Yu Zheng Prepping Next Drama a Period Romance Starring Agency Stars Bai Lu and Wang Xing Yue

So it will be 4th time the charm for Wang Xing Yue in terms of getting the girl in a drama if she’s played by Bai Lu. The same agency stars have worked together three times before but she was always the female lead and he a supporting role, but their next drama will elevate him to be her male lead at last. The drama is called 衡门有狐 Wei Men You Hu which means The Magistrate’s Office has a Fox. It’s being produced by Yu Zheng and will be a big budget production starring his agency’s top actress and currently hottest rising actor. I’m going to die LOL-ing if there is a dating scandal between these two that Yu Zheng cooks up for ratings.


Yu Zheng Prepping Next Drama a Period Romance Starring Agency Stars Bai Lu and Wang Xing Yue — 14 Comments

  1. I thought Bai Lu had good chemistry with Xiao Zhan in Ace Troop and had hoped for their collab together for once both as the leads. But now Bai Lu appears to have been overexposed. So, nobody is tired of her yet?

    Aren’t there other C actresses to talk about other than recycling news of this tiring league: Bai Lu, Esther Yu, Reba, Yang Zi, and whatnot.

    • I think a lot of people are getting tired of it to the cheap douyin dramas are gaining traction cause people wanna see new faces. Tired of the overhyped mediocre liulangs

    • Forgot to add Zhao lusi and Yang mi to the list 😭. It’s funny how I used to like all these actresses when I started watching cdramas but now I am wondering is there nobody else?? Like do an open casting or something. Or even use your liulangs but pleeaase make them audition for the role

  2. Yu Zheng talk about grooming and helping more newbies…but ultimately, he will just promote his top few artistes over and over again.. the rest are just sidelined for minor roles in his/Co not so popular dramas now…

    • I hate this guy! I hope all his projects fail! The new actors he is trying to promote are mediocre are best! He must be kicking himself now for trying to pick on Deng Wei! Life’s a B! If he was more professional could have work with one the hottest actor right now, haha!

    • Are you joking🤬 She is by far one of the most talented and gorgeous actresses to come out of China. She can bring every emotion required to a role – not many actresses would have their hair cut off for a role. She was amazing in Arsenal Militart Academy. I’m not a fan of Dilraba’s looks or acting, Esther Yu’s voice puts me off. Yang Zi is also good, I loved her in Lost you forever. Ju Jingyi definitely plays the same role in every drama and has not really been challenged. You have to blame, to some extent, the scripts they are given for the repetitive roles they are in.

  3. He is mediocre and has been behaving terribly lately. She is unfortunately stuck in towing these nobodies over and over again. It’s a shame. I wish her well when his hordes start attacking her and throwing the blame at her when things don’t go well.

  4. I think he’s a promising new actor. He can act tho. I like his acting. Not overactint and better than some names.

    But Bailu’s acting is getting average. She used to be a good one but now, she’s a mediocre actor. Sorry not sorry. And she started to look the same in every drama.

    But well, will give it a try. A hit or a miss tho.

  5. I am looking forward to this couple! I’ve liked him in all his dramas and she is simply the best.

    After their last pairing and variety show together, it felt like he might have a real crush on her, but it’s obvious she sees him like a kid, so I’m happy he gets his chance at least in a drama finally.

  6. When Bailu was starting out there were praise w/ her acting, but now as she gets more expose and does many projects back-to-back, she now falls in the same categories as other popular stars, unable to diversify their acting, it’s like the same character walk
    Off on to another set. This is what I have been reading. I still feel that she is still better than many of her pairs and she does chose high profile project/idol and then projects more realistic.

  7. It’s a waste on Bai Lu talents. Why Yu Zheng kept pushing young actors to her. She should have given chance to collaborate with Tan Jianci, Liu Yuning, Wang Kai, Johnny Hwang, there were plenty out there.

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