Yoo Ah In Revealed to Have 5th Drug Zolpidem in System Adding to the Severity of His Drug Use Case

The police and prosecutorial case against K-actor Yoo Ah In added another new illegal drug use into the mix. During his drug test, it was revealed that a 5th drug zolpidem was also detected in his system. Zolpidem is a prescription level powerful sedative for insomnia, in the US it’s most popular brand name is Ambien. If he was taking zolpidem under a proper doctor prescription then it should be fine, but this use makes sense since he was first busted for using propofol which is a surgical grade injected sedative used to put patients under for surgery. Clearly he deals with severe insomnia. K-netizens are just resigned to hearing more bad news about him and wonder how the heck he was still alive and working having such a widespread and persistent drug use problem.


Yoo Ah In Revealed to Have 5th Drug Zolpidem in System Adding to the Severity of His Drug Use Case — 8 Comments

  1. The fact is whether he is having 2 or 10 drugs, consumption of more than one drug for medicinal use is also drug addiction. Whether people support him or not the drugs he was taking & amt was unacceptable. He was accessible to them because of his money. Whether coming or upcoming news are fake, his company is polishing things just to make them less painful for them.

  2. This man needs proper, professional rehab that would include massive dozes of therapy. He is on a hard road to self-destruction and he won’t get off it until he gets help.

  3. Having severe insomnia is terrible. Hope he gets the proper treatment and gets well soon. For those condemning him, he does not commit any crime, he may be suffering. Michael Jackson died from propofol intoxication and his physician went to jail… Sad!

    • “He does not commit any crime”

      Oh please, the authorities are already looking into his FIFTH kind of substance abuse and yet there are still people having this kind of mindset, seemingly clueless on how South Korean laws work. This may sound like a broken record already but let me repeat this ㅡ Sure, he needs professional help, but it doesn’t excuse him from the illicit actions he did at his discretion and the consequences he caused among his workmates, so he still has to take responsibility and duly pay for them. Ignoring the facts doesn’t change the facts.

  4. As far as I know doing illegal drugs or abusing prescription drugs ARE crimes. He did commit a crime, several of them in fact.

    • He hasn’t hurt anyone else though. If he had, it would be a different story but do far he is o ly hurting himself. Doing drugs is a crime but this is where we as societies have to weigh carefully how we handle this. Dispensing punishment needs to be tempered as has been shown in all research that exists on this topic.

      Punish them with severity and they will only go deeper. Balance it out with proper support in the form of therapy and chances rise sharply when it comes to rehabilitation. Countries have battled this scourge for decades. We know enough what works and what doesn’t.

      The only question here is do we bow down to moralising and center people’s needs for retaliation or do we actually think about te addicts as well and try to rehabilitate them into society. It should be the latter because it benefits everyone. In SK, not so much.

  5. His agency is suing the publication that released alleged witnesses who saw him and some of his celebrity friends using drugs in a club in Itaewon. Probably because names are going to get dragged because witnesses identified the people he was with.

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