Park Eun Bin Receives Female Lead Offer for Pinocchio and While You Were Sleeping Screenwriter’s Next K-drama Desert Island Diva

Screenwriter Park Hye Ryun is one of my can’t miss ones when it comes to her K-dramas, the good bits always outweigh the stuff that doesn’t work and she’s also constantly changing up her genres and stories. Starting from I Hear Your Voice to Pinocchio to While You Were Sleeping then Start-up, I’ve enjoyed all those dramas and now she’s coming back in 2023 with the K-drama titled Desert Island Diva (or Uninhabited Island Diva). It sounds SO WILD!, an aspiring K-pop young girl gets washed up on a desert island and spends 15 years there before being discovered and returning to civilization and her acclimation back. Like, wut? As wildly ridiculous as that sounds I’m curious how she can make it compelling and fun and also the female lead offer is out to Park Eun Bin and that would be a masterclass level casting for the production if she accepts. Directing is the PD of Hotel Del Luna and the drama is still in discussions for a network.


Park Eun Bin Receives Female Lead Offer for Pinocchio and While You Were Sleeping Screenwriter’s Next K-drama Desert Island Diva — 9 Comments

  1. Park Hye Run definitely became a fave starting with Dream High for me. I Can Hear Your Voice only sealed the deal. I knew the second season of Dream High would probably fail before it even aired because she wasn’t coming back to write it. If Park Eun Bin signs on, even better. It should be really interesting to see who winds up being in the cast. Lee Jung Suk and Suzy have been the leads in three Park Hye Run dramas, so there’s a possibility former stars of her dramas might be cast. Since this might involve KPop, it would be cute to see some cameos. Season 1 Dream High cameos would be cute as well as music stars who were popular pre 2008 and popular idols who are the character’s age. Jung Hae In and Kim Sun Ho cameos would be sweet as well if they aren’t cast as leads (even though I don’t see it happening). Hope this drama winds up being a lot of fun. 15 years on a desert island means 2007/2008 might have been the last of pop culture the character was able to see. It should be fun to see the character see how much has the industry has grown in her absence. If she was a trainee, she could have trained with people who are now stars.

  2. Let me guess. The male lead is… Lee Jong Suk? 😂

    Anyway, this drama sounds crazy and frankly, this writer’s stories all blend together to me. They have the same leads and same types of characters despite the stories being different. I like that she went with someone she hasn’t worked with yet for the female lead. Might help make her dramas more distinguishable 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. If I liked the writer’s dramas, they were dramas focused on the ML. Even in While Your Are Sleeping, if Suzy had a power, it was useless and it’s LJS who could save the day… In Start-Up, the female characters were so badly written, Suzy had no strengths, she was just lucky to get 2 genius to help her and Kang Hanna had no story…

    So I really hope this drama will focused on the FL and Park Eun-Bin.

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