K-ent Abuzz with Rumors that Park Bo Gum Will Sign with HYBE the Agency of His Good Friend V of BTS

The parlaying for top young actor Park Bo Gum is underway since news last month that he was not re-signing his contract with long time agency Blossom Entertainment. A name came to the surface yesterday, HYBE which was formerly known as Big Hit and is the agency that became big and powerful thanks to forming the biggest K-pop group of all time BTS. Rumors are that Park Bo Gum will sign with HYBE and become the centerpiece of its focus into the acting world now that it’s conquered the music industry. HYBE responded that the rumors are unfounded and Park Bo Gum would not sign with the agency. I don’t know about that, rumors of signings are almost always accurate even if it doesn’t happen, and I can also see HYBE spinning off a new agency just for Park Bo Gum so he’s technically not signing with HYBE. Either way, many eyes are on where he will land.


K-ent Abuzz with Rumors that Park Bo Gum Will Sign with HYBE the Agency of His Good Friend V of BTS — 13 Comments

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  2. Hybe has more market cap than other big three combined. V and jin will definitely go for acting and fees would be record to sign them. Hybe won’t sign any less for bts members. All active members has snatched solo Luxury global deals now and getting paid in millions. Hybe with actor agency gonna be scary considering their American connections. Huge deals for actors in advancement to America which other k agencies can’t provide. In music department newjeans is setting records for kpop groups. Biggest debut ever for any group in history. Five hits already. National charts getting destroyed by them. Two billboard hot 100 enteries already. Smashing left right. Each girl has snatched luxury deal already. And minji gonna be next it girl soon when solo promos start. Already snatching cf deals left right. Became global ambassador of lg this week and lg paid hefty sum. Damn

  3. I need bogum to stay faaar away from kpop world so hybe is not my choice of agency for him. Besides, this is just k reporters throwing speculation by shooting at the agency of his close friends (and former): YG (Sean) last week, SJK’s agency last week, and yesterday Hybe so this rumors are more false than true imo.

    I prefer he joins an actor agency like Soop or BH or Awesome, but it’s all his choice in the end. Bogum is really well planned, so most probably he has everything prepared even before his discharge from the navy. So let’s just wait and see and pray the best for him.

  4. Bogum has always been smart in all his decisions, not saying he is perfect but he has always thinking first of the pros and cons of the matter he is engaging and has always the back up plans. So, he knows what he is doing; like what he said in his Bazaar interview about taking everything slowly ‘adagio’, this is what he meant but media is really really impatient and doing some circus of elimination. So no matter what agency and when is that signing , one thing for sure, Bogum will always be loved and supported by his fans.They will wait and pray for him.

  5. Bogummy and IU confirmed in new drama! OMG, I never expected this OTP. Such good news! The writer is from Fight My Way and PD from My Mister. I can smell another hit coming.

  6. Lol the comments here. HYBE is a corporation it’s not just a kpop company which means they have many subsidiaries that are not just Music labels. They can establish an actor agency if they want to. SM also own an actor company which is KeyEast. YG had one but their scandals over the years have destroyed that department for them by actors not resigning their contracts. Stay away from kpop world lol. Bogum is best friends with Kpop idols and know to attend many of their concerts.

  7. If like what you say rumours of signings are always accurate, he would have gone with the previous rumoured agency. HYBE would not have denied it if he agreed to sign too. I don’t get what’s the point of insisting that there is still a possibility to this when all parties have come out and said no!

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