Kim Woo Bin Turns Apocalyptic Delivery Driver in Poster and First Teaser for Netflix Drama Black Knight

So the last three months I flew a lot to and from Asia and those long haul trans-Pacific flights were perfect for catching up on movies I’ve been waiting to watch because I’m too lazy to go to the theater. One movie that I have been meaning to watch as Alienoid Part 1 and it was the perfect plane movie, action and comedy and weirdness all bundled together. It wasn’t as coherent or smooth, I understand the criticisms, but getting to see Kim Woo Bin back onscreen was amazing and for that alone I was a happy viewer. He played a cool alien warrior type and I’m seeing shades of that for his upcoming Netflix drama Black Knight where he’s a delivery driver in an unhospitable earth in the apocalyptic future. Netflix is really supporting sci-fi when it comes to K-content so I’m excited for this one premiering next month.

Teaser for Black Knight:

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