Season of Kkok Du Releases Illustrated Drama Posters of Kim Jung Hyun and Im Soo Hyang’s Romance Across Time and Seasons

This January 2023 will usher in Season of Kkok Du, the fantasy romance drama from MBC that brings together Im Soo Hyang and Kim Jung Hyun in a love story that isn’t just soul snatching it’s also fated to be. Kim Jung Hyun is a Grim Reaper who goes on a forced vacation and takes over the body of a doctor and finds himself falling for a fellow doctor and helps her. I thought it was just a Meet Joe Black situation but turns out these two clearly had a previous life backstory and now she’s reincarnated while he’s suffering in the afterlife as a Grim Reaper until this reunion. I’m keeping my hopes up for this drama and also curious how Kim Jung Hyun’s return will be received by the domestic viewers.

Teaser for Season of Kkokdu:

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