Shin Hye Sun and Ji Chang Wook on Deck for jTBC K-drama Welcome to Samdalri with Mina and Shin Dong Mi

So K-actress Shin Hye Sun just finished tvN drama See You in My 19th Life but she has another K-drama slated for this year. It’s airing on jTBC and from the premise sounds like a cross between Hometown Cha Cha Cha and Bad Mother, set in the countryside and is called Welcome to Samdalri. Shin Hye Sun will be costarring with Ji Chang Wook with supporting leads Shin Dong Mi and Mina. The casting was announced months ago and filming is underway but I haven’t seen that much buzz about this one yet. I really trust Shin Hye Sun’s script selecting skills and the pairing with Ji Chang Wook is a nicely compatible casting.


Shin Hye Sun and Ji Chang Wook on Deck for jTBC K-drama Welcome to Samdalri with Mina and Shin Dong Mi — 8 Comments

  1. Okay, this is a random pairing, but I feel like I’ll like this one! Love Shin Hye Sun, she’s a great actress and always delivers even in meh dramas. Was a fan of Ji Chang Wook after Empress Ki, but I don’t know, I just became uninterested in his career after all his poor choices. Still, I have a soft spot for him, so I’m hoping this will be good. It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen him in a great drama, his recent ones were absolute duds. Hopefully this one redeems him in my eyes

    • on the same boat as you lol. healer was his best drama post-EK, and then it just went downhill after suspicious partner. sigh, such a waste because he really had the potential to be a-lister, he has the looks, talent, and the range (for doubters, look at his portrayal of his emperor character in EK and compare that to his other characters in other dramas, man literally went from bumbling fool to strong and badass lol). in my opinion, he also has great presence, he was such a scene-stealer when he was just playing supporting roles. well, it’s not too late yet, maybe this drama can elevate his career again, let’s just see. like you, i’m also rooting for him as a former avid fan who still likes him

  2. I like how both actors try different characters. Their last dramas were not my favourite ones, so I’m excited to watch a new one.

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  4. Wookie’s drama is always So Drama! So Drama!

    Hope he makes a hospital drama… I last worked in a hospital environment and the management, including Bapok Boss n HR auntie, were so toxic, so bad, that I would like to kick their a$$ b4 I left. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  5. I didn’t like all Ji Chang Wook’s choices but always thought he yri s to give his all to the characters he portrays.
    Can’t say that I was impressed with any of his leading ladies except EK.
    The rest were,simpering, irritating and plain annoying to the point were I couldn’t even watch past the 1st episode and I really like Ji Chang Wook.
    He deserves better!
    Fingers crossed that it will happen.

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