Lee Sung Kyung Guest Stars in Third Week of jTBC Drama Dr. Slump But Ratings Drop Nearly in Half

So this is a weird weekend for jTBC drama Dr. Slump and I can’t tell if it’s an anomaly or portending a trend. The drama started off with 4% ratings going up to 6% which is great, but this weekend it dropped by nearly half down to 3.735% and 3.868%. Of course it’s also the same weekend as lunar new year known as Seollal in Korea, but rival tvN weekend drama Captivating the King went up in ratings from its last weekend mid-4% range to a new drama high of 6.703% so I can’t just chalk it up to the holidays. I really enjoyed the relaxing and warm vibe of Dr. Slump but it wasn’t must watch TV for me so I wonder if the like is there from viewers but without a sense of urgency to watch live.


Lee Sung Kyung Guest Stars in Third Week of jTBC Drama Dr. Slump But Ratings Drop Nearly in Half — 16 Comments

  1. Captivating the King released 4 episodes, 1 on Friday and Saturday and 2 on Sunday. JJS is good in this role, it’s really sad that SSK can’t be as good as him.

    Dr Slump is nice and I like the relationship between the leads but the other characters are not so interesting. The SML doesn’t have a lot of scenes and the best friend of the FL is not well written…

  2. Cause there are no wow factors in the story and actors unlike Samdalri. Just that the cinematography and actors are pretty to look at.There are also less competition in the time slot as My Happy Ending, Flex-x-cop and Goryeo Khitan War did not air any new episodes on Friday-Sunday.

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  4. I think you are spot on, Ms Koala. I really enjoy Dr Slump, but I do not feel compelled to watch every new episode the minute it airs. For instance, I have watched ep. 5 but ep. 6 I wll watch sometime during the week.
    In addition, I really don’t know what they are going to fill the remaining 10 episodes with.

      • @Yuhyi, I do hope DS steps up the arcs about their clinic mishaps with enough already being addressed about the depression part. I’m losing patient and hope DS won’t be an urban version of Back to Samdalri that I dropped after 8-9 eps.

    • I agree, Dr Slump is relaxing to watch even if depression is a serious theme which may explain why viewers may prefer to watch something more entertaining, more punchy, romantic,… . I don’t feel the urge to watch the episodes as soon as they are released . Nothing much happened during the 6 episodes, aside a doctor taking medecine for depression and drinking hard which is a big NO, Captivating the king is a no for me because of SSK’s acting . Night Flower is entertaining thanks to Honey Lee , the plot is not complicated but the role of the lead actor is not interesting , for me Lee Ki Woo ‘s role would have been enough .

  5. I like Park Hyung Sik so much but I must admit he has poor eyes when comes to selecting projects.

    I have not liked any of his works post MS.

    I tried watching Doctor Slump but dropped it after just halfway into episode 1. I find the show to be too animated for my liking. Like they all put up an act. And gosh, PSH is just acting like PSH. I just don’t find any element in the drama to look fwd to but my sis really enjoy the show.

  6. This drama is so much fun. I always enjoy PHS’s works. Look forward to it every weekend. It’s well received internationally, ranking well on Netflix and hit #1 on non-English programs on its second week. Domestically, their ratings have been good pre-LNY and trending up so hopefully the ratings return next weekend.

    • I sorta join you with less popular opinion here. Dr. Slump has been the most anticipated drama among all I’m following now including Marry My Husband and Knight Flower. DS did not keep me on the edge of my chair as I expected at the beginning; it lacks intensity needed for exciting thrillers and suspension. But PHS and PSH’s acting keep my eyes glued to the screen. I personally think this is the best performance of PSH so far who I used to be indifferent to or even dislike. She did a good job to interpret depression in a comic way. PSH and PSH are so much fun to watch. They are so cute together with strong chemistry. That being said, I did anticipate some development in suspension at the beginning of each ep but ended up being slightly disappointed at the end.

      I hope DS would not go the same route as Back to Samdalri just differing in settings; one story in rural area and the other one in urban. BtS was getting so stale repeating and circling around the same issues of the OTP without tackling heroine’s mishap in career. I dropped BtS after chugging along for about 8-9 eps. I hope DS will have more narratives addressing their career slumps and justice, and build up suspension intensity in the upcoming eps.

  7. Not liking Dr S at all. Story not realistic, or may just be happening in Korea. The FL acts and looks the same in almost all of her dramas despite being away for a couple of years, kinda boring. Something about the ML’s hairstyle irritates me… hope he may comb it up in later episodes. lol.

  8. I really like this drama. I like how the 2 leads acted in this. But, have to admit their story lacks conflict, it is too smooth sailing for my taste. Maybe a serious third party would make their love story more interesting. It is dragging a bit.
    I will still be watching because I love their comedic interactions.

  9. Park Hyung-shik feels like an anime character here. The show is relaxing but sedate, and I think it is too on-the-nose about its themes of depression and mid-life crisis. Not a total waste of time, but not also something that matches the caliber of its high-profile actors.

  10. There’s no WOW effects or something that am looking forward in DS. The actors acting is the same as always and predictable. Marry My Husbands r really awesome to see.

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