Bai Lu and Dylan Wang’s Modern Romance C-drama Only For Love Stuck in Limbo After Producer Allegedly Under Investigation for Embezzlement and Fraud

So this is a bit of older news but I didn’t report on it then so now is a good time because it does explain by romance C-drama Only For Love with Bai Lu and Dylan Wang has not aired yet. The drama filmed last year in 2022 during Dylan’s hit summer drama Love Between Fairy and Devil was airing so it got even more attention. Reportedly Only For Love was going to air this past summer with all those other dramas dropping but it was crickets. Turns out the drama producer has been under investigation for financial crimes, embezzling money and fraud, and was hauled away and has been detained. The first court date has passed but will need the second court decision before the drama will be granted an airing permit, depends on whether the producer is found innocent or not. This majorly sucks for everyone on in the cast and crew and goes to show it isn’t even about front camera cast needing to be blemish free but behind the scenes crew also needs to not get in trouble for a drama to air.

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C-ent Latest Buzz Has Period C-drama Story of Kunning Palace with Bai Lu and Zhang Ling He Airing at the End of September After Scuttled May Premiere

So this feels like a been there done that but there is indeed new credible rumors that period C-drama Story of Kunning Palace will air soon. The buzzed about date is end of September, likely following My Journey to You, … Continue reading

C-ent Upcoming Dramas Drop Romantic New Posters Celebrating 2023 Chinese Valentine’s Day on Lunar 7/7 Date

Today on August 22nd is also lunar date July 7th which means Chinese Valentine’s Day, which remains a celebrated date but so does Western Valentine’s Day on February 14th so it’s like getting two V-days heh. Many of the upcoming … Continue reading

C-ent Casting Rumor has Bai Lu and Yang Yang for Period C-drama Adapted From Novel by the Same Author of The Legends, Love Between Fairy and Devil, and The Blue Whisper

So there is melon going around is the second major drama casting I’ve seen these two stars linked to, kinda feels like C-ent is determined to make it happen. Earlier this year Bai Lu and Yang Yang was rumored to … Continue reading

iQiyi Formally Announces May 19th Release of Legend of Kunning Palace with Zhang Ling He and Bai Lu Only to Abruptly Cancel 2 Hours Before Premiere Due to Technical Difficulties

Oh wow, this is some shit show happening live and goodness would I have loved to be a fly on the wall of the behind-the-scenes craziness. iQiyi posted on its official drama Weibo page for Legend of Kunning Palace with … Continue reading

C-rumor has Bai Lu and Luo Yun Xi Reuniting for the Third Time in the High Profile Drama Adaption of Third Novel in the Three Lives, Three Worlds Series

There has been many rumors of who will be cast in the next Three Lives Three Worlds novel adaptation called 三生三世步生莲 following Ten Miles Peach Blossoms and The Pillow Book and a new one is making headlines in entertainment pages … Continue reading

Bai Lu’s Scheming Queen Gets a Second Chance Do-over Opposite Zhang Ling He in Preview for C-drama Story of Kunning Palace Airing May 18th on iQiyi

The blood tears of disgruntled fans of Till the End of the Moon hasn’t yet dried and another Bai Lu drama is coming. iQiyi confirmed today the release of her revenge and do-over period C-drama Story of Kunning Palace with … Continue reading

Till the End of the Moon Heads into Final Episodes with Douban Ratings Dropped to 5.6 Between Strongly Held Conflicting Reviews

I don’t know if the two diametrically opposite review camps for xianxia C-drama Till the End of the Moon are just the fandom and the anti-fans being the most vocal or there are actually casual viewers who think either way. … Continue reading

Xianxia C-drama Till the End of the Moon with Bai Lu and Luo Yun Xi Continues Strong Youku Viewership But Opens Low on Douban with 6.2 Ratings

It’s hitting the midway point for xianxia C-drama Till the End of the Moon and so far I’m still entertained but it’s not going to become my fave xianxia drama of all time. Luo Yun Xi is fantastic despite his … Continue reading