Lee Seung Gi Shares Proposal Story with Kang Ho Dong and Also Wipes His Official Instagram Account

I feel like anytime Lee Seung Gi mentions his now wife Lee Da In in any way it’s just bound to get commentary or blowback. They are still newlyweds but have been dating publicly for two years and likely longer, so perhaps it’s that his fans just thought they would break up but since they didn’t all that pent up frustration keeps bubbling over. This week Lee Seung Gi and Kang Ho Dong kicked off their new variety show Brother Ramen and he shared when asked how he proposed that it was not fancy and so simple, he just asked her. He added that he married his good friend, they share the same interests and value, and he believes they will do a lot as a married couple and enjoy life together. That’s simple and sweet but of course detractors are not happy again with how much he seems to care about her. On top of this, Lee Seung Gi wiped his large following Instagram account but did it prior to the episode airing and the speculation is that he’s starting afresh after leaving his long time agency last year.


Lee Seung Gi Shares Proposal Story with Kang Ho Dong and Also Wipes His Official Instagram Account — 15 Comments

  1. I don’t know how people can’t wish LSG happiness and well wishes. His choices in life and his entire lifestyle has been short only of being a saint and martyr. He does good things, treats everyone right, never complains or makes issues, and he gives his all in anything he does. He is so good and patient that people have been taking advantage of him.
    I wonder how fans can go and decide to make an issue about the guy finding love and happiness, when he himself has always made the good choice.
    But then again, I just happy that LSG just has come to a point to make sure to choose for himself first than to care about others. He Choose the girl he loves and he also forget loyalty to the people who did him wrong… Go Seunggi!!!

    • That’s the LSG that the knetz loved since his debut. Sadly he married into a family that caused thousands of people to lose a lot of money, many of them losing their life savings. The hate was never about LSG himself but the choice he made to marry into his wife’s family. He didn’t do himself any favors when he defended his wife’s step-father (who is in jail and has another case pending trial) in an IG post. From knetz perspective, it’s unthinkable that the good-hearted LSG with the nice guy image who’d been scammed by his agency for a long time, will choose to marry into a family who never atoned for their crimes and whose children are living off the billions that their parents scammed.

      • Yeah if he condemned his father and mother in law or his wife cut her relationship with her family, people wouldn’t be booing. At this rate I can’t think of any other explanation than seunggi and his wife doesn’t think all these scams is wrong and the victim is the stupid one to be scammed. I don’t know how anyone with sympathy can spend these blood money or defend such act.

  2. Why can’t people just be happy for him? Why should the daughters be responsible for the actions of their parents? We can’t choose our parents. So they should just stop living because their parent is a scammer?

    I’m glad Lee Seung Gi is sticking to his guns and living life on his own terms. You can’t please everyone, so you might as well please yourself. We all have only one life to live after all.

    • The daughters should stop flaunting their wealth if they feel guilty about the money their family gain through others’ hardship which cause death to many people. If they think what their parent did is wrong, show that. Give back to the affected families

    • if the daughters actually choose to abandon the wealth that their parents gathered through evil ways, they will be respected & praised instead.

      but no, they decided to enjoy the wealth so they deserve the hate

    • Knetz will never be happy for his marriage. His wife’s family history is nefarious. It might be irrelevant to us outside of SK but this was a very famous case in their country, because hundred of millions of money was involved and many victims ended up dying. Worse is the family kept bragging about their affluent lifestyle. He should just stf up about his personal life and focus w/ work.

  3. Every time he mentioned his wife he gets hate comments. I wonder how he feels about it as he was so used to all praises in the past. Strictly speaking he has not done anything bad/wrong till date, but there is just too much hate as if he is the one who committed a crime. Anyway is his choice and hope he doesn’t regret it.

    SJK is the other person who Knetz aren’t in favour of, and I think at times they are too conservative and critical for SJK case. Is so stressful to be a celebrity in SK.

    Only till someone committed suicide then Knetz will stop the mean comments.

    • No one can remain at the top forever. There will be some goodness behind every falls and hardships.

      People should stop being obsessed. Celebrities with their image&popularity, fans with their adoration towards someone else.

      When u like a person/something too much, u are bound to be disappointed.

      If a celebrity cant stand the hatred, they should just stop being a celebrity&enjoy normal life with less attention. Why kill themselves? For any job, higher pay comes with higher risks.

      No one is perfect in this world and same goes to LSG, he is not without faults and flaws like any other human being.

      Everyone should just stay true to ourselves&not be too obsessed with anything.

    • It’s not as if LSG or SJK cares about the negative comments. LSG publicly defended his in-laws by naming and shaming journalists who wrote about their embezzlement cases. SJK continues to talk publicly about his new wife and how much he looks forward to his impending fatherhood. It’s not like they are losing jobs or endorsements. They are still top stars despite the negative comments.

      LSG is a grown man. He isn’t ignorant about his wife’s background. This is like the first time in his career that he’s had to face a very public backlash but can’t believe he and his team didn’t expect it given his wife’s family background.

  4. wow, with how his wife show her life’s value, that was such a bad move to say he has the same value as hers. Wooooooooow.

  5. Bunch of crazy people with no life to even hate on someone they don’t know personally for his own life choice that’s none of their business. Yuckies

  6. I think it’s his years of good image that’s saving and harming him at the same time. Harming him in the way everything he does gets attention but at the same time saving him since any other person would’ve gotten more critcism if it wasn’t for his good peson image. People definitely believe seunggi is a good person at his core.

    The fact that he still kept his major bank ambassador role even after marrying into scammer family is the proof. People still believe in him. I wonder though, how his parents react to this, since both of them are banker, does it affect their reputation by having scammer as in laws?

    • He is no longer the brand ambassador of that major bank. The chairman went to their wedding probably due to client/banker relationship (he is most likely their private banking client) or personal relationship.

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