Son Seok Gu in Talks for Next Hong Sisters Romance Drama Can This Love be Translated

Well this is certainly a get for the Hong Sisters if this actor does indeed confirm for their next K-drama. Son Seok Gu is in talks for romance drama Can This Love be Translated, which is the next Hong Sisters drama and takes them back to pure romance land away from their previous three dramas which all had fantasy elements with Hwayugi, Hotel Del Luna, and Alchemy of Souls. Son Seok Gu is up for the male lead, a multilingual genius of languages who works as a translator and works for a top movie star. It’s the romance between a man who is facile with language and words and a woman who speaks the opposite love language. The drama will be directed by the PD of Bloody Heart and from the time line of Hong Sisters drama prep will likely be a 2024 airing.


Son Seok Gu in Talks for Next Hong Sisters Romance Drama Can This Love be Translated — 9 Comments

  1. It’s good that Hong Sisters gave up on fantasy! Their last story was a disaster, nothing made sense.

    I’m happy with SSG getting more fame, he’s such a good actor. He’s pretty good at speaking English (he was good in Sense8). Yoo Teo could have been a good choice too. He speaks different languages.

  2. Now I get it. The title, alongside “Translation of Salvation”, was erroneously recorded as one of the working titles of “Alchemy of Souls” (at least on MyDramaList), but “Can This Love Be Translated?” was actually planned to commence filming in 2019, but it got delayed due to COVID-19.

  3. Such a charismatic and talented actor . Just hope that their new drama will not be another ” Warm and cozy ” which was a disappointment . Not a fan of Hong Sisters fantasy dramas aside “The master’s sun” .

    • Thanks for reminding me of That Jeju drama I call “Dull and snoozy” -I’ll keep this Drama in the “fix insomnia” folder

  4. Not a fan at all of their dramas. The last good one was master’s sun and they arent great with pure romance either. Warm and cosy was terrible, the last good romance from them was years ago.. Chun hyang, my girl n hong gil dong were awesome in my books. Their previous drama before this was absolute garbage tho popular with genzs, as usual. Their stories always start off strong and become a hot mess in the middle

  5. Mrs Koala, he’s the celebrity one. The translator role belongs to the female lead. He falls for his translator

    Hope you can fix that

    • Actually, in some articles, Son Seok-gu’s character is mentioned to be the interpreter whereas in others, it’s the female protagonist. My hutch is that it’s Son Seok-gu’s character since the actor’s bilingual and he also acted as an interpreter when he was stationed in Irak as a volunteer soldier.

      • I saw reliable news outlet saying that he’s the celebrity one so I would rely on that tho

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