C-actress Tang Yan’s Agency Gets Raked Over the Coals for Her Missing Weibo Night to Receive an Award Due to Double Booking

Lol, this is like a millennial who has a WFH job and then gets a second job at the same time hoping to juggle the two without getting into trouble. This past weekend’s Weibo Night in China was the star-studded event it promised to be and went off without a hitch but for a few hiccups. One was C-actress Tang Yan, who was slated to receive an Annual Actor Presence Award along with Yang Mi, Liu Shi Shi, and Angelababy but she was a no show for the actual ceremony despite donning an exquisite pink confection of a gown and sharing SNS pictures before the event. Turns out she was late to the ceremony and due to traffic and fan log jam was blocked from entering. The reason she was late is what netizens are chewing out her agency for – before the event she went to a live stream for a brand to sell stuff hence she was double booked for the night and led to her missing Weibo Night. She’s been on the downtrend after getting married and having a baby solely because she is not making as many dramas as she used to and being at Weibo Night would have been a useful boost.


C-actress Tang Yan’s Agency Gets Raked Over the Coals for Her Missing Weibo Night to Receive an Award Due to Double Booking — 3 Comments

  1. Yeah that was an error on her part. next time no one is double booking during weibo night. They used her as an example. In China unless your name is Sun Li, Liu Yifei, you really can’t afford to take long breaks from working. I hear she has a new drama that is going to start shooting soon. I wish her luck.

    Also that outfit looks like a cotton candy. The designer went overboard with the fringes on that dress.lol

  2. She has an upcoming project slated to begin in May. However, Tang Yan is a relatively limited actress so I am not optimistic about her next drama. She was previously rumoured for a more serious role and that would have been a better choice.

    Her agency certainly deserved the criticisms because it was a huge mess up. Unbelievable for an established actress like her to be turned away because she was late. Hearsay is that there was also supposed to be this huge reconciliation between her and Yang Mi during the awards ceremony that fell through because she didn’t make it in time. She needed this kind of exposure to make up for being out of the public eye for such a long time, stuck in Wong Kar Wai’s set.

    On the bright side, no one really thinks it’s her problem since she is known for being an airhead.

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