Disgraced C-actor Wu Yi Fan’s Original Conviction and Sentenced Affirmed by Higher Court as He Exhausts All Avenues for Appeal

So it’s 13 years in jail and then expulsion for the country afterwards for former C-actor and top star Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu). I don’t think I’ve seen a C-star fall from this high to this low but at least it gives the impression that the Chinese government when it wants to will mete out this level of punishment even to the rich and famous. Wu Yi Fan was arrested in July 2021 so two years ago very quickly after an aspiring starlet and online personality Du Mei Zhu publicly accused him of rape which led to other revelations of sexual assault, misconduct, and the like. After his arrest he was jailed pending his charges and last year he was convicted by a Chinese court and sentenced to 13 years in jail and will be deported from China after he serves his sentence as he is a Canadian citizen. He filed an appeal and this week the higher court affirmed the original sentence. There was a new twist that an anonymous post earlier in the week allegation original victim Du Mei Zhu was not innocent and herself set Wu Yi Fan up but there was no validation behind it and appears to be yet another random unsubstantiated claim.


Disgraced C-actor Wu Yi Fan’s Original Conviction and Sentenced Affirmed by Higher Court as He Exhausts All Avenues for Appeal — 3 Comments

  1. We know one of the mean reasons he has fallen so low is also the list of people he had given to police. I bet in the list there are many really powerful names that will shock China. He needed to be silenced and sent to jail to be reformed.
    I am not saying this vile man does not deserve prison…but it should not just be him in jail. There are also many others involved. They should be jailed too!!

    • That’s like saying powerful people helped Seungri got away because he kept mum on his list whereas powerful people didn’t/couldn’t help Wu Yifan because he didn’t keep mum? We don’t know if there were others jailed along with him or not because those people weren’t covered by media as they aren’t celebrities.

      • To be honest, Seungri did keep quiet for many names. I bet they all had agreements so his life will be fine after jail. He is rewarded for his time in jail by those he kept silence about.

        As for Kris, there have been names of people that was in close link with him. His mum visited afew directly to get help, like Jackie chan etc. but of course she was refused at the door.

        I believe those co-workers who aid him in those parties and also abuse young girls in his name may be caught…but the top guys, none is released. It will not surprised me, the Gov have their plans on how to handle such big names. They will deal with the names in their own way… Just jailing the big names is in any of their favour.

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