C-ent Casting Rumor Has Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan in Wuxia C-drama The Year of the Book with Second Male Leads Liu Yu Ning and Tan Jian Ci

Hahahaha, this casting is straight out of fan fiction but there is clearly is a shred of possibility as it’s making the rounds in C-drama casting rumors within the industry. There is talk of Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi doing a second go-around for the wuxia period drama The Year of the Book (书君年 Shu Jun Nian). I will believe Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan doing another project together either when pigs fly or when it happens, the last time with The Oath of Love their two fandoms easily two of the largest and most devoted attempted to take each side down and that was not a fun experience. But if this drama is a S-plus huge production getting these two could be possible, and the same casting rumor says Liu Yu Ning and Tan Jian Ci are being courted for the second male leads. This is like a famous level upgraded male cast to Lost You Forever lol. Hearing this news was entertaining for sure and if the casting roulette changes with the project I’ll update then.

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Xiao Zhan’s Next Period Drama Tibetian Sea Opera Gets Sun Yi as Female Lead with Li Hong Yi as Second Male Lead

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First Xiao Zhan and Now Wang Yibo Gets Anonymously Reported for Tax Violations After the Recent Spate of Tax Issues with Yuan Bing Yan and Song Zu Er

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