Ro Woon Criticized for Poor Hosting Skills at 2023 KBS Year End Drama Awards and Winning Acting Award Over Kim Dong Wook

It’s a bad week to be Ro Woon but this too shall pass as it’s not the biggest faux pas. The actor attended and co-hosted the 2023 KBS Drama Awards and received criticism for both. For the hosting, he was dogged for being stuff and reading off the teleprompter when his other co-hosts were natural and conversational with this hosting. Then he received complaints for receiving a Best Actor awards for The Matchmakers when it got the same level ratings as My Perfect Stranger and Kim Dong Wook did not receive an acting award. Conversely Oasis did better in ratings so netizens are fine with Jang Dong Yoon getting an acting award. If the first controversy of 2024 in K-ent is this little one then I am fine with it.

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Thirty K-ent Industry Experts Pick Junho as Best Actor Among the Top Idol Turned Actors of the Younger Leading Man Generation

So its a runaway vote win for idol-actor Junho, netting 21 votes to be the top industry insider experts pick for best young idol turned actor of his gen group. Thirty one industry honchos were each given two votes to … Continue reading

K-ent Continues to Ponder Over the Exceedingly Low Ratings of MBC Fri-Sat Fantasy Drama Tomorrow with Kim Hee Sun, Ro Woon, and Lee Soo Hyuk

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