New Mon-Tues K-dramas Marry My Husband and Love Song for Illusion Premieres First Week of New Year

So I hope everyone has emerged from the celebratory and/or travel two week long fog that is Christmas through New Year and the daily routine has returned. Two new K-dramas in the Mon-Tues time slot premiered to kick off 2024 drama watching, with Marry My Husband on tvN and KBS dropping sageuk Love Song for Illusion. Marry My Husband with Park Min Young and Na In Woo had a solid start with ratings in the 5% on cable and going up a bit in the second episode. KBS only released one episode of Love Song for Illusion with Park Ji Hoon and Hong Ye Ji on Tuesday since Monday was January 1st and the premiere brought in 4.3% which is low but not as low as recent other KBS dramas. Check either or both out and hopefully K-drama land is off to a promising start for this year. Also the remaining three episodes of Gyeongseong Creature as Part 2 will be released this Friday January 5th on Netflix.


New Mon-Tues K-dramas Marry My Husband and Love Song for Illusion Premieres First Week of New Year — 22 Comments

    • Watch it too and i ‘m enjoying it even if it’s cliché and ” déjà vu” . I recommend you “Perfect marriage revenge “, it’s fun, and the couple have great chemistry !

  1. I just love rebirth theme…enjoyed the first 2 eps… I suspect the ML went thru a rebirth just afew days after her. I hope it will stay good thru out…
    I was recommended another rebirth theme marriage drama by a member yesterday, will have to catch that too.

  2. Both of them were quite disapointing.

    Marry My Husband’s characters are very clichés, it lacks depth and it’s not as fun as Perfect Marriage Revenge. I hope they will give a little bit of something to their characters.

    For Love Song for Illusion, it looks like patchwork of different things and the actors don’t know in which genre they are…

    • PMR webtoon is copy of Marry my husband genre and mmh 2 episode executed way better than PMR,
      why lie so bad, I don’t have dog in the fight but I’ve seen salty PMR fans all over MMH like they are rival, they aren’t.

      MMH will be more succesful because story wise, MMH webtoon has better story and PMR couple barely has chemistry and has bad acting.

      • PMR webtoon was released before, but both of them were released the same year…

        PMR is better for me because they knew it was a majkang and embraced it.

        MMH is trying to be a good drama but it’s not. THe characters are cliché, they don’t have any depth. At the end, someone will have to die instead of her and the second leads or his mother can die, I don’t really care and won’t feel any guilt about it because they’re not interesting, they are mean to be mean, it’s all.

        The acting is not better. PMY still looks sick even if she came back in the past. NWI looked like he was cosplaying an office employee.

        PMR couple had a great chemistry for me.

      • Chill. People like what they like, you can’t force them.

        And PMR came first as a webtoon so stop with the copy nonsense.

  3. I’m loving MMH. It’s pretty similar to Perfect Marriage Revenge as both are Manwhas with revenge time travel plot. And I also enjoyed PMR which I only started because of Sung Hoon, my crush even if he’s not a good actor. Plus I have never seen Song Ha Yoon in a bitchy character that I want to shove her face in boiling water. She’s effective here and also Park Min Young, I’m rooting so much for her revenge.

  4. I’ve watched the first episode and I’ll say it’s fast paced and entertaining enough. But it does seem like the villains, especially LYK’s character, are too cliche and are just villains for the sake of it. He’s literally a manchild with zero redeeming qualities that made me wonder why in hell she would get married to him in the first place. So I guess the quality of the show lies in how satisfying her revenge plan will play out.

  5. Have to compare it to Perfect Marriage Revenge and I am not feeling the same hype with Marry my Husband. I will continue because it may take off but so far, PMR is far superior.

  6. Since I missed Kdrama for a couple of years and more ppl recommended Perfect Marriage Revenge than Park Min Young’s new drama, I’ll check PMR first. I had nothing interesting to watch from newly released over the past few weeks. Nonetheless, some old hit dramas like Healer were treating me well. PMY is a very seasoned actress with strong chemistry with most of her costars. Thanks for the update. I’ll check out Marry My Husband later.

  7. Marry My Husband has great direction, it’s pretty, easily understandable despite the turn to the past plot and intriguing. so ready for ji won second life glow up.

  8. Watched Long Song for Illusion ep 1, thought it was a web-drama because of the poor acting and cheap production. Cast is very very weak. I will check out PMY new drama later. Currently, I think the strongest drama is Park’s Marriage Contract with best acting and it is coming to finale this weekend 🙂

    • I already got that feel just seeing the poster and the trailer. I couldn’t feel main character aura of the leads. Probably should make it youth genre rather than romance

    • Park’s Marriage Contract doesn’t do anything to me. I dropped it. Am watching Perfect Marriage Revenge as some recommended ii but not sure if I can stick until the end. I’m kinda fed up with stories evolving around chaebols, be it revenge or marriage contract or whatnot. Young, charming, and rich CEO is just a concept so unrealistic in real life. ALL the successful CEOs I know in real life are all to the opposite of that cliché image. LOL

  9. is it just me, or is PMY always casted with co-stars who are either 1) less good looking; or 2) have less star power? for sure this is true when it comes to 2nd FLs – all her recent dramas have weaker 2 FL lead usually played by tier B actors. otoh her MLs are generally good looking pretty boys known more for their looks rather than their acting chops.

    • “Always” is an exaggeration. I’d say it’s only her last 2 dramas that fit your statement. Her previous MLs before that had star power and/or visuals that were equal or greater than hers. Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Seung Ho, Park Seo Joon, Seo Kang Jun, Song Kang, etc.

      • @Lala, I agree, she did pair with many top actors, recently she pairs with newer artistes..which is great too.

        I enjoyed her pairing with Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Seung ho, Park Seo Joon, Kim Jae Wook, Yeon Woo Jin and not forgetting the trio in Sungkyunkwan Scandal… before the scandals.

  10. Binged Perfect Marriage Revenge. Woohoo such a makjang? Is that the right word to describe this type of storylines? I haven’t watched the kind for a long while and had fun enjoying PMR. But that’s it. I don’t feel a loss at the end nor will I re-watch it. Will move on to PMY’s Marry My Husband. LOL

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