Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s Reps Deny Divorce After Less than One Year of Marriage Rumors Spreading From a Youtube Video

Well this is a super out-of-left-field rumor but it’s gotten enough traction that there is an official response to it. Recently a Youtube video from a K-gossiper claimed that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have divorced just shy of their one year anniversary and the reason being Hyun Bin is a massive gambling addict and has not only gambled away his money and but also her money. She can’t stand it so has divorced him. This……is like WTF level rumor and reason but there were lots of views on the video and netizens started to wonder if it was true. Both stars’ respective agencies have issued statements that this is completely and utter falsehood and legal action will be taken against the spreader of the rumor.


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s Reps Deny Divorce After Less than One Year of Marriage Rumors Spreading From a Youtube Video — 15 Comments

    • The YouTube channel said it was mentioned in the Jimmy Fallon show, but showed a clip of Jimmy Kimmel. Lol. That alone shows that it’s FAKE news, so no, it’s not true.

    • We all need to apply critical thinking and a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to information, particularly information that comes from a YouTube video or channel. These people are rarely journalists most of who adhere to strict code of ethics. Similarly with doctors. Have you heard of Dr. Berg or Dr. Oz – real doctors but they often peddle in misinformation and quackery. It is up to us now to differentiate between what is fake news and what is not. But YouTube video made by someone whose hidden their identity should be really low on our trust scale.

  1. Gambling is illegal for South Koreans not only in SK but also abroad. I’m not surprised they are taking legal action against those rumors. Those are serious accusations.

  2. How can this person be allowed to say something like that? I agree with the previous poster that they basically accused him of a crime. It is a serious allegation to make just for views to make money off of YouTube. Where is this person’s source? terrible!

  3. Don’t worry Son Ye Jin, if Hyun Bin invested in North American companies, it won’t go bust, the government will bail them out. You’ll get your money back from the Silicon bank…no worries.

  4. I read that he gambled the money here in manila. Which is ridiculous because he is famous here and filipinos love to gossip especially about celebrities, so photos of him in casinos or in the airport would have been posted on social medias already

    • No, he would be a VIP or VVIP. Casinos and other high end places like that protect those better than the secret service. I don’t think he did BTW, this sounds very very fake but what you mentioned is not proof of anything.

  5. *Yawn*

    Nowadays, those haters can’t spread made up rumors fanfiction like on their local platform freely without any consequences and they also have to register using their IDs. So they came to youtube making all those videos. Binjin aren’t the first. Just a week or so ago, Moon Chaewon also going to sue those made up rumors about her from youtube. Those aren’t even reporters. The commenters aren’t even registered members. More like bots

  6. dumb ass rumour-mongering clowns 🙄 its been so long since we’ve heard from them and THIS is how it happens??? it is a bit of a relief that the whole gambling thing is so ludicrous that no sane person would think it was real (especially since koreans aren’t allowed to legally gamble in or out of the country) but to bother them with this while they’re basically on paternity leave is beyond annoying. wishing them and little binjin baby the best.

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