K-netizens are Speechless with Park Seo Joon’s Hair and Outfit in Upcoming Hollywood Superhero Movie The Marvels

Gosh darn it, I hope Park Seo Joon signed his contract for The Marvels (Captain Marvel 2) with full knowledge of what his character was going to look like because good golly is this epic levels of bad. It may even out-ugly all his ugly hair looks in youth sageuk Hwarang a few years ago. K-netizens are not happy that a top K-actor got a supporting role in a Hollywood blockbuster and then is made to look so derpy, though of course it’s kinda par for the course that being in a superhero movie and probably playing someone from an alien race means one has to accept whatever look is dreamt up.


K-netizens are Speechless with Park Seo Joon’s Hair and Outfit in Upcoming Hollywood Superhero Movie The Marvels — 26 Comments

  1. Asians need to stick with Asian makeup artists. Park Seo-joon’s updo here reminds me of Liu Yi-fei’s awful makeup for her Mulan film and magazine shoots. I didn’t know it was possible for her (or him) to look so bad.

    • I feel like Park Seo-joon only suits short hair. Also, his eyebrows weird here as with Liu Yi-fei’s in Mulan. I’m not into makeup and getting my brows done, but Asians tend to prefer a more straight brow or an ever so slight curve. This is a more fresh and youthful look. Also makes the eyes look a teensy bigger. The weird arch they put in PSJ’s brows near the corners makes the eyes look smaller and more sharp. They also seem to squeeze his facial features into the middle of the face?

      • Here it’s the bad eyebrows, wrong foundation shade (Park Seo-joon looks orange here), and unflattering lighting.

      • @prettyautumn I’m into aesthetics and face analyzing and all that (yeah, I have no life lol), and you’re definitely right. Say what you want about koreans, but they know their sh*t when it comes to styling. Korean makeup artists and stylists know how to make even the most asymmetrical faces look more symmetrical, they know all about face proportions and all that stuff. I just recently watched a video about Han So Hee’s styling and my mind was blown when I learned that her hair is always parted the same way because that particular hair parting makes her slight facial asymmetry less obvious. Like, dang, they’re really geniuses when it comes to that kind of stuff! Doesn’t surprise me when korean celebs look better with korean styling than hollywood lol

  2. I knew there was going to be a brouhaha over Park Seo-jun’s look in Hwarang. I mean it’s not bad, but it definitely could be better. But at least he’s not partly bald like in the comics.

  3. Also not just a supporting role, but from trailer it seems a negative role also. I hope it’s not. Hollywood has a bad habit of side kicking non American actors in Hollywood movies.

    • I agree Hollywood has a habit of making non insiders look bad aka idris alba in Star Trek just like now they took a very handsome man and made the the worst looking thing in the movie shame if I was a star in another country I would not go to Hollywood they treat them worse than scenery

  4. A good start if he wants to pursue a career in Hollywood. He is an actor so he should be able to portray all types of roles including ugly and bad… K-drama fans are delusional in thinking oppa is always the handsome prince. LOL.

  5. Guys, it’s a 1 second clip in a small teaser trailer. Wait until the film is out before being so negative.
    Also, whilst it is a small role he is playing, it is significant. He plays Prince Yan, Captain Marvel’s husband. He’s a good guy as far as the comics go.

  6. Honestly the plot seems kinda bad. Like it’s trying to go the comedic route but nothing is even funny.

    Psj doesnt suit long hair tho lol. Doubt he cares if hes given a Asian-dude-as-a-villian role. It’s Hollywood/a Marvel film, people will clamour for a bit part role

  7. Well i think they should have let korean makeup stylist do hus makeup.by looking at hus appearence he looks more like hollywood star with natural locks..that shouldnt be the option but one thing is that they also have to balance the looks for the movie.and yeah its HOLLYWOOD..anything is possible here.and its just not him who has gotten a side role any non american or non british would have got a side role just because he or she is a foreigner no matter how much biggest star they are..BTW am a fan of park seo joon..i will tell an example of indian acteress priyanka chopra that when she came to hollywood they treated her like this and now she is an established actor here..and also there is a reason that hollywood is the biggest entertainment industry in the World so it is quite evident to treat him like this..they show thier dominance by treating foreign actors like this and its not a big deal for hollywood to do so..but they should reconsider hus look..its too off for him

  8. I don’t care if the man has long short hair or even bald like or not he looks good in anyway. Talented amazing actor and gorgeous hopeful that his career will expand and be widely recognized as he deserves it.

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