K-drama Remake of Goong Confirmed to Head into Production in 2024, K-netizens List Ten Actors and Actresses for the Leads with Lee Do Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung Trending Highest

The K-drama remake of Goong (Princess Hours) which has been discussed for a new years now is for sure a go this year, with confirmed production in 2024. Perhaps it’s not a remake but another adaptation of the source manhwa itself so there definitely is room to do something unique rather than a beat-for-beat but updated for this current gen aesthetic redux. K-netizens sound super excited but its more for the casting clamor at this point, I can see excitement drop if the leads cast aren’t going to generate buzz. There are five actors and five actresses that are all excellent choices being discussed for the role of Crown Prince Lee Shin and high school Princess Bride Shin Chae Kyung. Lee Do Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung are trending highest in the discussion pool and they worked together in Clean with Passion for Now but as siblings haha. If they do get cast here it will be the second time Lee Do Hyun and his female lead went from onscreen siblings to OTP. Other stars the fans want are Lee Jae Wook, Cha Eun Woo, Kim Young Dae, and Moon Sang Min for the male lead and Kim So Hyun, Shin Ye Eun, Go Yoon Jung, and Kim Hye Yoon as the female lead.


K-drama Remake of Goong Confirmed to Head into Production in 2024, K-netizens List Ten Actors and Actresses for the Leads with Lee Do Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung Trending Highest — 31 Comments

  1. Frankly KSH is the best fit for the role and looks exactly like the manhwa character but she’s too senior for this kind of role. I’d prefer a fresh face like NJE or an idol actress like JWY.

    Similarly for male lead LDH is almost 28 and too old for the role. Younger fresh faced male stars like MSM or CHW is a better fit especially MSM who looks exactly like the manhwa character. LJW also fits the male lead character but frankly he’s outgrown such roles and can do better.

  2. Omg. I’m with the knetz preference, Kim Yoo Jung definitely fits the role. She’s bubbly and easy going just like the female character in the princess hours. I had seen her dramas recently and she’s amazing!.

  3. Kim Yo jung already book and super busy this year already has 2 upcoming project. It’s unrrealistic if she get castes, unless she want to work without a break. I think a girl Roh Yoon Seo will be good in this. She is just has 2 hits drama under her belt and such a good rising star.

    Hope the 2 male lead can act and make a wooden character come alive. because the og 2 male lead is such a bore

  4. If they’re still going to be high school, then I feel like more than half these actors are too established to be playing high school roles in an adaptation of a drama that was like lightning in a bottle at the time since the actors back then were such newbies. This seems like something for a newbies – not actors who have already won awards and accolades for their acting.

    Out of the list, I do think Cha Eun-woo would fit the second male lead, but I’m not sure if his agency will let him take 2ML roles after being the ML in several of these youth dramas.

    I was watching Our Blooming Youth and I think the princess in that would be a good fit.

  5. I don’t really mind on the casting, it’s beyond our control anyway. but I really hope this Gong 2.0 has a better ending and more masculine styling for the Princes

  6. LOL, fan wish right? Those are all very great choices and obviously they are the now popular younger actors. I remember the original one when the news about the casting, there were so much backlash especially for idol turned actress YEH.

    It is more than likely that new/younger(more of high schooler) actors & will be cast so more $ can go into production (they will need it since it deals w/ royalty).

  7. Many of the suggested actors are probably too big for a remake like this. This is a beloved classic, and rarely are remakes done well. It will always be compared to the original. There’s very little to gain and much to lose for actors who have already established themselves.

  8. Kim So Hyon would fit the manhwa character better. And Kim Yoo Jung as Hyorin. I don’t see it happening though as I’d doubt she’d want the second lead role

  9. I never got the hype for the manhwa -or the drama- even if I’m an avid fan of this genre.
    Kimm Yoo Jung seems like a nice choice though

  10. They should cast new faces as they did 20 years ago . YEH, JJH, SJH , were young rookies in terms of acting . Goong still liked by a lot of fans all around the world and even if it’s an old classic YEH, JJH and SJH did a good job to the point that even nowadays they don’t look outdated when you only watch their scenes ( a contrario of Boys over flowers in wich the interpretation didn’t age well). A new script is needed but as it’s adapted from a manhwa they have to stick to the core of the story . I don’t think that all the actors named by netizen would like to take the roles . They are already established and popular no need for them to take the challenge . Too much hassle . Neverthless, i’m curious to see the remake .

  11. I think that KYJ and Kim Hye-Yoon have the bubbly energy and the acting. For the ML, they all already did the tall and cold character. The last picture is not Moon Sang-Min but Choi Hyun-Wook. I think MSM was good in Under the Queen’s Umbrella but at the end, when his character should have been more opened, he was still the same.. .He didn’t show any growth.

    But this drama rested on the chemistry between the leads and not its story. It will be the difficulty to find a pair with a great chemistry.

  12. I could see Kim Yoo Jung and Lee Jae Wook playing the FL and ML while Lee Do Hyun matching the 2nd ML because he has that nice but also mean look to him.

  13. I just looked up the manhwa, and I agree with the comments saying Kim So Hyun literally looks like the manhwa character of Chae Kyung. Well, she’s called the “Come-out-of-Manhwa Girl” for a reason, she really has that doll-like, manhwa girl look down pat, so I don’t mind if she gets cast. Youjung is my second choice.
    And looking at Shin Ye Eun, wow, I didn’t think of her as an option, and now I can actually visualize her for the role! So these three are my picks for the female lead role.

    HOWEVER, as everyone’s saying, I don’t think the production will go for any of the mentioned actresses, they’re way too established. The exception would be Shin Ye Eun and Go Youn Jung since they’re the only newbies on the list. I don’t think they’ll go for Go Youn Jung either, she’s a little too old for a high school role and she has more of a reserved/icy vibe to her as opposed to the bubbly vibe of the Chae Kyung character, that’s why I’m confused why some netizens want her for the role.

    But yeah, I definitely think they’ll go for a fresh face, the industry always wants a new face to fawn over. It’s also possible they’ll give the role to an idol too, unfortunately.

    • I agree but Yoon Eun Hye was an idol and not the most popular one back in the days . Who knows ? Perhaps there is an hidden gem too ! But i’m biased as a long admirer of actress YEH . She had chemistry with everyone even with the cast of tv show “Once in lifetime Kilimanjaro”

      • Oh yeah, I was a huge YEH fan back in her glory days too. For me, it would be hard to beat her Goong performance, she just has this easy charm and natural cuteness, so no matter how cutesy and bubbly she acts, it just looks natural, not cringy lol. It’s just that, about 95% of idol acting performances I’ve seen were… not great, so I think of the likes of YEH, IU, Park Hyung Sik, Do Kyung Soo, and other idols who can act as exceptions rather than the norm lol.

        But you’re right, probably an idol casting and performance might surprise us. At least I’m hoping, anyway lol

  14. I can actually see Hwang In Yeop playing as Lee Shin. Both actors have sharp eyes and that band boy aura. However, still can look really cute. And I’m torn between Kim Too Jung and Hye Yoon >< both actresses could perform really well

    • Yeah, even as a fan of the two Kims and Hye yoon, I don’t want any of them to be cast in this. Even I have to admit it will be hard to top the original and whoever gets cast in the lead role will just get compared, most likely unfavorably, to the original leads. If they go ahead with this, hope they get newbies, not any of my three faves

  15. Best for female lead role is Kim Yoo Jung! ❤️ mostly of her drama or movie really show how tallented she is, she is really fits the character of the female role. Hoping she will be in this drama. Can’t wait for this drama.

  16. This is the comment that no one asked for.

    Instead of this, can we just get a gl series with KSH and KYJ as lovers. I saw a fanmade with these two and boy they are just perfect ❣️ I hope there is no homophobic person in this platform.

  17. How about following the formula of the original and cast people completely fresh and new? I see a huge similarity between JJH and Lee Juyeon from The Boyz. He also has the same duality of looking very cold but is really sweet and gentle on the inside.

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