Park Min Young Summoned by Authorities for Interview and Alleged Being Investigated for Involvement in Ex-boyfriend’s Financial Frauds

Well my article on the near collapse of three of the four leads in Sungkyunkwan Scandal was prescient by a few days considering some have pointed out that Park Min Young was merely scandal by association for dating an alleged fraudster. Today K-ent is reporting that Park Min Young herself was under investigation for involvement in his financial crimes case and has been summoned as a witness for interview. She has been prohibited from leaving the country at this time as well. The ex-boyfriend is being investigation for a massive fraud involving cryptocurrency and various other companies and the allegations involve stock manipulation and embezzlement. I’ll wait to see how this plays out through the legal system but K-netizens have coined SS the drama by splitting the title Sungkyunkwan (Song Joong Ki, who attended that university) + Scandal (Yoochun, Yoo Ah In, and now Park Min Young).


Park Min Young Summoned by Authorities for Interview and Alleged Being Investigated for Involvement in Ex-boyfriend’s Financial Frauds — 10 Comments

    • I laughed at the last part too 😂. And Koala, the photo (right side) you posted is so funny…Park Minyoung looks like she’s about to make a secret cash drop to FTX boss Bankrupt-Fried. Hope she’ll get out of this hot mess!

  1. Honestly, at this rate how many “veteran ” stars are going left without scandals until the end of the year . Not to mention that even Lee Sung Gi’s fans are protesting about his wife’s choice ( unbelievable!). They should be aware that there is a promising new generation that’s ready to take their place !

  2. Idk for some reason I’ve never warmed to her real-life personality, despite liking quite a few of her drama characters. She comes across cute, sweet etc in her interviews etc but I’ve always sensed this insincere, arrogant, materialistic, snobbish, I’m-smarter-than-you vibe from her. And wasn’t the least bit surprised that she ended up in this sort of situation. She was so knee deep in it that even her sister was on the board of this scam company, and after that she had the gall to act innocent, like she didnt know better and tried to distance herself from the dude.

  3. She is a witness and not a victim or a suspect, right? So I don’t think this is a scandal. She dated this guy and happened to be a rich (even is fraud) one and so what??? Count how many actresses that married somebody after they were famous with a pour guy or ex-con. Nobody….I am not trying to defend her, but I don’t think this is her bad matter.

    • Could be something like the situation with Anne Hathaway. She had a bf, whom she met through mutual friends and whom she had been dating for four years, who ended up being so real estate con-artist. The FBI even took away her diaries as part of evidence-collection.

      Of course, the guy, after he got out of jail, had to comment on how she dropped him after he got arrested – and how she had chosen career over love. Nope. She chose career over being with a scammer.

    • From my own personal point of view, from when I heard about her sister was one of the board members in that company, I believe that she knew about the business and it’s not simple just dating the guy without knowing anything. That would be too naive to believe. But people will always believe what they want to believe. So each to their own.

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