First Look at Poster and Preview for SBS Thriller Drama War of Survival with Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Joon, and Uhm Ki Joon

An upcoming SBS thriller drama dropped it’s first poster today and it’s like a outside version of Squid Game. The drama War of Survival (Korean title 7 Escape) has Uhm Ki Joon as the mysterious gamemaster and contestant Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Joon, Lee Yoo Bi, Shin Eun Kyung, Yoon Jong Hoon, and Jo Yoon Hee in a deadly game for their lives all surrounding a case of a missing girl. I love the poster which is action packaged and creative to lure my interest. The first teaser released a few months ago is also suitable creepy without giving spoilers away.

Preview for War of Survival:

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