Adventure in New Poster and Preview for Chinese Paladin 6 Drama Sword and Fairy Premiering Jan 18th

So this drama synopsis may seem wonky off the bat calling leads Xu Kai and Yu Shu Xin of Sword and Fairy, the Chinese Paladin 6 adaptation, as siblings but it’s not cuz they are actually blood related. The story … Continue reading

Yang Zi and Zhu Yi Long Wins 2023 Weibo Night Queen and King as the C-stars Put on the First Red Carpet Party of the New Year

The first big C-ent party of 2024 was this weekend with the 2023 Weibo Night celebration that brought out nearly all the popular stars in the industry. Yang Zi and Zhu Yi Long took home the top awards Weibo Queen … Continue reading

The C-drama Adaptation of The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus Wraps Filming and Releases Stills and Making of Special with Leads Yu Shu Xin and Ding Yu Xi

These new character posters are so hilariously awful but for some reason I’m kinda excited for this drama. The C-drama adaptation of the novel The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus titled in Chinese Yong Ye Xing He released new … Continue reading