C-netizens are Saying Song Zu Er’s Case is Way More Serious than Yuan Bing Yan Who is Making a Comeback Now After Tax Scandal

So the fallout from Song Zu Er‘s tax evasion and fraud scandal is still in the early stages, I mean her agency has not even made an official statement yet three days in. But the rumors and inside scoop is coming out and one of the comparison points is Yuan Bing Yan‘s tax scandal last year and now she’s making a comeback as her dramas are slated to air. But insiders are saying its not the same in both scope (the amount of unpaid taxes) and context which is that Yuan Bing Yan’s was solely on the company submitting incorrect taxes but her personal tax filings were correct, but here its Song Zu Er’s personal taxes. Tencent after Yuan Bing Yan’s scandal did not delete her from their sites and also other streaming platforms did not remove her, but here Song Zu Er is already deleted from Tencent which heavily promoted her and her upcoming movies are produced by Tencent and she’s also deleted from other platforms. Another added info is that Prisoner of Beauty with Liu Yu Ning has not been given an airing permit for months now with the production even clueless as to why since there were no objectionable content in the story and also none of the cast had any scandals but now that Song Zu Er’s scandal has come out insiders are saying that the tax issue has actually been known for some time which is why that drama was not given an airing permit. Dang, this is just bad all around for everyone associated with Song Zu Er.


C-netizens are Saying Song Zu Er’s Case is Way More Serious than Yuan Bing Yan Who is Making a Comeback Now After Tax Scandal — 17 Comments

  1. Yuan Bing Yan’s case was less severe cause her company failed to pay tax on time. She was off the hook after the company paid owned tax. Song Zu Er’s case involve fraudulent activities such as ying yang contract, multiple suspicious companies under her name similar to FBB’s case. She still used ying yang contracts after the government banned them and created a cap on actress’s salary. She is going against the govt.

  2. I thought her family manages all her finances, so she might still get off scot-free if her family will shoulder the blame. She didn’t really work for too long, so I don’t expect the taxes to be an astronomical amount, but it’s a sad way to end a potentially bright career.

  3. Koala where are you getting such (false) news, Yuan Bingyan isn’t making a comeback at all and she’s still “soft frozen”, it’s just that her social media accounts haven’t been scrubbed unlike Deng Lun or Fan Bingbing.

    As for Song, the investigation hasn’t even started proper because the State Tax Bureau said they “will open an investigation” on Friday or Saturday and it can take weeks or months. It’s really annoying how people are either claming she’s OK or “totally done” over 1 weekend when the State Tax Bureau employees haven’t reported for work on Monday. People need to realise that when other celebs got outed for tax evasion, sex crimes, prostitution it was when investigations were concluded. So people just need to wait instead of publishing sensational articles?

    Today there was another case of Jiang Yiyi where someone reported her for tax evasion in February published an official report from July which concluded the findings that she was guilty. It took months and she has been spotted promoting her new drama CP last week so until everything was normal til she got outed. Yuzheng even published a post praising her today weirdly enough….

    • CMIIW, JYY was found guilty twice BUT she paid the owed debt plus fines right away hence she is fine.

      I read in Weibo that it will takes 15 days for the investigation by tax bureau.

      • I don’t think she is fine… Her news is hanging #1 on Weibo and people are questioning how her CCP membership got expedited because she officially applied to be a CCP activist (er yikes lol) then full fludged member in university (the process takes 3 years usually but people are saying hers got approved fast) and why her tax evasions were ignored since she’s filmed videos promoting the CCP recently, so they are implying she got special treatment.

        Usually for taxes the first offence is forgiven if they pay up what’s owed but the second isn’t. So what you’ve stated is not true, and for instance if she’s forgiven twice the fans of Deng Lun, Crystal Yuan, Fan Bingbing will say they should be able to come back too. That’s the problem.

    • Lol it funny ur informations are not accurate, u talk as if u are all knowing about Chinese entertainment when most of ur informations are false. If u r someone who follows the c ent news, u came to realise this very truth. I will advise people who read comment here to not take Anon informations serious, read from different sources to come to ur own conclusions. It unfortunately we don’t have English blogs that focus heavily on c-ent, the ones that do r all in Chinese, which most of us don’t understand, so any news we hear we think is the true n quick to make assumptions which is not the way to go, if u really want to follow c ent news ,read different blog sources that focuses on c entertainment, when u see one news is spoken across board that when u know the rumor or news is true.peace out

      • Well I check Weibo, Douban, Sina mostly and there is no news of Crystal Yuan Bingyan’s comeback or any drama willing to cast her so it’s a clear falsehood. I don’t want to use fake news but what even is meant by comeback? You realize for YBY to “come back” she would need to film a drama that airs 1 year later? To get hired for advertisements or endorsements she would need to have an active acting career? There is 0 news of her being linked to any drama (IMO the C-ent industry is slowing down because of the economy even Zhao Lusi isn’t filming for 6 months) and as much as I hate to judge visuals as a woman, Crystal Yuan isn’t a standout visual or great actress in her age group such that the drama industry needs her badly to return to FL roles. Song Zuer got some “she’s too talented and a standout in her age group what a pity” comments but the most common retort is: China lacks a lot of things but not people, nobody is irreplaceable (lol this explains China’s lack of human rights or respect for due process yikes). So Crystal Yuan isn’t really missed by anyone since she’s mostly done idol roles previously and the new generation of 20+yo FLs like Sun Zhenni, Zhao Lusi, Zhang Jingyi are there to take her place.

        The problem is that even if she isn’t hard cancelled, no brand/event/drama is going to invite or hire a scandalised artist. What Crystal Yuan can do is go abroad and work in Taiwan or other countries. Zhang Zhenhan got cancelled for being “pro-Japan” but he’s holding concert tours abroad in Taiwan and Malaysia. ZZH isn’t hard cancelled in China too but it’s hard for him to get gigs since he’s controversial.

        Also at least I don’t use shortform abbreviations like “ur” or “r” and take effort to type with proper English spelling and read fluent Mandarin. It’s a skill to pick and choose news sources and avoid those that type in half-fucked English or Mandarin so yes, I do believe I can point out the fake news on this site.

      • Curious, do you get your news directly from Weibo or other Chinese forums or are you just contradicting Anon for the sake of contradicting? What Anon said so far falls in line with what I read from Weibo and Chinese forums.

        Koala seems to get her C-ent news from English/Taiwan/Hong Kong sources hence her articles tend to contain misinformation or be a few days late.

      • the day yuan bingyan enters a filming group; or when any of her dramas air, is the day it is confirmed she is making a comeback.

        her fans are trying to white-wash her on weibo, saying her case is different from the other tax evaders. and using the excuse that her weibo is not banned as as sign she is making a “comeback”. but its been more than a year that they are saying that, so yeah you can tell they are abit delulu.

      • @Anon Zhou Lusi have not been filming for 6mths? Really? I thought she always have back to back projects… Maybe she wants a rest.

      • @HL Her fans were saying that her company was trying to force her to do their own produced drama and rejected her other external drama offers.

      • @Lilith No wonder…that I believe. I think Yang Zi was also in similar situation thus she left her last company. I think it was the drama with Kris Wu. I bet she must feel disgusted filming with Kris Wu.

        I wonder how much longer Zhou Lusi’s contract with her current company last…

      • I’m not sure which information regarding the foregoing celebrities is correct. I don’t care much either. But I don’t disagree with what Anon said about C-ent industry slowing down because of economy; therefore it’s harder for celebrities to get projects. My understanding is the economic woes of China are even more desperate than average ppl realize. It’s plausible celebrities are not getting as much work as before. Now China is facing gargantuan debt issues across the board. Many investors have limited cash flows or disposable income to spend. Therefore, investors will be more selectively picking dramas they want to produce. Investors will be more aggressively competing for consistently profitable actors to be in their cast and other actors get very limited left-over projects for them to work with. Recently, aggressive advertisement and inflated ratings of certain drama(s) to woo ads as well as potential producers for leading actor(s) have said something about the financial outlook of the C-ent industry. There’re plenty of credible reports out there based upon financial data and economic indices. It’s a fact, not a rumor like celebrities’ news. Fans usually make up theories of the reasons for their idols being idle or quiet for a long while. It’s not convincing. Of course, celebrities wouldn’t say out loud: I’m waiting for jobs to do.

      • Re: the Chinese economy

        1. There’s definitely a crackdown on tax offences ongoing to fill up CCP coffers 🙄 and the recent high profile cases are meant to scare celebs into paying tax because the whistleblower can get a reward. Cynical comments are saying they want celebs to pay up to show commoners that they aren’t the only ones suffering in a downturn.

        2. Slight slowdown of projects: Dilreba didn’t film for 1.5 years (she didn’t look pregnant or plastic surgeried too, but there’s rumors she wants to leave Jaywalk so they froze her) and hasn’t got a new project yet, Zhao Lusi hasn’t filmed for 6 months and her new drama 珠帘玉幂 can’t find a ML, Zhao Liying hasn’t filmed anything since Shen Li but is in talks for films. It may be that resources are moving to the 2000-born era actors like Sun Zhenni, Zhou Yiran, Xiang Hanzhi already since they cost less to hire lol but I think less frivolous projects are being shelved which is good because cdrama should prioritise quality over quantity, and certain actors like Yang Chaoyue shouldn’t be cast as FL in expensive shows…

  4. Lol 😆 I decided to type in a half-funcked English because am writing on the blog not an Exams to be examined n be given marks for,i liked to spice things up too,u can enjoy ur skilled English. Besides when u read u understood, assignment accomplished. N yes @ Anon all ur informations are not accurate because u don’t know everything,n so is sometimes koala too,@ Anon u take informations that u like from ur Chinese sources n u put it out here because u known most of us don’t follow the Chinese website because we dont understand so it benefit u,great services u have done for us,all am saying is those of u who don’t understand Chinese, take informations from blogs that r into C ent news n have a broad knowledge about them,to come to ur own conclusions yourself, is it bad I said this .

    • @ Lilith I get my sources from other Chinese forums too like the way Anon does too,that why when I put informations that am not sure of or inaccurate i state it in my comment for u to know so anyone who also has another information concerning the same issue can add to it.
      @ lusi I also heard her fans what her to drop the jade curtains pearl curtains because the production has found a new lead yet so she can take other project because they feel the jade production is not good enough.
      But since we have not anything from lusi, am guessing she is being careful in picking her project going forward.

      • Typo mistake,I mean hasn’t found a new male lead yet n the production is poor so they want her to drop it n take another project

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