Ro Woon Criticized for Poor Hosting Skills at 2023 KBS Year End Drama Awards and Winning Acting Award Over Kim Dong Wook

It’s a bad week to be Ro Woon but this too shall pass as it’s not the biggest faux pas. The actor attended and co-hosted the 2023 KBS Drama Awards and received criticism for both. For the hosting, he was dogged for being stuff and reading off the teleprompter when his other co-hosts were natural and conversational with this hosting. Then he received complaints for receiving a Best Actor awards for The Matchmakers when it got the same level ratings as My Perfect Stranger and Kim Dong Wook did not receive an acting award. Conversely Oasis did better in ratings so netizens are fine with Jang Dong Yoon getting an acting award. If the first controversy of 2024 in K-ent is this little one then I am fine with it.


Ro Woon Criticized for Poor Hosting Skills at 2023 KBS Year End Drama Awards and Winning Acting Award Over Kim Dong Wook — 24 Comments

  1. It’s unfair. Idol actor are actors too. It should stop to make a difference and just judging the acting.

    First, Rowoon was lead in different dramas and he was really good in The Matchmakers. He already won a KBS award. But nobody is talking about Kim Dong-Joon who is an idol too, who had his first lead role in Goryeo-Khitan War and didn’t win KBS award before.

    Now, Oasis had better ratings but it doesn’t mean the actor is good or not. I like Jang Dong-Yoon, but I dropped Oasis because it wasn’t very well written with very cliché characters. Both Rowoon and JDY have around the same number of dramas as lead. For me JDY was better in Daily Dose of Sunshine and he’s meh in My Man is Cupid (but the story is very bad…), I like him in Like Flower in Sand, but sadly the invetigation is taking too much place.

    My Perfect Stranger was pretty good but the second half was weak with the serial killer. Kim Dong-Wook is a good actor but I don’t think he shined more than usual in this role. One of my favourite role of him is You Are My Spring.

    For the MC thing, he made one mistake because the line he had to say was pretty weird, it’s not like he was bad during the whole show.

    • I’ve liked Rowoon in several roles, so my perception of him may be biased, even then I think Rowoon is sort of thoughtless – I don’t think he means to be arrogant or nasty, I just don’t think he’s thinks much before he shoots his mouth off, maybe just young and immature. His departure from his group was poorly handled so he needs be very careful during this period, he’s going to be scrutinised and criticised no matter what.

      • Thoughtless? His speech was wrongly translated by haters. He didn’t say weird things.

        It’s never wasy to leave a group. But fans took it pretty well. Again, it’s anti who made stories. It was nice to see them together at Kingdom concert, they had a lot of fun but anti said they shouldn’t interact, it’s stupid.

      • I am genuinely curious, why do you think he is thoughtless? I have only seen a few interview clips of him and based on my impression from them he seems like a deep thinker (at least to me), which is why I am curious about your opinion.

      • I don’t recall specific things but he’s been picked apart for things he has said or done quite a number of times alr, I’ve also watched him on interviews and varieties, my impression is that he’s this one big kid. No big deal, he just needs to be more careful with his choice of words, it’s easy to twist his words or intention – when he left the group I recall he said some things which I can understand weren’t the most sensitive to the group’s fans or could be misinterpreted as such – like I said I don’t think he means to be arrogant or nasty, just not the best of choice of words. I don’t care for his idol career so I don’t know which group is responsible but there’s no denying people have stepped up on the nasty comments after he left the group, so it’s best to be careful and not give any reason to criticise. I like many of his shows so I hope he continues to do well in his acting career (and please just stay out of trouble).

      • Has someone think that maybe he may have been intimated by hosting in front of an audience of big names ? He is not the first and will not be the last one to be criticized over such things . A few days ago it was about the so called rude actors with reporters, …

    • JDY is doing a good job in Like Flower in Sand . As for Rowoon he may not be a seasoned actor but i think that he is good in comedies , he has what we called in France “a good timing” and until now he had good chemistry with her partners . When i think that he has a minor role in School 2017 and he won the same year as JDY . With that said , i don’t know why there is such a fuss as the 3 networks give awards to everyone . By now , i think that over the last 3 decades, every actor may have one in their house ! No need to fight !

  2. He is pretty thoughtless, he should be criticized accordingly. If he was a female actor, he wouldn’t get grace or pity. These above biased comments are distasteful. He was unprofessional during ceremony and not good actor. No matter how many years he has not improved. I’m tired of double standards of majority female audience. Believe me, by defending him, you are doing only harm. He should reflect and improve, past 5 years in limelight he hasn’t done any of that.

    • yeah I was already expecting the comments to defend him. it’s sad, but the vast majority of kdrama fans are women who are attracted (even in some cases subconsciously) with these kdrama actors, so they’re more forgiving of them. some are probably not even aware that they’re being more forgiving and kinder to male actors while being way too harsh on female actresses. i mean, just look at how female kpop fans slut-shame female idols who dress or act sexy while drooling over their oppa’s abs. look also how these female fans criticize female celebrities for not smiling or having a resting b*tch face while also swooning over how “mysterious” their oppa looks when he’s not smiling.

      really sad, but at least you, me, and many people are waking up and realizing these things

    • Can you give some examples of how he’s been thoughtless? I don’t follow korean variety shows and have only seen him in a couple of dramas. I had no idea he had this reputation. I have a little bit of a soft spot for him because of Extraordinary You. I also enjoyed Tomorrow (though he was definitely the weakest link there).

  3. To be a host is really a extremely tough job. You have all eyes on you all the time when you are hosting. It is really not a job for someone not properly trained or someone with the right aptitude.

    Whoever though it was smart to put him on that stage is responsible for that bad decision. But since Ro Woon is the Host, he will ultimately be subjected to be judged by his viewers.

    This is still a valuable experience for him… he can bag it and learn from it. Not a bad thing at all.

  4. Eh. He is a man so it won’t matter at all. Fangirls forgive rape. This? This is literal nothing to them.

    Now if he were a woman, she would have been cancelled already.

  5. In as much as I don’t think both rowoon or Jang dong yoon deserved top excellence awards for their roles, I don’t think Kim dong work deserved it either. My perfect stranger was carried almost entirely by the fl tbh and his acting there was average at best which is worse, considering he is a veteran actor in comparison to the other two.

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  7. Oops I just realized Ro Woon was the ML of The King’s Affection. Although I love Park Eun Bin who’s great for the role as usual, I did not finish TKA because of the ML. RW was serviceable but not charismatic enough to convince me of his ML role. I actually had 2nd ML syndrome for that drama that rarely happened to me. LOL. That’s the only drama of him I’ve watched so far. He won an acting award? Perhaps he has improved since?

  8. These tv station awards don’t mean much considering they’re like 45% attendance, 25% popularity, 15% connections/politics, and 15% acting. And there are all sorts of nonsense categories. And splitting of awards. Splitting the top excellence for the actors, but not splitting it for the actresses! Rowoon was actually very good in The Matchmakers, but he was no better or worse than the other actors in their KBS roles this year, so his popularity just gives him the edge. And JDY and KDW both have had more prestigious, meaningful awards from past roles.

    Rowoon or his reps messed up by accepting the hosting role. Probably thought you could just coast by via teleprompter. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

  9. Reading this, I came to realize that I’m biased against idol actor. “Just how good could it be?”

    The fact that the top excellence award is held by two people means that none of the candidates are considered to have achieved domination.

    Idk about their acting skills but there’s someone like im siwan so maybe this guy rowoon deserve it. Although personally I would root for jang dong yoon more

  10. I watch the last 2 dramas of rowoon, destined with you and the matchmakers. He’s really good there, i do think that he deserved the award. His acting in these 2 dramas is very much better than his other dramas before. You know, i’m not bias, I never like his acting before.

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