Bai Lu and Dylan Wang Look Great Together in Official Stills for Modern Workplace Romance C-drama Only For Love

So I’ll preface this by saying that I’m moderately excited for C-drama Only For Love but have pretty low expectations. That’s because C-dramas take any profession and workplace and just cosplay the shit out of it with pretty people and super sanitized settings and situations. The most recent two I watched was She and Her Perfect Husband with both the legal and financial investment industries and also with Lighter and Princess taking on game development. Only For Love starring Dylan Wang and Bai Lu has her playing a financial pages reporter and he’s a super successful young company president and she interviews him (I think) before sparks fly. Neither Dylan or Bai Lu look anywhere believable as those professions but they look super believable as two very good looking people who conceivably fall for each other.

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Zhao Lu Si Sweeps the Top Three of the Most Recent Baidu Poll on Favorite 95-Flower Roles with Yu Shu Xin Making the List Not for Her Most Recent Hit Drama

This summer of 2022 was really a two-horse race of Love Between Fairy and Devil and Love Like the Galaxy, and it wasn’t for television ratings are both are web dramas but for buzz and cache. My two cents says … Continue reading

Upcoming C-drama Story of Kunning Palace Costars Bai Lu and Zhang Ling He Reportedly Dating in Real Life as Paparazzi Catch Her Spending Night at His Condo and Has the Door Code to Enter Herself

Well if this is true then congrats and also what a way to drum up more interest in their upcoming drama lol. C-ent is reportedly that Bai Lu and Zhang Ling He may actually be dating in real life and … Continue reading

C-ent is Reporting that Bai Lu and Luo Yun Xi Have Been Cast as Leads in the Next Drama Adaptation in the Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms Series

There is new casting news in C-drama land and its another shuffle of the musical chairs of actor and actress pairing. The third drama adaptation is coming in the Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms series. The first … Continue reading