Lee Seung Gi Posts Handwritten Note Announcing April 7th Wedding to Girlfriend Lee Da In

When we watch dramas and it seems so unnecessarily complicated for two people to getogether and in real life someone actually gets together let’s just be happy for them. K-ent has another major wedding announcement to kick off February, with Lee Seung Gi announcing that he’s tying the knot with long time girlfriend Lee Da In. The couple have gone public for a few years now and Seung Gi isn’t exactly a callow youth anymore so length of dating and age-wise it’s naturally the time. The couple will wed on April 7th and Lee Seung Gi very sincerely asked for his fans blessings and explained that Lee Da In is a wonderful woman who is kind, considerate, and always has his back, and he wants to walk his life with her. Sending congrats to this couple even if K-ent is mostly shitting on their union solely due to Lee Da In’s family stock manipulation scandal from a decade ago.


Lee Seung Gi Posts Handwritten Note Announcing April 7th Wedding to Girlfriend Lee Da In — 26 Comments

  1. Good news for him after his agency debable.

    I’m happy for him. I hope people will finally accept his choice of Lee Da-In.

  2. A celebrity’s private life and relationship status should be no business of fans in the first place. Very ugly that the thought that fans can have a say in celebrities personal life has been normalized all this while and has only started to change slightly in recent 1-2 years.

  3. Eh, I guess because you’re already a banana koala, otherwise you’d understand why family background is important in Asia. Who wants to be related with a criminal family? And also it’s not about relation, it’s also related to education. If the parents are lacking in moral, what kind of example can they give to their children? No matter how small, their corrupted values will be passed on to the children. And it’s not like people here go no contact like in US. But at least for me corrupted family is ten times better than foreigner with body odour genes.

    • Wow – you are just a bona fide racist aren’t you? Also, visiting the sins of the parents on the children?

      You are, what we call, a total bell-end.

    • Eh, your comment is pure garbage and racist. You talked about uneducated and lacking in moral? You’re talking about YOURSELF! Don’t have kids or your corrupted values will be passed on to them. If you have kids then they’re already corrupted (according to what you said).

      Your name suggests you are Korean. It means ‘honor, respect.’ What a disgrace to the Korean people! Perhaps you learned your evil ways from your parents? Perhaps they’re lacking in moral as well?

    • Wow. Your parents must be from a criminal family or they had very bad morals. Your uneducated and racist comment is proof of that.

      Don’t have kids or your evil ways will be passed on to them. Or if you already have kids they are now corrupted because of you (according to what you said)

      You’re a racist. Your name sounds Korean. You’re a disgrace to the Koreans.

    • hahaha… body odor genes? LOLOL… @kyunghee – You sure have bad breath and stinky mouth. And ohhh, go check and smell your family’s breath as well. Koala said it correctly “K-ent is most shit”.

    • Speechless 😨😨🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮 happy to be part of the generation who watched Live Aid concert, who participated in rising funds to buy rice for Ethiopia, who sign for the liberation of Nelson Mandela, who sang “We are the world”,and so many other things …that made me becoming the person that i’m now . Education of parents is important but it’s just a little part , a human is always learning all through the life until the death .

    • Wow.

      Get the fuck off the internet and educate yourself please. Any sane person will not claim to writing this bullshit. Feeling secondhand embarrassment 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • You’re a disgusting individual. I sure hope you don’t have children or plan on having children, as according to your vile logic your abhorrent genes would be passed on to your offspring. We don’t need more of you on this earth.

  4. Congrats LSG & LDI. He has always wanted to marry before 40. The first of the SK rabbit boys to get married. Reminds me of HK TVB’s Five Tigers.

  5. Congratulations to the couple. Happy for LeeSG too.

    Happy to see these famous male actors (30-40s)settling down with their partners – surprisingly is not with the shipped pair. They are really Good actors.

  6. Lee Da In isn’t even innocent.
    9. [+65, -0] So bizarre for a scam victim to even want to marry into a family where the father ran a scam and his kids bought all the stocks to live the lavish lives they enjoy now….

    Lee Seung Gi is a hypocrite

  7. Congratulations to the happy couple. Wish them long life and good wishes. Regarding the comment above, shipped pairs seldom turn to success. JH and JNR are on to their 4th project together. Both are happily married to their respective partners. Amazing on screen chemistry not necessarily translates to real life romance.

  8. The perfect guy who now isn’t that perfect in the eye of knetz due to his choice. Time will tell if she is the right one. I wish him good luck

  9. I wish him good luck.
    I must admit I find it interesting that a guy who was duped and scammed by his agency for years falls for the daughter of a known scammer (from what I read here).
    Although it is true that a parents’ morals (or lack of) don’t necessarily mean that the children will be the same, but it is worth thinking about. How old were they when it happened and how did they handle it and react afterwards…Just worth thinking about when you’re considering whether you will spend the rest of your life with this person. and maybe LSG did consider all this already.

    I do get why some folks are concerned. Fans have watched him grow up so are likely more concerned about him and add the lingering resentment with her parents…

    I wish him well, he seems like a really nice guy. I hope his trust doesn’t get broken again. So good luck LSG! And congratulations.

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