Wang Yi Bo Trends as “The Hopeless Illiterate” After Whiffing Interview Questions at the Press Conference for Movie Hidden Blade

So this was a major trending topic on C-ent last week, but it’s kinda already happened before type of news in that similar callouts have happened before with this actor yet he’s still getting big gigs. Last week Wang Yibo attended a press conference with the director for the movie Hidden Blade where he costars with acting legend Tony Leung. At the press conference, Wang Yibo was asked what was the hardest to capture about playing his character. Wang Yibo was stumped and went silent before saying he didn’t know how to answer that and that such a question was meaningless. The director had to interject and smooth over the moment. Immediately after the press con the phrase “The Hopeless Illiterate” started to trend as netizens laid into Wang Yibo for yet again demonstrating how clueless he was.

All this is on the heels of one time he couldn’t even write a common Chinese phrase “I was here once”, he’s miswrote Chinese characters before, and even his fans are being called out for being equally uneducated with that one time a top fan praised Wang Yibo for being a “raper” (she meant rapper). There are a lot of kinda dim or not terribly well-educated stars so I don’t think being that is a dealbreaker, but I think netizens can’t stand Wang Yibo for (1) his fans claiming he’s the best and smartest, and for being the most loathed toxic fandom in C-ent in the way his fans claim every success of a project is due to him and bizarrely actively try to put down his costars, and (2) he’s still a very limited actor but keeps getting roles. So whenever there is anything negative Wang Yibo goes it totally gets blown out of proportion as well. This stuff is *eats popcorn* level entertaining.


Wang Yi Bo Trends as “The Hopeless Illiterate” After Whiffing Interview Questions at the Press Conference for Movie Hidden Blade — 110 Comments

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  2. There are plenty of celebrities who aren’t that well-educated or book smart, but they at least put in the effort to improve themselves for their dramas/movies, give decent answers for interviews during their drama/movie promotions etc. WYB on the other hand… There was an interview where he said there’s no need to memorise drama lines because one can just get a voice actor to dub over.

  3. I think this is overreaction from the netizens and it does get quite ugly. Wang YiBo is generally a quiet guy and he may not be quick to give an answer. He may need time to process his thoughts.

    Let us not be quick to label him as such.

    • He has been known as nine leaky fish for years in China. He is uneducated to an astonishing level and can’t even write properly. It’s too late to wash now. Should have told your idol to at least finish high school.

      • N yet he is succeeding. Call him whatever you may like n the fact that he is still rising will not CHANGE!!!What good is it having a degree when he is in the entertainment industry? When y’all miswrite something it’s ok but when it’s wyb its totally a big deal right. Y’all should just go to hell srly n dont tell us shit about what we should have or should do. Stan ur idol n leave ours alone , how hard is that jeez

      • Like the author said what I dont like about WangYibos fans is that they claiming he is the best..he only carrys the project success and always having fan war with his costars.Like nobody deserve him.His fans Labeling themselves as “fan of positive energy artist” but checkout their accounts and you will see them claiming how his costars stepping on his talent..etc.ect..the worst is his fan cursing..wishing death upon his costars. The level of their toxicity is unbelieveable. His fans also rude and uneducated.

      • Stop spreading nonsens and fals info…Shame on you!! We knoe Yibo cery well -he is great person

      • These are black fans …they spread lies in purpose!!! Dont belive it!!! Yibo is fantastic!!!!

    • You should probably try talking to someone outside of toilet circle to find out a bit more about “quiet guy” Yibo. He has one of the worst reputations in Chinese entertainment and that is because of a good reason.

      • I think WY it’s a money making machine. I’m from Europe, I don’know chinese, I have a question: why WY bad person, silent bastard?

      • These are all lies!!!! Shame on you!!!! Yibo is admirable in movie industry…and you are the liar. Hhame on you!!!

      • Stop lying!!Shame of you!!!
        Yibo is known as a outstanding dancer and artist .The directors always praise him!!!
        People like you try to harm his wery good reputation.Shame on you!!!

      • These are all lies!!! Shame on you!!! Jealousy is a bad thing!!!
        Yibo is admired in chinese movie industry. He is amazing dancer and actor!!!! If you don’t know him don’t write nonsense

    • I watched the live recording on weibo and it was too awkward, whenever his fans asked him a question he would deflect to the director and keep quiet. So his fans started specifying they wanted Yibos answer, and when asked “what would you say to your character if you time travelled and met him?”, Yibo replied “Nothing, because it’s not possible to meet him via time travel”. Most Weibo users agreed that he’s either 1)rude 2) not smart enough to answer questions. I don’t know how his fans can support an idol who cannot answer questions confidently, he speaks like a 12 year old.

      • Ohhh pls stop it. What’s the use of asking such a stupid question. HE WILL NEVER MEET secretary Ye so why the hell should he have to imagine the what ifs n what not when its never going to happen. N dont just say shit u know non about bruhh the hell are y’all so toxic for

      • You do understand that every person thinks differently and they have different talents. I didn’t realize that society has suddenly moved away from holding prejudice and hate towards someone based on spelling mistakes and having a straightforward and blunt personality. Yibo may not be an introspective person, but he works hard, has amazing physical talent and muscle memory, and the tenacity to keep going forward and do what he loves. That in itself is admirable, and that is why I, and millions of others, are his fans. And as to the crazy and negative fans who cause trouble, I and many others are not a part of their group. I don’t understand calling out and hating an entire fandom and the artist based on the actions of a select group of people. People like that exist everywhere, and you can’t blame someone for the actions of another – that’s just incredibly stupid. Hopefully this response wasn’t too illiterate for you; my bachelors degree in English is just an accessory after all.

      • Stop spreading nonsense!!!
        Je is also human beeing and has a right to be tired .
        Besides that time the huge grup of black fans attacted him , how nuch can you handle?!?!

    • Like the author said what I dont like about WangYibos fans is that they claiming he is the best..he only carrys the project success and always having fan war with his costars.Like nobody deserve him.His fans Labeling themselves as “fan of positive energy artist” but checkout their accounts and you will see them claiming how his costars stepping on his talent..etc.ect..the worst is his fan cursing..wishing death upon his costars. The level of their toxicity is unbelieveable. His fans also rude and uneducated.

      • I agree with you here.
        I quite like Yibo and consider myself a fan. However, I don’t worship him- he has flaws and that is prefectly fine because he, like us, is human. If anything, it makes him all that more relatable.
        However, the fandom, the toxic loud ones that is, refuses to accept other opinions other than ‘he is the best ever, better than everyone else and single-handedly BY HIMSELF without the help of anyone or anything-achieved what he has today’. Then they claim to spread positive energy when all they really do is spread hate to everything and anyone who comes close to him. The amount of triggering profanities and harrassment towards other human beings is astonishingly disgusting and uncalled for.
        As much as I try to separate my fangirling from the actual fandom itself, not going to lie- it’s negatively affected my views and been a rather painful and frustrating experience. They try to invade your space for simply having an different opinion which, to them, is invalid and then say my opinions are wrong. Well excuse me, since when did I have to validate or prove my opinion? They are amazingly close-minded and becomes sickening the more you explore further into what they say, do and post.

        Of course, there are lovely ones in the fandom too and generally they are the quiet ones. But it’s the loud, boisterous ones that want to seen and heard are indeed the ones that are being seen and heard. And they are the ones who are not projecting a great image to the general public.

    • These are all false info..Yibo is very talented and amazing man .I ‘ve been fallow him for a long time …Watch Street dance of China 3, 4 …There are black fans who are trying to ruin his reputation. Looks like the author is one of them.Yibo is very admirable in chinese movie industry .The directors praise him very highly.

  4. what most baffling was the reporter asked about his own experience!!! And he couldn’t answer it?? How come? it’s his own experience! Even the lowest score students can answer what the hardest thing about math. It doesn’t show that he’s uneducated, but he showed that he didn’t learn about or explore his character, just came to the set, recited his line, listened to the director what expression he should use, CUT and went home. He IS NOT AN ACTOR, doesn’t deserve to be called that 🤮. If he knows his place, from this now on he should reject his drama offers, at least it will save his face.

      • @Sirey

        Lmao he is so not overworked. He has done nothing for months and apparently that makes him too tired to string together a coherent sentence? Try harder.

    • At least you’ve seen an interview on some occasion.. I don’t think so, I guess you’re just someone who walks around here and vents his frustration 🤭… I invite you to learn more about him and his work and tell me if he deserves it or not being named an actor… he’s been through a lot of things that you don’t know and you’re just talking for the sake of talking… but thanks for turning to see him even if it’s a bad comment… as they say… DOGS BARK… THESE DOING THINGS RIGHT

    • You do understand that every person thinks differently and they have different talents. I didn’t realize that society has suddenly decided to go backwards to displaying prejudice and hate towards someone based on spelling mistakes and having a straightforward and blunt personality. Yibo may not be an introspective person, but he works hard, has amazing physical talent, muscle memory, and the tenacity to keep going forward and do what he loves. Not everyone is good at public speaking; I myself have trouble with coming up with answers on the spot and need time to think. Plus he is sleep deprived due to his busy schedule. He is constantly filming and working, and he continues to get roles because directors recognize his talent and potential. That in itself is admirable, and that is why I, and millions of others, are his fans. And as to the crazy and negative fans who cause trouble, I and many others are not a part of that group. I don’t understand calling out and hating an entire fandom and the artist based on the actions of a select group of people. People like that exist everywhere, and you can’t blame someone for the actions of another – that’s just incredibly stupid. Hopefully this response wasn’t too illiterate for you; my bachelors degree in English is just an accessory after all.

  5. Saving his face isn’t his concern, it looks like. Right before this embarrassing interview, he was on a livestream promoting lenovo as its ambassador. He said on the livestream that he uses iPad, a direct competitor (Apple). There was a hotsearch for that, coz who hires a rep like that? He doesn’t even know the product he’s endorsing? That livestream should have provided him some rude awakening moments. But no. To distract the public, his fans, as per usual, @tt@ck and slander other artists/fandom. This is really where such dislike towards him come from. His fandom is most t@xic and will stop at nothing, doesn’t matter if reputations are destroyed or livelihood lost, or hardwork of other artists trashed. He does nothing to manage them, or manage himself.

    Going back to saving his face. He’s backed by strong capital. So despite the criticism on his acting, questions on his work ethics,low level intelligence, flop dramas despite strong veteran actors/actresses’ supports, I guess it isn’t necessary.

  6. What I dislike in this whole story is that was clear years ago WYB has a very significant lack of education. He couldn’t write properly, didn’t know basic phrases,he even butchered his own name. Answering anything at all was a major problem. Even when in a situation where it was known he would be talking, he was incapable of memorising a basic few sentences.

    It’s been years and he has done nothing to improve himself. Add everything else he has done together with his agency throughout the years to various colleagues and is it really surprising people have no sympathy for him?

    • After watching some behind-the-scenes clips from The Untamed, I think WYB may have dyslexia. I don’t know if China’s school system tests for this and helps students with dyslexia read, write and study using different methods.
      Dyslexia certainly fits all these actions of Yibo. Some people have such severe dyslexia that writing and reading is almost torture for them.
      Whatever the reason, I love Yibo and I don’t think calling him names is fair.

      • Lmfao he doesn’t have dyslexia. He just does not even have a high school degree. He is also arrogant and not too smart and that combination never brought anything good.

        You could have tried with this angle years ago but these days nobody is buying your nonsense attempts to wash this illiterate.

        That you love a guy who has done so many awful things says quite a lot about you tbh.

    • Dont trust the author-this is fals info I gollow Yibo gor a long time -he is the most amazing, talented and hard working person.
      There are lots of black fans who are trying to harm his reputation.It’s all jealousy .
      Wach Street dance of China 3 or 4 on youtube and you will see how great he is!!!

  7. Lol Koala please don’t talk about how entertaining the Yibo drama is without mentioning the other illiterates like Lusi who got dragged due to Yibo

    Lusi is famed for scoring 16 in math and saying that her grades were so bad she was advised to try acting (the vlogger above rightly says that acting is not for illiterates and bad students who can’t read scripts), and when asked “What is an actor”, she replied “Actor? It is me!”. The recent hooha that she didn’t know CCP history well also got her flak, while I hate CCP, the general consensus is that she’s not too far from Yibo’s level of illiteracy. A lot of Chinese Kpop idols left school to debut in Korea so it’s somewhat understandable, but Liu Haocun, Zhao Lusi, Ju Jingyi have no excuse.

    • Wow, you must really hate ZLS just to drag her into the comment section. LOL So what if her grades were bad, she’s found a career as an actress, no one said you needed to be a rocket scientist to be an actor. In fact many famed western actors are dropouts. There is a difference between being rude and being books smart here.

      • ??? My point is that Yibo isnt the only one getting heat. If you click in the link or read any Chinese social media or entertainment websites, they are talking about Chinese idols and 网红-turned-actors having very low cultural standards when interviewed. Douban even came up with 四大文盲 4 Big Illiterates (this is going to rile up fangirls of Dylan Wang or Lusi) and it spread on Weibo and featured their previous “bimbo/jock” interviews so it’s nothing againts Lusi, everyone started targeting celebs who seem not too bright ALL thanks to Yibo’s carcrash interview.

        Personally I think there is an undercurrent of unhappiness in Chinese entertainment because acting graduates who do their Gaokao (high school graduation exams) then take the tough art auditions to enter top art colleges used to be guaranteed jobs and popularity (see Yang Mi, Hu Ge, Tangyan, Yang Zi, Dilreba, Gulinazha all are acting grads not idols and Zhao Liying was an exception as an untrained actress back in the day) but in the new post 95 generation idols and 网红 turned actors like Yibo, Zhao Lusi, Esther Yu, Dylan Wang are the most popular or more popular than trained actors because they skip college and debut early. East Asia is a place where education is valued so the fact that Lusi, Yibo, Dylan are better paid and more famous compared to actors who slaved away at the Gaokao and attended 3-4 years of acting school just to graduate at age 22 AFTER non-grads like Yibo, Dylan or Lusi hit fame (they all got famous when acting grads were still studying) makes people question “What exactly is the point of education when those uneducated fools get paid more?” hence people will zoom in and focus on how uncultured these idols and 网红 are out of jealousy or a desire to ridicule them.

        Chinese entertainment used to be dominated by art college grads (i.e. the top paid actors used to be alums of BFA STA CAD) but after 2015 the rise of Kpop/Cpop idol shows allowed non-acting grads to enter the industry at 18 without any training at all and make millions per drama. This “shortcut” makes a lot of people very angry as you’d expect, because there are 30 year olds who get Master or PHD but will never earn what Yibo or Lusi earn at 22. Hence they will ridicule these 网红 or idols because thats all they can do. I do feel a bit sorry for a lot of trained acting grads who struggle to find gigs or act as supporting roles to idols like Yibo or Dylan because they spent 4 years studying when they couldve been acting and getting their face or name known in the industry. The whole idol show culture is a big loophole that is unlikely to close though.

      • “What exactly is the point of education if those uneducated fools get top roles even if they suck at acting but are more famous as liuliangs?”

        Actually that’s what I mean to say, it’s not so much that theyre paid more (partly that) but also that Esther, Lusi, Yibo, Dylan (acting aside, hes always dubbed because his Mandarin sounds bad which makes him seem illiterate) are objectively worse at acting than trained actors but are so popular they get top roles despite their lack of skills. Worse, trained actors from top art colleges act as maids/butlers or in supporting roles, or are stuck in low budget dramas (Dai Gaozheng, Zhang Yuenan, Fan Shuaiqi are some noticeable ones) while 网红 influencers or idol-turned-actors like Victoria Song, Wang Yibo, Dylan Wang, Zhao Lusi, Bai Lu, Li Hongyi, Esther Yu, Luhan, Kris Wu (RIP), Tao jump straight into lead roles due to their popularity and liuliang such that they get offered coveted lead roles in popular IPs that nugu acting school grads without liuliang can only dream of. Honestly speaking if Im not a child star, I would try to get into an acting college but also audition for an idol show to try to gain liuliang fame as early as possible even if I am in one of the top art colleges.

        Liuliang popularity decides who gets big roles (e.g. WRTW’s female lead is supposed to be 风华绝世 aka a peerless beauty but the role went to Lusi due to her popularity and there are multiple screenshots of An Yuexi her 2nd lead being prettier next to her) so acting school grads are severely disadvantaged because they spend their part of visual peak studying instead of acting or performing fulltime and developing a fanbase like idols. Once an idol-turned-actor has enough popularity and fans e.g. Yibo, Esther, Lusi, Yang Chaoyue, they will get offered lead roles in big budget productions like Hidden Blade or WRTW over prettier and better educated but less popular actors. The exception is companies like Daylight which prefer to use non-liuliang acting grads like Zhang Xincheng, Angel Zhao, Song Zuer because Daylight dramas record actor’s lines live while filming instead of dubbing in post-production. Most other companies will pick a more popular liuliang that doesn’t suit the role to ensure viewership, thats why Yibo gets to act opposite Tony Leung instead of proven actors who got 1st in their art school audition like Chen Xingxu or Leo Wu. So what’s the point of acting school then?

      • @Lol I believe it really takes dedication and a certain luck/fate. Just because some of the new generation of actors are not “as educated” does not mean they are not working as hard as those who completed a four year degree. A lot of times now, a four year degree can’t get you anywhere if you can’t perform or have connections. I certainly do not look at an actor and base my views by how many years of school they completed, if they can entertain me with their projects, I’m sold on the work. Sorry to break it to anyone who completed a four year degree in acting from Beijing Film Academy, if I don’t like your performance, there is no way I will like your work. Period.

        As for WYB, I think he’s just rude vs being educated. I think he is educated enough to make life decisions. There is a difference when a person knows manners, no matter their education background.

      • What is the point of acting school? Its there, but will it guarantee you a job as an actor? NOPE. You can go to school to become a doctor but end up being an actor. You can be a dropout and end up being an actor. There is no skill but the desire to be an actor. A grad vs a dropout are equals at any audition. Its the casting director who sees their potential, its the audience who reacts to the performance. So stop pitting these two groups against each other.

      • @neen,

        Thats exactly my point. You yourself and many 下沉市场 audiences on’t care whether actors get an education or not because youre uncultured enough to hear the difference in their linereading, that itself requires a certain level of fluency and cultural sophistication to appreciate (e.g. Lusi’s linereading is among the weakest of post 95 actresses Dylan is even worse in that he needs to be dubbed due to his bad Mandarin pronunciation) and in the Douyin & Weibo era people mainly care about how actors look and don’t value things like intonation, emotional speechmaking (Zhang Ruoyun’s drunk speech in Joy of Life, Zhang Wanyi’s speech in Age of Awakening, both are clearly acting school trained… It’s whether you can hear the difference between a layman or a trained actor reciting Shakespeare), and an indepth portrayal of complicated characters. If you like simple sweet young girl characters, of course Esther or Lusi will be preferable because they are young cutesy actresses who speak with aegyo. Tian Xiwei is another example, she’s from STA’s but her linereading is a bit weak compared to Song Zuer who has already acted a young mother convincingly and is regarded as the post 95 actor with the best linereading so far.

        My point is, acting school is important! They teach proper speechmaking, opera, kungfu, diction, intonation, linereading, breath control, method acting, and the older an actor gets, the more obvious and helpful their training will be. The top example is old actor Zhang Songwen, he’s currently the #1 most popular trend in China after the Knockout and due to his visuals he’s never been popular in his younger days and worked as a tour guide after graduating from Beijing Film Academy, and did mainly minor roles. At 46 hes suddenly in line for Best Actor (people are discussing if villains are allowed to win Best Actor because he outacted top actor Zhang Yi), and other examples are Liu Lin, Liu Dan (Reset’s Pot Lady), Ning Li, Wang Jingchun, Yu Hewei, Mei Ting, Tan Zhuo and other film stars or esteemed older actors in realist dramas. Acting school is essential to develop actors who can act in films and non-idol dramas, because they are taught to observe everyday life or their subject matter. For instance watch Lou Ye’s Blind Massage, Huang Xuan, Mei Ting, Qin Hao are all fantastic in it as blind people. Do you think untrained actors or idols can achieve that level of acting? For actors who want to go further in the industry e.g. do films or act in their 40s, acting school is absolutely important plus BFA CAD STA trains directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters, so actors who attend have a network to help their career.

        The “lower tier” market 下沉市场 market e.g. Douyin & Weibo users watch idol dramas and care more about visuals or hiw cute/relatable an idol is (Bai Lu and Lusi are the top2 on Douyin for frequently posting Tiktok dances) rather than quality acting in films like Raise the Red Lantern (Gong Li was scouted in acting school) or To Live, or blockbuster non-idol dramas like Three Body (Wang Ziwen and her older counterpart both did a fantastic Best Actress worthy job as Ye Wenjie). To you acting school doesnt matter because you mainly watch fluffy idol dramas and dont care how good the linereading is, but to anyone more cultured and sophisticated who demands quality productions like Nirvana in Fire, Joy of Life or The Knockout,Three Kingdoms, acting school is essential to produce the caliber of actors with gravitas to portray heavyweight historical characters. You like Lusi but when shes older can she play any of the 4 Beauties like Yang Guifei, Diaochan, Xishi? Or Wu Zetian, or Empress Cixi? At her current age she play a young pregnant mom who gets cheated on like Song Zuer? Theres definitely value in acting school and even if you don’t care, the industry does. That’s why super famous TFBoys and TNT idols like Jackson Yee or Karry Wang attend BFA/CAD despite being already famous. Jacksons linereading improved a lot (he topped the auditions but his speech was bad in Longest Day in Changan, it’s better in Full River Red) and Karry isnt really suited for acting but they know that they will get better roles and be considered for films only if they attend acting school. Same goes for Guan Xiaotong.

      • @Lol

        Supporting only film academy grads is as bad as nepotism for me. Acting should be open opportunity for anyone who is up for the acting challenge.

      • @neen & shrug

        You guys are both clueless about how idols and airheaded celebs are perceived in China, CCTV just posted an article criticising Yibo and Lusi directly and people noticed CCTV’s Weibo account deleted all news related to Lusi and Yibo that they posted before. Yibo got called out for his inability to answer questions about the character he is playing, which raises the question on whether he understands the role at all. Lusi got called out for dumb blond interview answers and mistaking the 1950s as the founding of the CCP (it’s common knowledge that it’s 1921 and Lusi did a film called 1921 ) despite doing a whole drama.

        I’m not sure why only the two of them have been singled out but they will be snubbed by CCTV and will find it hard to get any official nominations with this kind of call-out. They are lucky Arthur Chen is taking the heat or they will be a bigger topic of discussion right now.

      • Ohhh yess but when it comes to wyb he needs rocket science to be an actor right ? Wooow how fair y’all are

    • @Lol

      basically you don’t think actors who aren’t classically trained stands a chance against someone who is. Plus you are calling me uncultured for thinking otherwise. Seriously you are close minded. Of course, school is important, it takes up half our lives but still an actor is not guaranteed a job, so they can’t blame someone else for getting the job instead. Not everyone can afford to go to school but they too still hold the chance to pursue a career in actor. Many actors are scouted and eventually have to give up school because of hectic schedules, they too don’t stand a chance? How is it their fault when a casting director or scout thinks they already have potential enough for a role? It’s also not their fault when the audience believe they were born to play a role. Of course I can’t change your ideas and you change mine, so it really doesn’t matter how many examples you give me in your long posts. I watch an actor based on their performance, not why they are dubbed (btw even the educated ones are dubbed in Chinese dramas) not why they went to fashion school instead of acting school. Actors come from all walks of life, it is why some can portray characters well based on their own experiences. Being an actor is so much more then being educated, you must have all the right ingredients, you can’t simply be one without a good PR team/assistants who coaches you, the desire to act, and most importantly staying humble.

      • They do stand a chance of course (Zhou Xun, Zhao Liying, Wang Baoqiang the famed poor rural villager who became a top comedic film star, Tan Jianci who has a shockingly exceptional voice that’s better than EVERY actor under 32) but we are talking about generalisations here. Out of all the idols who have become actors only Tan Jianci can safely say his lines surpass the standard of a trained actor. He also acted in minor roles and got his first lead role at 32 in Under the Skin which became a hit drama. His voice is so good I’ve ever been in an adjacent room while he was on Hello Saturday on TV and i ran over to see who was speaking. Tan Jianci even records for listening exams. Hes like the 1% who I can say will act into old age and be nominated for Best Actor or Supporting Actor awards (you need to do realist dramas to stand a chance at China’s top TV awards), Xiaozhan is fine too but I see him doing idol dramas until his face can’t hold up lol.

        “Those poor kids who cant afford an education”

        Oh please, state education is free in China plus Vengo Gao attended CAD at 27 after finishing his modelling career and Zhang Songwen enrolled at age 25. There is no age limit and many idols can and do afford to hire fulltime coaches on the go, even acting teachers on set (e.g. Angelababy) so they don’t embarrass themselves. If they are still shit despite having a fulltime voice coach who shadows them, they are just not talented enough to act! Many acting school graduates like Gulinazha, Karry Wang, even Yangmi are kinda bad too and it’s obvious they coast on visuals.

        Also, idol selection shows alums like Esther Yu and Lusi are rich as hell. Lusi’s father is her companys sponsor and sent her to a private Taiwan college because her grades were bad. They are not village girls like Zhao Liying. Idol shows give rich families a shortcut to send their kid into entertainment because millionaire families invest big sums to pay others to vote for their kid (see the YWY3 milk scandal where rural villagers were caught dumping tons of milk because they were paid to get the lids and vote for certain contestants by rich backers, the government temporarily banned idol shows due to food wastage but idol shows coming back in 2023 with BL dramas i hear!) and once their kid debuts, they recoup the investment with million dollar endorsements or earn a few million bucks per drama. Neo Hou and Guan Xiaotong were revealed to have earned RMB 11million for their flop webdrama…. You see why rich folks pay big bucks to rig idol shows? Esther, Zhao Xiaotang, Zhou Keyu, Justin Huang, a lot of idols are from rich backgrounds to begin with and can afford to buy their way into the industry and get big film roles opposite Tony Leung like Yibo despite their complete lack of skill. Nobody is saying non-trained actors suck, they don’t! But why are the shitty actors getting big roles over better actors because they are backed by rich families and are shamelessly exploiting the power of capital. everyone knows it’s资本喂屎, i.e. rich investors behind these untalented idols are feeding poop to the public. nobody would complain if Lusi’s visuals or acting skills were 50% as good as Zhou Xun or Zhao Liying, mind.

      • @Lol

        You are overcompensating. It’s true many idols who shouldn’t be acting, or at least not be near any of the main roles, do get those jobs.

        But let’s not play dumb that the Chinese, or any drama academy, is often anything more than pure connections that will get you in and not how talented you are.

        In the end, the real problem is that once it shows their acting is unsatisfactory, whatever their background, they should be relegated to lesser and unimportant roles. And this is where the Chinese system breaks down because this doesn’t happen.

        Since we are on a Yibo post, he got famous after CQL and is still coasting on that one drama, with no improvement and in fact, getting worse, flop dramas, big scandals – but he has the major money behind him and he is untouchable.

        That’s China’s problem – the massive capital behind actors that holds them in position of recieving roles no matter how bad they are. And this goes for those with or without an academy behind them. It’s just that Yibo is an extreme example of the without that, with the backing of one of the most powerful capital groupings in cent.

        Until China gets rid of the capital that decides so much, their entertainment will remain a cesspool flooded with ignorance and lack of talent.

      • You really need to calm the hell down; you seem to be obsessed with pointing out flaws in everyone and everything. There’s no need for that nonsense.

    • Zhao Lu Si is a great actor. I don’t need to see if she has a degree or is literate to know that she oozes talents. A few more years of acting under her belt and she could be awarded a qualification by any universities for her contribution.

  8. He should make an effort to answer questions rather than being sullen or quiet or even be honest saying he doesn’t know how to answer. The question is about his thought process on how he plays his character. Surely he has one? He is a good actor and I read he will blossom under a good director who tells him what to do. Not a good thing to say. Look, he isn’t smart, or genius or educated. I won’t even say highly educated. He’s not stupid tho and frankly this time it is merely him being too lazy to think. As for his spelling, many spell wrongly. but who says celebrities must be smart, if they are they wouldn’t be celebrities.

  9. I think the most toxic fandom belongs to the one who ranked emperor in terms of entertainment traffic. Not really a fan of WYB, but among his generation he stars in more diverse roles.

    • He has a very strong capital backing him to allow for roles and support of veterans/well-known actors, plus his strong traffic, and yet his two big production tv dramas after The Untamed tanked with his veteran co-stars @att@cked by his fans. And despite these roles, his acting did not improve/been criticized repeatedly. He’s taken a long break from tv dramas after those.

      Take Tony Leung and the 2nd billing actress for this new movie, for instance. Why did they walked away completely? This question should be asked by everyone with interest as to why wang yibo gets this kind of flack. The math should keep mathing.

      Also, this has been a common theme here, why is he not making an effort to improve himself, not just on his overall knowledgeof things? His last appearances landed him on hot search for being un-appealing. He’s been mocked several times for his looks. While other artists make every effort to present themselves so they’re easy on the eyes of the public (coz yah, entertainment industry is shallow like that, but is also necessary if you wish to keep yourself on top tier level), wang yibo appears in the most unappealing way. Personally I think he needs tons of sleep and maybe some serious diet to match it. In the meantime, whenever this happens, his fans will @tt@ck other artists and call them old, ugly, j@bless. Never ending, really.

      • I’m sorry, everything you just said is utter bullshit. Please, any new potential Wang Yibo fans, don’t listen to these awful people. How did he get famous if the Untamed tanked? He’s asked his fans to do better and not cause trouble over and over, but he’s not a magician who can force them to do what to do. It’s because he’s famous and has a large and diverse fan base that he has so many troublesome fans – as every celebrity and fandoms has. And yes he’s sleep deprived, and he needs more time than others to come up with responses, but he’s not uneducated, illiterate, or rude. He is very blunt, but he’s polite and kind. He very much has manners, and his knowledge base isn’t based in traditional education; he is very knowledgeable about dancing and motorcycle racing. He is a physical person, and his talent comes from his ability to quickly learn physical movements and languages. His acting has definitely improved, and his dramas have been popular, so I have no idea if you are getting your information from an unreliable source, or if you’re just having fun creating misinformation to manipulate others into hating on an artist that you just don’t personally like.

      • @AcWangYiboFan Looks like you can’t read too, Mindy said “his two big production tv drams after The Untamed” tanked, not The Untamed itself. He got famous off by clinging onto Xiao Zhan and brainwashing girls into RPS fans.

  10. Don’t they rehearse these questions before promoting? I’m not a fan nor a hater of Yibo but even I feel like he should’ve been more prepared. I mean, sure, not all celebrities are academically gifted but there are other types of intelligence, like being a celebrity is a talent for sure being entertaining isn’t an easy tasks. Also, don’t celebrities hire a PR Team to make them look good, and a manager to make sure you don’t say and act inappropriately? I don’t know how it works with Chinese celebrities but the way I see it is being a celebrity is like a portrait, you need people to see you a remarkable and spectacular artwork so a certain image needs to be put in placed, and being called dumb isn’t good for your image.

  11. WangYiBo and XiaoZhan both hit it big w/ Untamed, their acting were very limited but was appropriate for that drama. However, I felt that XiaoZhan had it worse with the critic on his acting. Even now, WYB’s newest movie he hasn’t improved but fans love him.

    • Wow, WYB fans spewing nonsense to drag other celebrities into his mess again. Xiao Zhan took on diverse roles after The Untamed and got praised left and right. The only critics are the cronies and antis belonging to WYB’s capital faction

      • I think you need to reread that comment; don’t think that’s a Wang Yibo fan. Also, you literally twisted this person’s words and then spewed insults about an entire fandom. This honestly doesn’t make any sense, and it’s a horrible and disgusting thing to say.

      • If you think the truth is disgusting, please ask WYB’s agency and fandom to stop their evil antics. They are the most disliked agency and fandom in c-ent.

      • An evil is the one who spreads lies -not the one who defends the truth…so watch what you’re saying!

    • Xiao Zhan’s latest drama, Sunshine With Me, just finished filming yesterday and released a video today showcasing some behind-the-scenes. People were praising how natural his and Bai Baihe’s acting are and they are looking forward to watching the drama.

      • That interesting -why are you criticize Yibo and all of the sadden promote XZ new movie ???!!
        That’s what XZ fandom does!?

      • Very intetesting…why are you promoting XZ drama after criticizing Yibo??!!
        What are you doing here?

    • Xiao Zhan has been starring in the famous 8 hour theatre play A Dream Like A Dream over the past 2 years and has been getting rave reviews. That’s 8 hours of live acting where no mistakes can be made. He took over the role from Hu Ge.

  12. All I can said is as an actor, question about your acting and character are one of the most faq and basic question. He should at least anticipate and be able to answer this kind of question because it is his acting and his character that he need to talk about, not others’.

  13. I think these are the problems:
    1. He came into this business very young. What is his education level? He should take some classes to improve himself.
    2. He is not very talkative – not an eloquent type of person.
    3. Didn’t take enough time to prepare himself for this event. He needed to prepare for the possible questions they would ask him.
    4. He needed to tone down his eagle.
    5. Hopefully he will learn from this – better prepared himself next time.

      • They did. Or at least they tried.

        He just isn’t capable of memorising what he is given. There was a question here where he outright admits forgetting the answer and it’s not like this is the first time. But the guy is on record about not having to memorize lines because dubbing and VA exist so….

    • Sorry, I’m laughing at your tone down your eagle comment. Lol. Not laughing at you, just eant to be clear of that, but the whole concept of it. Expect for that to not happen soon. His agency just listed his company public. They need him to perform to support it. That’s why this new movie he has, even as a 3rd billing, had been significantly modified to highlight him and leave Tony Leung practicality as a background. TL was just an avenue to get the clout for the movie initially, then changed it to get wyb in front. All to help get wyb going. The problem with that, a huge, glaring one, is wang yibo himself. His mediocre/unimproved acting, his deteriorating looks, his selective indifference to improving himself overall, his toxic fans. Even if all these breaks, priorities, veteran support, capital, and water @rmy are provided to him generously – his scale will not move and will continue with downward trajectory if he doesn’t do anything to better himself. But his agency will not allow him to slow down despite all this, not now. So yes, expect more negative hot search and fanwars to be orchestrated by his rowdy fans.

  14. After watching some behind-the-scenes clips from The Untamed, I think WYB may have dyslexia. I don’t know if China’s school system tests for this and helps students with dyslexia read, write and study using different methods.
    Dyslexia certainly fits all these actions of Yibo. Some people have such severe dyslexia that writing and reading is almost torture for them.
    Whatever the reason, I love Yibo and I don’t think calling him names is fair.

  15. After watching some behind-the-scenes clips from The Untamed, I think WYB may have dyslexia. I don’t know if China’s school system tests for this and helps students with dyslexia read, write and study using different methods.
    Dyslexia certainly fits all these actions of Yibo. Some people have such severe dyslexia that writing and reading is almost torture for them.
    Whatever the reason, I love Yibo and I don’t think calling him names is fair.

  16. After watching wang yibo behind the scenes in untamed it’s so obvious he’s just there to make easy money and leech from co actors. He did nothing except mess around and annoy his costars who were trying to memorize the script.

    Since untamed has he even done anything notable by himself? Any projects where he is top billing? Nope

    All you see are hot searches that his company bought saying how great he is, how handsome he is. Always leeching on all his past costars on all platforms. Even his latest movie he’s using Tony Leung, Zhou Xun etc and his fans are pretending all the audience are there to watch wang yibo only. The director even admitted that they basically cut out half of Tony Leung scenes and replaced them with wang yibo.

  17. LOL Seems Koala doesn’t like Wang Yibo??? Always choose to post negative articles about Yibo or topic made by weibo marketing acct for kpi blown out by Yibo dedicated haters.

    I noticed there are many hate comments in every Wang Yibo article here, mostly from jealous xiao zhan fans (yup, just search xz articles here, you will find the very same people praising/defending xz there), but of course in this Wang Yibo articles, they keep trying to smeer campaign Yibo name, as what they do on every platform. Attacking Wang Yibo, body shaming – no talent – flop – no college diploma – dating rumour … and repeat.

    Wang Yibo movie Hidden Blade box office is over the predictions and next week will be premiered in USA & Canada. 3rd billing? The main characters are Tony Leung and Wang Yibo. Without watching the movie, knowing the story, how significant the role of Yibo character in the movie, people just say as if they know everything. Tony Leung appeared in the press conference online, also promote the movie in his instagram, his wife also made post in her weibo supporting the movie. Tony said in his interview abt Hidden Blade cast “Working with good actors is really a happy thing, really comfortable… without a need for lots of adjustment”.

    Yibo other short movie with Zhou Xun is shortlisted at the Berliner International Film Festival.

    Wang Yibo has worst reputation in c-ent industry?? He has been invited many times to sing positive songs for public welfare promoting e.g Firefighter, Police, etc (just last year, 10 new positive energy songs). He had appeared in shows of various tv stations during New Year Eve also Chinese New Year. Known to general public as good dancers and now as promising young actor. Yes, he is still learning, he is just 25 yr old, on the way to be a serious actor.

    Jackie Chan said recently in his variety show where he is a mentor of young actors, c-movie industry is close knit, you must have a good character as a person, otherwise movie people won’t choose you. The fact that now Wang Yibo has successfully entered the movie industry with Hidden Blade and he still has 3 movies to be aired (2 movies to be aired this year) says volume.

    The way he answered his questions? Wang Yibo is always known as a straightforward person. Yibo & Tony characters in Hidden Blade are spies, you need to watch the movie to know who is the bad guy who is the good guy. People always try to overanalysis what Yibo said & not said. It could also be the case that Yibo didn’t want to say many things about his character to avoid spoilers. As for ‘what if’ scenario question, in Street Dance of China, he once also asked similar question, and answered it the same. He is just the type of person who live in the moment, hardly reminisce hardly think what if.

    Lastly want to mention here what Wang Yibo said for his haters during his movie roadshow (yup he is aware that he has many haters, thanks especially to certain fandom)

    “I also feel the people how hate me, I feel that they also worked hard, if they spend so much time on me, so I think they are amazing. But if they choose to hate a person all time and work hard to do this, I think their life may not be satisfactory”

    So yup, keep working hard Yibo’s haters, hiding behind the keyboard smeering Wang Yibo name without any responsibilities. Wang Yibo will also keep working hard sincerely, and keep getting recognition by people who matter in c-ent.

    If haters think this is fan defending Yibo, hey, there are always 2 sides in every stories 😉

    • Yibo – is incapable of answering a simple question or answers shit like iPad for Lenovo

      People laugh

      Toilets – hate!!!! Vile lies!!!

      Hilarious. Do continue.

    • @ Unicorn

      This article is about Wang Yi Bo – so please stop bringing in Xiao Zhan and his fans. They have nothing to do with this article. It’s so ridiculous. Thanks!

      • @Loli @Ruk (I know both of you are the same person) You are not naive, you are just cunning and evil. Stop dragging Xiao Zhan.

    • Brawo, super! Thank you for defending Wang Yibo. I appreciate this boy, naive but hardworking. I also have nothing against Xiao Zhan, he has talent, he sings beautifully, he dances worse. Words are like daggers, they hurt. I don’t know why fans in Asia bully their idols so much, they fight with each other. Greetings from Poland, both boys have their fans here, we don’t fight, we just observe. Have a nice day.

    • Thank you! We need some sensible people. Too many commenters here sitting on their high horses whilst flaunting their ‘education’. The degree of ignorance and meanness is astounding.

  18. Well, I know I made a comment about this previously, but when too many people agree I always feel like raining on the parade. Not going to argue that he’s nowhere near the smartest guy in the room, but it’s funny to see some of the fans of his supposed rival twisting the knife in this comment section.

  19. @ockoala

    Hi. Why does it take so long for it to post things now? There were times the posts never appeared also. I didn’t see them so I thought they did not go through. I’m sorry for the repeating posts. Thanks!

  20. Wow! The comments here are astonishing. As my father has said, an entertainer’s job is to entertain. I find WYB very talented in dancing, he dances very well no doubt and I am quite entertained watching him dance. Not a fan… I just think it’s bit too harsh asking for a high school diploma from a street dancer. Same for rappers. In my opinion, he cannot act, the Untamed is all about the other ML and the whole cast acting, not WYB – he has no expression. LOL.

  21. based on replies, it seems like this is a recurring theme with him so his management should do something about it. You know your artist is dumb, at least prepared a set of basic answers for him to memorize especially anything about his character and his experience. dumb and lazy is a bad combo but oh well, he has a horde of fanatic fans so

  22. If you don’t know what it’s about, it’s about money. Wang Yibo is not well educated, but he has beauty, talent and a lot of money, while educated people earn little (I know something about this, I am a teacher, but I’m not complaining). I am educated myself, I teach Polish at school, and I don’t always have time to read books. My students, when they have to write a story about meeting the book’s hero, also respond, but he doesn’t really exist. As for the knowledge of English, hardly any Asian knows this language. Yibo works a lot, he is tired. He’s more of an athlete type than an intellectual. I can not stand it. Or is he dyslexic? Even cool, it’s like Andersen, Einstein, Churchill (I don’t know if you know who they are). Yibo spoke little: silence is golden and speech is silver. Why would he pretend to be someone he’s not? This is not the Wang Yibo we know. He is a quiet, taciturn man. He’s a good kid.Asian fans are cruel, they meddle in someone’s life, they persecute people. Do you really work in Asia? I heard you have few days off. Instead of eating melons, go back to your normal work and life. Regards from Europe.

    • I pity your students when they have a teacher who idolises toxic people like WYB. I would say ask yourself why so many people think he is one of the worst figures in cent but it would be pointless. Like attracts like after all.

    • @ aleksandra

      I like to correct something you said here.
      “As for the knowledge of English language, hardly any Asian knows this language.”

      There are millions of Asians who DO speak English fluently in many countries around the world.

      I’m sure many people know about Churchill, Einstein ang Edison. Did you mean to say Edison? Thanks!

    • @aleksandra
      You probably aren’t aware that you are demonstrating exactly the type of a wang yibo fan. Uninformed, ignorant even, and absolutely blind to the reality that is wang yibo.

      There are 3 countries in Asia on top of my head that have good command of the English language, both in writing and speaking: India, Singapore and the Philippines. English is the 2nd language of both India and the Philippines. English is the official language of Singapore. I thought as a teacher, you should have some geography and language knowledge.

      Wang yibo is a celebrity. It’s his product that he sells. If he can’t learn basics required of his actual job as a celebrity, regardless of his level of intelligence, he has no business being a celebrity. On his lenovo livestream last year, he repeatedly mention him using iPad, Apple’s product line and a competitor. He’s paid by lenovo as its ambassador to promote their product. It is therefore a Very basic requirement of him to know the product he’s endorsing. Otherwise he has no business doing a job like that. The questions asked of him about his recently released movie that were related to his role – he’s not able to answer and even came out as rude. Those are basic info/knowledge he should be aware of. His silence is not by choice, it’s because he’s can’t, he’snot capable. Why? Because he’s lazy and doesn’t do anything to help himself improve.

      One thing you’re right about. He really should stop pretending to be an artist because he isn’t.

      Do you know that because of that interview which birthed another name for him (desparate illiterate), he is now being used as a tagline in an AI promotional post? “Questions that AI can answer but that wang yibo can’t”. It’s embarrassing, really.

      • Bruhhh focus on ur idol n leave wyb the hell alone. Jeez why are y’all so toxic. If u do not like then do not engage in anything that has got to do with him . Who the hell do u think u are saying that he shouldn’t be an artist u piece of sht.

    • Well said …I do agree.
      He is humble,polite, pure heart ,hardworking artist…highly praised by the directors .
      All those bad comments are nonsense

  23. Hello everyone I just want to say thank you for your time-I mean WASTING your precious time criticizing someone and your efforts bringing Wang Yibo down. But hell damn, can you all please mind your own fucking businesses not him. Who do you all think you are?!! Are you perfect?! Let’s just say you all graduated in a fucking prestigious school with a fucking degree, who cares?! Like what the fuck, with all your attitudes damn man, I will say I will be illiterate than being educated with an ass manners and attitudes. Wang Yibo didn’t harm nor doing shitty things on you people! I mean why?? Can’t he not make mistakes? He’s still human like you like all of us, stupid mindless people in this comment section who thinks they’re the most educated person.

  24. Many top scientists and Art genius can’t speak well. Instead of this obsession on certificate and rote learning they should look at the final product and ability. Arts needs to be original and creative not learnt from copycat assessment in university

    • that’s one of his main problem, he doesn’t have the talent and ability to act. and he seems
      to lack the drive/energy/motivation to improve himself. he is just coasting on his “socalled
      popularity” which is mostly hype from his agency’s marketing.

      • And you”re an expert ..I see ..
        Si why all the directors he worked with prised him very highly?
        Why Director of Hidden Blade announced the bext cooperation with Yibo in “Mermaid “??
        Stop spreading nonsense…Who is paying you for this??

      • Well said …I do agree.
        He is humble,polite, pure heart ,hardworking artist…highly praised by the directors .
        All those bad comments are nonsense

      • @Dima @Ruk @Loli @Jawka (all same person) Why those directors praised WYB? Of course it’s because they want to pander to the capital faction/sponsor backing WYB. Any sane person can see that WYB can’t act even if it concerns his life.

  25. What a pity that for a few likes they make these notes…. at least they investigated the background of all this… did they see the interview??… enough for them to say that this is true… I think not… to Wyb He is characterized by his honest and sincere way of answering… and if he thinks that the question is not interesting and nothing relevant, he will simply tell you I have nothing to say… you should read and watch many of his interviews. and you will realize that he is very intelligent 👍👌

  26. Looks like the author is one off the black fans!!!Shame on you!!!
    We know Yibo very well …This article is all lie !!!! Someone is trying to distroy Yobos reputation …Yealousy!!!! Xhame on You!!!
    I’ve been fallowing Yibo for long time-he is one of the most talented and outstanding artist!!! Dont belive this lies !!!

  27. It’S ALL BU…###

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