K-actress Lee Da Hae Announces May 2023 Wedding to Long Time Boyfriend Singer Se7en

What an unexpected way to suddenly hear from K-actress Lee Da Hae, who has basically been quiet from K-ent for years now with her last drama being The Good Witch in 2018. It’s super happy news so yay for that, the actress announced on SNS along with engagement pictures that she’s tying the knot with singer Se7en in May 2023 so two months from now. The couple has been dating for 8 years and actually are similar age and background having risen in their career at the same time in the late aughts (2000’s). Unfortunately neither has much of a career in K-ent these days for different reasons but on their personal happiness it’s still a wonderful to hear.


K-actress Lee Da Hae Announces May 2023 Wedding to Long Time Boyfriend Singer Se7en — 10 Comments

  1. As her long time fan, I’m happy for her but also concern. Hopefully, Se7en will be good to her. I am a bit skeptical because of her interview last year. She told people that they broke up and then got back together. It’s his family that brought her back together. She even said something along the line that she cherishes his family but a man like him she can find anywhere. That’s a long time for any couple to be together and not loses steam. I hope he’s not pressured by his family. I just hope she can find her happiness.

    • Yeah usually when a couple is dating that long together and they’re past their mid-30s, they usually end it and move on quickly with other people who share their life/relationaship goals. I hope it works out for them and that they find happiness together.

      In-laws who treat you well is really something to cherish. There are just so many stories of MIL issues – not just in korea. And I’m sure the cultural tradition of having the DIL cater to the husband and be subservient to her husband’s family makes it worse. Actresses may be admired by the general public, but there is also a stigma with having an actress daughter-in-law. So if they’re making her feel welcomed, I can see her giving the relationship another chance.

  2. She used to be so beautiful in “My Girl”. But she slowly evolved and her looks is totally fake and looks really weird now. What a waste.

    • It’s sad when pretty women evolved to fit the standards of beauty . She used to be an interesting actress with her own charm , now she is like a wax doll . But if she is happy that’s what matters .

    • Yes I agree with you. She used to have her own charm even though she admitted to plastic surgery in her earlier career. But I wonder why she kept on having plastic surgery in the later years. She looked stunning in the Slave Hunter and Miss Ripley. But she looked horrible when she acted in The Good Witch. Why she is always not satisfied with her looks? I can’t even endure watching her in The Good Witch. Plastic face. Sad.

    • Agree! She was so refreshingly charming-entertaining with character in My Girl. Such a memorable couple with Lee Dong-wook. Still remember her character’s name – Joo Yoo-rin. The drama also launched Lee Jun-ki

      So pretty back then. NOT the cookie cutter Barbie kind of look she seemed to have strived for, with all her PS jobs later. There was some Hotel suspense show later with Lee Dong-wook, and it was quite unmemorable.
      In her days before – she kind of reminded me of a petite Kim Sun-ah (who also eventually yearned for the hollow cheeks) in her Kim Sam-soon days. Then she dissappeared into the China? market, and became quite forgettable even if you could occasionally glimpse her in some drama.


      Se7en I always associated with Park Han-byul. Sweet looking couple.
      (Park Han-byul also looked less ps-Barbie then. They dated for TWELVE years!

      Same way I associate Lee Dong-gun with Han-Ji-hae (both also went their seperate ways, after a significant long-time dating episode)

      All were so ‘innocent-adorable charming, in their younger days.

      • It reminds me that Han Ji Hye and Lee Dae Hae were both in the drama ” East of eden” in wich i discovered Park Hae jin . Both were the best part of the show .Hope to see Han Ji Hye soon as i enjoy the return Of Han Hye Jin In Divorce attorney Shin .

    • Man, I remember being a kid and watching her in My Girl and Green Rose and I thought I’d do anything to look like her lmao she indeed was so pretty 😩
      Same thought when I was a teenager and seeing her in East of Eden.

      But I guess that’s what the entertainment industry does to these women, no matter how beautiful they are, many are made to feel like they’re not beautiful enough. That’s why I choose not to judge, we’ll never know how it feels to be under intense pressure like that

  3. Those, are also very cute wedding shots. Their outfits are nice, but more importantly, the proportions/cut etc are all good on them/the setting behind.

    Without looking like they tried so hard.
    Love her short V necked Lace dress, and the last sleeveless gown. Suits her, her hairdos-hairpieces and will weather time.

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