Park Eun Bin and Kim Min Ha Attend the US Critic’s Choice Awards and Pachinko Wins Best Foreign Language Series

Two Korean shows were nominated among the ten television series in the Best Foreign Language Series category at last night’s Critic’s Choice Awards held in Los Angeles. Most of the attention was on the movie side as it’s getting close to Oscar nominations but for the television side we saw two lovely ladies in attendance from K-ent. Park Eun Bin was there for Extraordinary Attorney Woo wearing a lovely albeit rather conservative sky blue gown with crystal embellishment and a gauze cape. Kim Min Ha represented for Pachinko in a striking mustard yellow taffeta off the shoulder gown cinched with a black wide belt. Pachinko beat out both Attorney Woo and 8 other TV shows from around the world to win in yet another validation of Korean based television storytellling.

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K-ent Discusses How the Big Three Network Year End Drama Daesang Awards Look Meaningless in Light of the Best Performances in 2022 Come in Cable Dramas with Lee Sung Min and Park Eun Bin

Frank honestly is the best policy here and hopefully it buoys production companies to keep improving to create better quality dramas. K-ent and K-netizens both agree that the coming 2022 Year End Drama Awards held by the Big Three networks … Continue reading

Park Eun Bin Leads the Extraordinary Attorney Woo Team on Reward Trip to Bali Minus Kang Tae Oh Who Has to Work and Kang Ki Young Who Got COVID the Day Before Departure

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episodes 11-12 Dip Slightly to 14% Ratings and First Stirrings of Negative Feedback with Audiences Complaining About Quality of Recent Court Cases

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Vaults Over 15% Ratings in Episodes 9-10 as Our Plucky Autistic Young Lawyer Makes New Emotional Breakthroughs

Next year’s 2023 the Best Actress Baeksang is definitely going through Park Eun Bin for Extraordinary Attorney Woo. She missed out last year after being nominated for The King’s Affection which makes her chance even better this year, plus she … Continue reading

Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh, and Kang Ki Young Exhibit Playful Chemistry in Photo Booth as Extraordinary Attorney Woo Wraps Filming

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Production Approached by Multiple Offers for US Remake and Leading Lady Park Eun Bin’s CF Price Doubles Since Premiere

The success of ENA drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo isn’t just a domestic South Korea event, on July 14th Flixpatrol has it number 6 on the worldwide top 10 streaming TV shows on Netflix so it’s getting worldwide views as well. … Continue reading

ENA Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo Explodes to 9.128% Ratings in Episode 5 and Enters How High Can This Go Territory

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ENA Cable Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo Leaps to 4.032% Ratings in Episode 3 After Near Unanimous Praise in Premiere Week

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