Gritty K-movie Hopeless with Song Joong Ki and Rising Actor Hong Xa Bin Selected for 2023 Cannes Film Festival Screening

A Korean movie has been selected for the 2023 Cannes Film Festival next month screening as Un Certain Regard category and it’s one I’ve not heard about until now. Relative rookie director Kim Chang Hoon has found also relative newcoming Hong Xa Bin for this gritty tale and the entire film has an elevated spotlight thanks to top actor Song Joong Ki playing a supporting/guest starring type role. He’s really leaning into the darker and more serious fare for his movie side and he also has Bogota coming up and is filming Netflix movie My Name is Roh Ki Wan. If Hopeless turns out to be a great movie then I’m sure it’ll come out from the Cannes screening so fingers-crossed.


Gritty K-movie Hopeless with Song Joong Ki and Rising Actor Hong Xa Bin Selected for 2023 Cannes Film Festival Screening — 9 Comments

  1. Have you seen the poster for Cannes Festival this year ? It’s a beautiful photo of Catherine Deneuve ( 1968) . La cat├ęgorie Un certain regard , was created to encourage more daring or unusual movies . The selected movies are unknown and winning the prize allows the movie to be screened in French theaters . Hong Sang Soo is one of the most famous director who won it .

  2. Maan, I almost thought you had a typo and Song Joong-ki is acting with a Chinese actor. Who use ‘x’ in romanization except Chinese? Korean just be wild with their romanization, the worst offenders are Zo for Jo, Gue for Gyu, and now this. What’s so hard using standardized version??

  3. SJK has a good eye for scripts. He chose a no name film with a no name cast and somehow this film ended up being selected for Cannes.

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    • @Somebody, You’re faking my account name, “Somebody,” to attack another artist who had happened to be my fave Korean actor for years. LOL. I’ve seen this kind of psychopath a lot on Chinese social media. You’re not a fan of Xiao Zhan, but rather his antis. You are making malicious remarks under disguise of Xiao Zhan’s fan to sabotage the reputation of Xiao Zhan and his fans. But you’re a fan of Lou Yunxi instead because I’m critical of his drama, Till the End of the Moon. Stop being so obnoxious!!!!!! Don’t ever think you’re able to undermine the career of an excellent artist like Xiao Zhan with such toxic behavior. It doesn’t work on Chinese social media. It won’t work on international forums either.

      I won’t use “Somebody” to make any comments after this one, just to clarify the confusion! Don’t ever think your lunacy would ever stop me from freely expressing my opinions. LOL

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      • It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, the psychopath already admitted it in another thread and I believe Koala already removed some her toxic comments after I and other site visitors made complaints.

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