Wallace Chung to Cameo in Period C-drama Zang Hai Zhuan Playing Xiao Zhan’s Father

A little birdie in the industry casting mill has news that makes me super happy. Veteran leading man Wallace Chung will be doing a cameo appearance in the currently filming period C-drama Zang Hai Zhuan starring Xiao Zhan and Zhang Jing Yi. He will be playing Xiao Zhan’s father which makes his totally zaddy level and probably not long for the world in the story haha since Xiao Zhan is all about them revenge in his long plot. I would love for Wallace and other slightly older leading men to just swan into dramas where the male lead has dead daddy issues and cameo as said dad and leaving all the viewers wanting more and also more excited for the male lead to get his revenge.


Wallace Chung to Cameo in Period C-drama Zang Hai Zhuan Playing Xiao Zhan’s Father — 13 Comments

  1. There were some hot searches a couple of days ago with photos and videos that were illegally taken and man, I have to say, I’m really anticipating this drama. Xiao Zhan looks so fine and truly exudes the aura of a government official. It feels like he’s someone from the ancient past and had time-travelled to our present world.

  2. This has been known for over a month, a good two weeks before the booting.

    I am very happy myself. The mother of Zanghai is a well known actress too. They won’t be acting with XZ because Zanghai’s parents are killed when he was a child.

  3. Everything looking good, from casting to styling to onset filming released by paparazzi. This is my most anticipated Cdrama in the near future. I’m looking forward to films and dramas full of traditional Chinese artistry in products like Nirvana in Fire and Empresses in the Palace the like.

    The director seems very selective in casting for this drama. I’m really happy with the casting of Zhang Jingyi as the FL. She is the one doing the most justice visually and acting-wise to XZ’s leading lady among all. And now is the good news of casting Wallace Chung. Wallace Chung had been in the casting news a while ago. Not sure about his role back then. Unlike The Lonest Promise, it’s convincing to have Wallace as XZ’s father since who could give birth to an extremely handsome man? Surely a handsome man is the right answer. LOL.

  4. Dunno why, but I never warmed up to Wallace Chung. Granted, I’ve started very few of his works, but he seems to play very miserable, moody roles OR alpha-type of roles while possessing none of the gravitas. Maybe it’s his body frame.

    Welp, maybe the new drama will change my mind on him.

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