C-netizens See Lisa’s Move to No Bangs as Another Confirmation that Her Rumored Dating of LVMH Third Son is Allowing Her Freedom from YG’s Control

So I don’t follow K-pop gossip closely but some news still makes big K-ent news and one was Blackpink member Jisoo confirming her dating relationship with actor Ahn Bo Hyun. Her group make Jennie has reportedly been dating BTS member V for years (never confirmed) and apparently in recent months Lisa is also in a relationship. The reportedly beau is LVMH heir and third son Frederic Arnault after meeting at a fancy party and been spotted dining and shopping together over the months, including him visiting her in Thailand. This isn’t confirmed but C-gossip is saying that Lisa’s recent no bangs look is further confirmation that her dating a super rich dude is giving her the strength to break agency YG’s long running edit that she has to have straight striking bangs. The tabloids are cheering Lisa on for changing her look to what she wants rather than being controlled by her agency for so long.


C-netizens See Lisa’s Move to No Bangs as Another Confirmation that Her Rumored Dating of LVMH Third Son is Allowing Her Freedom from YG’s Control — 31 Comments

    • It’s also kinda ridiculous that two Chinese actresses (one of them being Angelababy) were seen to attend Lisa’s Crazy Horse show and were heavily criticized by Chinese netizens. I think they are even trying to soft ban them, but we’ll see! It’s bonkers what can trigger these chinese people.

  1. What kind of bulls is this. She herself said it was her mom who dislikes her forehead and insisted she got bangs. Now that she wants to break free from the agency that gave her the platform, now the story twist is that YG insisting her to have bangs? She is so big now, no doubt about that but her fans lashing at K-netz for being critical over her stint at Crazy Horse should never forget that she wont receive this scale of attention if she debuted as a Thai pop idol, instead of K-pop. Anyhoo, K-pop isn’t K-pop anymore these days with the amount of vulgarity displayed not through the stage outfits, but also the dance move and the lyrics. These days, vulgarity is seen as freedom and liberation.

    • “…K-pop isn’t k-pop anymore…” You know these K-copycats are so OBSESSED with Western culture and copy it every chance they get so it’s not surprising.

    • Why are you acting like this type of stage outfits, lyrics and dance moves are something new (and extremely common today)? “Sexy concept” was a big thing for gg in the early 2010s. Bg members have been taking off their shirts and doing *interesting* things on stage for ages. At least teenagers are mostly dressing and acting like normal teenagers these days. And yes, it’s freedom to be able to do whatever you want. It’s not like all idols are dancing at Crazy Horse like Lisa or singing about f##king like Jungkook. The ones who are comfortable with these things (a minority really) are doing them. It’s that simple. You don’t have to follow these particular artists and you are fine. I don’t care for the industry at all (except for one bg), but I can see that Kpop is definitely (very slowly) evolving into a better environment with the new laws and changing mindsets so these people can act like real humans not perfect puppets. And that’s good. You may not agree with their choices and that’s fine, but as long as they aren’t committing actual crimes, it’s ridiculous to condemn them.

    • Yes, I agree he looks pretty dweeby.
      But a dweeb whose family is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. That’s billions with a B.
      So I guess his looks don’t matter? 🤔🤪😂

  2. Frédéric and Lisa’s been a thing for a year+….minus Rose, all 3 members are in steady relationship. Lisa should go back to bangs, it looks better.

  3. Anyone dating blanpink members are lucky as fuck. You got instant fame and popularity. Lookat ahn bohyun. I dont even remember his name before. Just some guy in myname. Even hansohee and every other actresses try to link themselves with blankpink for instant fame. Rose is the only no official relationship status. Who is the lucky guy.

    • Lmaoooooo. You think a heir to LVMH or a BTS remember or even an already established actor need to attach themselves to Black Pink for fame and popularity? DED

      • FOR REAL! Blackpink stans really are the most delusional of all fandoms 😂😂😂
        Imagine thinking that that filthy rich heir dude needs some idol for fame and popularity, when I can guarantee even A-list Hollywood celebs know him lmao. Funniest sh*t I’ve read all day, most kpop stans really live in their own bubbles and think their idols are the center of the universe, huh? 😂

  4. The lowest paid member from the start till she becomes the most popular on international platform.
    She is still young, she really should move forward and do what she enjoys. She has given enough to YG… repaid all her debts and more.

    Time to move on.

  5. Because he’s rich and he can buy out her contract? And I thought she herself came from a rich family. The bangs… just a look. She looks better with bangs. However bangs or no bangs, rich boyfriend or not, he has no influence in Korea and she is under I am sure an ironclad contract. So the insinuation by C netizens that she is depending on this man on his richness to show defiance is absolute bs. C netz as usual think with their fingers.

    • Her contract is coming to an end…no need to buy out. In fact, all member’s contract are running out. Currently only one have renewed her contract but not the rest.

      Anyway, regardless, there will be water army smearing her name when she leaves YG..As expected.

  6. Congrats for becoming a stripper no matter how much western feminists say it is empowering. U r still stripping for rich me 🤣

    • You do realize feminists aren’t a monolith, right? The feminists who say stripping or whatever is empowering are called “choice feminists”. Choice feminism has been heavily criticized by many feminists as that kind of feminism likes to pretend that sex work, porn, etc. are empowering for women when doing those things is literally pandering to the male gaze.

      Why don’t you educate yourself instead of acting like a pick-me girl all the time? Women like you are so embarrassing, insulting feminism when it’s literally the reason the likes of you has freedom to spout your pick-me-girl b*llsh*t online lmao. Go marry some Andrew Tate type and be a pathetic bangmaid if you hate women empowerment so much lmao

      • Even she misunderstood feminism and might appear to use a condescending tone in her wording, you’ve gone too far to cuss her by inferring pick-me attitude and even cursed her to marry Andrew Tate. Excuse me man! Is that how holy feminism teaches you to behave online?

        Please discipline your mouth first before preaching! Have you ever been aware that the kinda aggressive verbal offense that you just took on another human being is perhaps one of the main reasons that feminists have been leaving a bad taste in many ordinary folks who don’t really have chance or time to study your ideology?

        As I mentioned in another blog before, angrily attacking ppl with different views doesn’t help promote feminism at all. Rather, it ruins the reputation of feminists and undermines the promotion of fair treatment of women. You don’t need to get worked up to clarify what feminism is all about. When you get mad, ppl only notice your anger but dismiss what you’re trying to express. LOL

      • Aww pick me? Just because I have self respect. Girl I don’t hate feminism. So stfu. I hate hollywood celebs who ruin it with their love of stripping for rich men. But u get banged by cohntless men. And call it feminism. U have children by andret tate lites. I won’t even let such man touch me who disrespects me. That’s the difference. don’t be angry over ur life choices and my post was deleted but u deserved it

      • Ah yes. Any woman that questions any braindead feminist psyop is a “pick me” with internalised misogyny ofc.
        Cussing out other women when they don’t worship at the altar of your western propaganda bs is completely a-ok bcs no woman can think for herself unless she is towing the company line and thanking white women for giving them rights. Do u clowns even know what your current feminist wave even stands for? Lmao

    • She is not a stripper, just a dancer in the act. She did not strip till bear at all… Gosh, maybe Jisoo should try too. You will be happier.

  7. Ms Koala, I respectfully request moderation (if you have the ability to do it) with respect to the second post (at 2:48 AM) of this Jisoodeservesbetter nut, I think that her slurs + filth deserve banning.

  8. How does the Lisa drama have anything to do with feminism again?
    Girls don’t have to get better and fair treatment by wearing less in a lot of ppl. LOL
    The entire episode is about various degrees of reception of Lisa’s performance from ppl in different cultural backgrounds. I don’t see any prejudice against feminism though.

  9. The girl has the right to do what she wants . Not a follower of Kpop but , she is dating one of the sons of the richest man of the world . So fans should be happy for her ! About the Crazy horse, it’s a cabaret which is part of Parisian culture , attended by tourists of all the world . I don’t see what feminism has to do with it .

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