Park Eun Bin Reportedly to Get 300 Million Won Per Episode for Her Next K-drama Hyper Knife Setting New Record

So this is in the news but also has been denied swiftly so take it for what it’s worth. K-ent reported today that award winning top young actress Park Eun Bin is in talks for her next drama Hyper Knife and the more interesting thing is that her salary will be a whopping 300 million won per episode. That’s about $225K USD and is also a new record for K-actresses as the former top was 200 million won per episode going to the likes of Jeon Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo, et. al. Her agency has confirmed she is considering the drama but says the salary reports are false. The production team chimed in that talks are ongoing and hasn’t even gotten to the salary stage yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if that number was floated IMO but while I am happy for her if she gets the highest actress salary ever for a K-drama it’s just bad to keep inflation going so high.

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Park Eun Bin Delivers a Hit to tvN as Castaway Diva Hits 7.988% Ratings by Episode 4 But the Drama Becomes the Who is Ki Ho Show Between the Male Leads

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tvN Weekend Drama Castaway Diva Premieres to Low-ish 3.172% Ratings But Jumps in Second Episode to 5.155% with Solid Reviews

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2023 Busan International Film Festival Kicks Off with Star Studded Red Carpet Led by Top Movie Stars Chow Yun-fat and Song Kang Ho

The 2023 Busan International Film Festival kicked off this Wednesday evening with a large contingent of stars on the red carpet for the first big award of the night. HK superstar Chow Yun-fat took home the honorary Asian Filmmaker of … Continue reading

IU Tops the 2023 Japan Poll of Favorite K-actresses Followed by Park Min Young and Song Hye Kyo

Getting popular in another country usually takes one mega hit project and for K-actresses it’s being in a K-drama that happens to be super popular in that country for whatever reason, sometimes even more popular that domestically. But staying on … Continue reading

Song Joong Ki, Park Eun Bin, and Song Hye Kyo are Highest Ranking Acting Stars on the 2023 Forbes South Korea Entertainer Power List

The Forbes Power 40 list for entertainers spans not just actors but also athletes. hosts, and musicians. The 2023 list has BTS once again on top to no surprise, while last year’s number 2 Blackpink swapped spots with number 3 … Continue reading

Baeksang Insiders Reveal that Park Eun Bin Won the Daesang Award by Unanimous 7-votes Over The Glory, Lee Sung Min, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo

The Daesang Award (Grand Prize) is unique in K-ent in that it’s open to all the nominees of the top categories so if someone or a project is THAT good it vaults over the specific category and gets the Daesang. … Continue reading

Park Eun Bin Takes Home the 2023 Baeksang Awards Drama Category Daesang While Song Hye Kyo Wins Best Actress and Lee Sung Min Crowned Best Actor

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