Xiao Zhan in Talks for Revenge Period C-drama Tibetan Sea Opera with Potential Female Lead Being Li Qin or Li Yi Tong

There is serious talks that C-actor Xiao Zhan will be doing a period drama next it’s called Tibetan Sea Opera (藏海戏麟 Chang Hai Xi Lin), with a goal to start filming at the end of 2023. This has been rumored for a few months but in recent weeks has been gaining traction. The two actresses reportedly being considered for the female lead are Li Qin and Li Yi Tong and both are mid for me and I wonder if it’s that Xiao Zhan is so big these days it’s harder to cast a female lead on his level. I like the sound of this drama in that it’s a revenge period drama with a male lead scheming and slowly making his way to his end goal.

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Xiao Zhan Fans Accuse Popular Online Entertainment Platform Maoyan of Purposely Supressing The Longest Promise Leading to Legend of Anle Ranking 1st in the Week’s Hottest Buzz List

I was just getting my popcorn ready and here it is, mere days after Legend of Anle premiered to join the current batch of big name led C-dramas comes the fan conflict. Maoyan Entertainment has Legend of Anle ranked number … Continue reading

Wang Chu Ran Getting Major Glow Up Thanks to Stealing Female Lead’s Visual Thunder in The Longest Promise Just in Time for Her Own Starring Role in Soon-to-air Drama Fireworks of My Heart with Top Star Yang Yang

Dang, talk about fireworks to come and also what major timing that is going the way of C-actress Wang Chu Ran. She’s currently the second female lead in The Longest Promise with Xiao Zhan and Ren Min and honestly she’s … Continue reading

Xiao Zhan’s Top Star Status and Visuals Carries the Cheesy Xianxia C-drama The Longest Promise with Ren Min’s Dumb as Bricks Female Lead Character

Man, I thought The Longest Promise was delayed getting its airing permit because of the shizun (teacher)-student romance love line being frowned upon for breaching those ethical mores but turns out it was just a very poorly written, directed, and … Continue reading

The Longest Wait May be Over as Period C-drama The Longest Promise with Xiao Zhan and Ren Min Receive Airing Approval with Likely August 2023 Release

I’m just popping popcorn here wondering which C-dramas are going to pass the censors this summers what with the May bloodbath that sent a handful onto the shelves abruptly. Xianxia romance C-drama The Longest Promise was filmed two years ago … Continue reading

Official Announcement of High Profile Tsui Hark Directed Legend of the Condor Heroes Movie will Star Xiao Zhan and Zhuang Da Fei

Normally when big melons get rolling it still takes time before the official news ends the speculation but this time it’s pretty fast. This weekend director Tsui Hark confirmed that he’s next movie will be the first of his planned … Continue reading